Sexual fantasies: some talk about them openly, others prefer to keep them to themselves: this is what women dream about but sometimes they don’t dare to ask.

Sexual fantasies: some talk about them openly, others prefer to keep them to themselves: this is what women dream about but sometimes they don’t dare to ask.

When it comes to sexual fantasies we can say that we know the male ones almost by heart, thanks to cinema, books and the freer discussion on the subject both on TV and in common conversations between friends and girlfriends. A very different matter can be said for the female ones. In fact, if some women talk about it without fear, many others still cannot confess the desires that ignite the imagination and sexuality . Maybe even a little for the fear of being badly labeled by partners or friends.

Female sexual fantasies: a universe to discover

Yet women’s minds conceive many variations on the theme of “sex” – as evidenced by writer EL James, who created an erotic universe for herself in Fifty Shades of Gray . Here are the 10 most common sexual fantasies among women .

Having sex with someone who saved their life

If she also wore a blue costume, it would be the perfect embodiment of the happy ending. The damsel in distress is saved by the hero of the moment, muscular and charming. To reward him for her heroic deed, she allows herself to be discreet and eager. Whether he is a firefighter or a policeman, the saving male figure continues to ignite our desires.

Having sex with another woman

One of the most common fantasies in women’s minds survives that of having sex with another woman . Unlike boys, who often shy away from even the idea, heterosexual women do not disdain the thought of kissing or touching a friend or even a stranger. Often this fantasy goes hand in hand with threesomes.

Threesome sex

Among the most common erotic fantasies is that of putting a second woman in the thalamus. But for some, even a second man. This type of transgression, also documented in Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac , is a little more extreme than the simple transgression of the female, and for this reason much more often overlooked.

Having sex with another man

It is one of the most common fantasies, perhaps difficult to share with your partner, but having another man vying for our attention can be extremely exciting .

Having sex with a stranger

Even though one night stand still makes some women blush, some secretly dream of finding out what it’s like to have sex with a man they ‘ll never see again .

Being dominated

Anastasia and Mister Gray have taught housewives and husbands around the world what it means to “transgress” (albeit in a very sweetened way). Having someone tell you what to do , who is in full control of the situation is something that turns women on. The essential thing is that it does not lead to violence.

Having sex with a person of power

Authority likes it , we have seen it. Sometimes the thought of being possessed by a man who is in control of the situation in but also out of bed is intriguing. Furthermore, sleeping with a person of power also becomes a way to break social rules. All this in the imagination can ignite the fuse of a real hormone bomb.

Dominate the man

There are two ways for control freaks : either dreaming of being dominated or fantasizing about being able to dominate the other too. Seeing a man following his orders, humiliating himself, handcuffed and frustrated is one of the fantasies that excites a woman’s imagination.

Being a stripper

A bit ‘all – perhaps thinking of Kim Basinger in Nine and a Half Weeks – have thought of performing a sensual ballet for their man. Maybe someone even did it in private. But undressing in public, like a real stripper, is quite another thing. It takes a fair amount of self-confidence and awareness. In fantasy it is much easier …

Having sex outdoors or in public places

Tearing the intimacy of a public space, breaking the rules , escaping the sight of others to steal the pleasure in an unexpected moment: all this is a real erotic trigger. Having sex outdoors in public places is very cool in fantasy, but remember that in reality it may cause you some problems. 

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