Cellulite is one of the great concerns of many people, as women especially fear the appearance of these marks, which generally occur on the hips, buttocks, thighs and abdomen .

Irregular fat deposits that accumulate under our skin and form bumps and dimples are known as cellulite or orange peel skin .

These nodules are produced due to different circulation alterations that cause the retention of fat in certain areas of the body . In this way, fat retention produces an increase in the fatty tissue of the body, and generates irregularities in the skin, causing this rough appearance, similar to the skin of an orange.

Cellulite is a skin condition that generally appears in women , although it can also occur in men . It is a very common pathology, which, regardless of the body, can appear in anyone.

The fitness experts at Club Metropolitan recall that becoming aware of what cellulite is and how it is produced will allow us to introduce the best habits to anticipate its appearance or to reduce it, if we already have it.

According to these professionals, there are studies that confirm that nearly 90% of women have cellulite or are concerned about it.

The main causes of cellulite are genetics and hormones, which are uncontrollable, although there are also other factors that can increase the risk of suffering from it , such as a diet excessive in calories, circulation problems, a sedentary lifestyle or even alcohol consumption.

In that case, avoiding these risk factors could be beneficial. “There are no magic formulas or miraculous recipes,” they explain from Club Metropolitan, who recall that an active life and healthy eating are fundamental. 

Likewise, these experts propose a series of exercises with which to work the large muscle groups of the buttocks, legs and arms to improve blood circulation and burn calories, aspects that help reduce cellulite.

Lower trunk exercises


One of the ideal exercises to prevent cellulite are strides. To perform it correctly, we must stand with our feet together, and delay one of the two legs a sufficient distance to flex both knees to 90 degrees at the end of the descent.

Once the movement is done, we will recover the initial position, and we will change legs. It is recommended to perform 10 repetitions per leg and even include dumbbells or some weight element to increase the intensity.

Gluteal bridge

The following exercise is performed lying on your back with your knees bent, your arms extended along your body, and your feet and hands resting on the floor.

Next, a controlled movement of raising the hip is carried out, progressively separating the back from the ground, until only the upper part of it is supported. At the end of the movement, we will go down in the opposite direction trying to articulate the vertebrae.

Hip thrust

This exercise is used to work the buttocks and requires the use of a bench to support the back, leaving the part of the hips free to be able to execute the movement of the exercise.

The starting position will be face up with the back resting on the bench, and the legs resting on the ground through the feet. We can place weight in the pelvis, such as a disc, a barbell, or any other heavy item.

From the lowest position and with the load attached, we will raise the hips up without moving the rest of the body, so we will overcome the load while contracting the buttocks.


The last exercise requires standing upright, with your eyes looking straight ahead and your arms by your sides. In that position, we will crouch looking for the ground with both hands, and, when we have them supported, we will jump back with our legs.

We will stay in this position with our backs diagonal to the ground for a second, we will jump again to recover the initial position and, finally, we will jump with the body upwards until we get up.

Exercises for arms

Biceps curl

In addition to lower trunk exercises, from Club Metropolitan they remember that to prevent cellulite you have to work your arms.

The first exercise they propose requires dumbbells , and consists of bringing them to the shoulders by bending the elbows.

Face pull

This second arm exercise should be done with a pulley or dumbbells. To do it with a pulley, we will stand in front of the machine and place the pulley at chest height, holding it with the palms down.

Subsequently, and separated a few steps behind the pulley, we will pull towards ourselves, expanding our arms and placing our hands on our shoulders.

Triceps backbend

Next, they come up with a triceps backbend, which also requires dumbbells.

In this case, with the dumbbell in hand , we will stretch the arm above the head and at shoulder height. Subsequently, we will bend the arm back, and we will take the hand and the dumbbell towards the back, raising the arm back to the starting position.

Push up

The last arm exercise will be performed lying face down, with the palms of the hands firmly resting on the floor at the height of the pectoral, where we will perform a scapular retraction.

With the hip fully aligned with the rest of the body, we will try to slightly contract the buttocks, performing the movement slowly and in a controlled manner. 

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