Training outdoors in winter is only for the brave, especially in those places where it is colder and the temperatures are extremely low.

Many people, during the months of November, December and January, decide to move their training sessions indoors, since the cold prevents them from carrying them out correctly.

The truth is that sports practiced outdoors have many advantages, but training outdoors when it’s cold without security can be harmful to you and your health.

The cold can be a great inconvenience for sports, especially in the case of running , since, in addition to making training much less appetizing, it can carry some risks if we are not well dressed with the appropriate clothing or if we do not warm up properly beforehand.

Also, if you are a beginner and it is very cold in your city, it may not be convenient for you to train outdoors. Well, if you are not yet in shape and have not achieved all the motivation you need, the cold will not be your best companion to plan a good sports routine.

However, if despite the risks you decide to keep your training outdoors even in the coldest months, you should know that you have to prepare well.

Therefore, with the aim that you can train outdoors in winter without dying in the attempt, below, we give you several tips that you must comply with if you want to avoid future health problems.

Dress in light clothing but with different layers

The best way to train and resist the cold of winter is to wear layers of light clothing . In this way, if you are hot, you can easily take them off.

Remember that it is best to wear technical clothing made of light and breathable fabrics that allow you to carry out all movements. If you live in a humid area, remember that the last piece of clothing should be water repellent.

Don’t overdress, because when you warm up, going too warm could be counterproductive.

Wearing a thermal shirt, in addition to a windbreaker, can be of great help, since this garment helps regulate body temperature.

In addition to clothing, you should also consider footwear . In that case, you must take into account the soles so that they adapt to the terrain, as well as that they are resistant to humidity and cold.

In short, you should remember that it is not advisable to be cold, but you should not overdress yourself either.

Wear hats and gloves

Wearing hats and gloves in winter is not mandatory, but it is advisable , especially in those places where it is very cold.

Thus, leaving your hands and head vulnerable to the cold can carry many risks. In addition, you can also use ear muffs, scarves or neck covers to cover ears, nose and mouth if necessary.

Moisturize your skin and protect your eyes

The cold can be even more aggressive than the heat with our skin. Using sunscreen will be essential to protect yourself, as well as glasses with a filter that protect us from the air, the sun and the cold.

Start workouts warming up

Jumping into training without having previously warmed up is very harmful, since you can never skip the warm-up, much less when it’s cold.

With the warm-up, the body will warm up little by little , which will make you enjoy your sports routine more and avoid injuries.

If it is difficult for you to warm up outside due to the cold, you can try to do so before leaving home. The important thing is not where to do it, but to do it. 

Keep hydration in mind

Hydrating in summer is very important, but it is also in winter. At this time we are used to not drinking much water, but really when it is colder it is when our body needs more water.

Plan your route well

In winter it gets dark much earlier, and, as many people usually do sports in the afternoon, it is common for them to do their training when everything is already dark.

Therefore, it is important to plan the route you will take well and notify someone, so that, if something unforeseen happens, you can be located.

In order to prevent scares, in winter it is advisable to check the weather before going out to train and even train in the company of someone.

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