Some women seem to have a hard time telling their man what they want to do in those moments, especially in the sheets with him. Here are 10 things women love to do in bed but don’t dare ask.

For certain reasons, there are women who are afraid of letting a guy know their cravings during intercourse. Maybe because they are nervous and afraid of rejection or they are afraid of making their partner feel bad by telling them what to do. We will never know why, but we can find out what these things are.

For sure, sex will be more fulfilling for both of you if she decides the rules every now and then. Therefore, the need arises to know what are the things that women love to do in bed, but do not dare to ask out of fear or shame.

1. Foreplay


Don’t underestimate the power of foreplay. While women don’t need any particular heat during intercourse, they do need to be given a certain amount of foreplay before the climax act, in order to fully indulge, and satisfy their partner’s wishes and fantasies.

It is good to fulfill all the requests for foreplay that the woman makes! If she needs a double ration or even a full set until she reaches orgasm, she has to tell her man about her, and this will proceed to satisfy her needs! The more satisfied and satisfied she is, the better she will be willing to reciprocate pleasures to her partner between the sheets.

2. Haste ways

Contrary to what some still persist in thinking, women are not all delicate little flowers to be careful not to make too strong. Often and willingly, a good grip from the back can convince even the most delicate girl, and make her enjoy what you are doing together.

In fact, most girls do not mind at all receiving small bites on the shoulder or the classic slaps on the backside during physical intercourse. As long as she accepts, she is free to try boldly.

3. Try new positions

There are some positions in love that the man may not have thought of yet, or positions that he does not consider suitable for his woman. But there will always be positions fantasized by girls, secretly desired, but not yet confided to your partner.

There will still be things women love to do in bed with him, but don’t dare tell him.

The important thing for a man is to keep an open mind to new points of view, to be ready to collect the woman’s suggestions even on new and unexpected positions. Maybe she found out about new and imaginative positions talking to her friends about her, and she wants to have the pleasure of trying them. She or she saw a video on the internet, and she was impressed. The cravings and desires of human beings evolve and continue to exist even as they are engaged in serious relationships, let alone those of singles and free women.

4. Bad words

Before experimenting with dirty language in the bedroom with a woman, it is good to become familiar with it. They are subjective tastes good at making a certain type of girl warm, or at provoking offense and indignation in others.

Bad languages ​​and bad words, however, must be used diligently, by guys who are expert in dosing in due time the appropriate words for different types of girls. That said, you can test the waters every so often, bringing the topic of conversations to gory topics. Pay attention to her liking when you do it, if she smiles you can go on. As I said, the more comfortable she is with her, the better it will be for both of us.

5. Watch red light movies

This is one of those things that women but also men like to do. So there are many couples who already do it. Watching porn together helps you understand what both of you like and dislike.

It’s an opportunity to find new ways to engage in bed and discover new positions together. Watching this type of film can be an opportunity to ask her for something particular that you want to bring her attention to. It can open a communication line for a very pleasant experience.

6. Surprise her

An ambush? Almost! A sudden and compelling desire to be satisfied on the spot. Try grabbing her hand suddenly, without speaking and taking her into the bedroom, catching her while she does her housework, or lifting her over the washing machine while she does the laundry. In short, making her a big surprise that shows her how much you like it, can bring unexpected passion to life as a couple.

Improvised things sometimes come out better, because there is no need to plan them, and you know, sometimes things only turn out well when they happen randomly. Women know this and you will certainly please them by following this advice.

7. Change place

This is one of those things women love to do in bed, but they don’t want to tell their partner, not out of fear, but because otherwise they would lose their taste. Changing daily habits is quite an exciting thing for the female gender. Bringing something new can really help spice things up every now and then.

Those who want to have a healthy and active sex life must make sure that they also make it enjoyable for their partner. But sometimes sex can get boring without meaning to.

Booking a room in an out-of-the-way motel, or in another city where no one knows you is a great idea. Doing it in a dangerous or even risky place will make things more fun. Adrenaline helps arousal, make sure you get it.

8. Use toys

Most women are unlikely to orgasm with penetration alone. The female anatomy needs to be stimulated in other areas, often forgotten during intercourse by the man.

If she did not orgasm during intercourse, it is important that she reach it in another way after she is done. Adding toys, such as vibrators, can make it easier for the woman to orgasm. Doing it for your girlfriend would be an even more loving gesture.

9. Role-playing games

Among other things women love to do in bed but don’t dare ask are role-playing games. When you sleep with the same person for a long time, there’s a good chance you’ll get bored at some point. Role play allows you to add that bit of transgression to make sex even more fun. Try on different roles and outfits to see if some of that passion returns.

10. Kissing and cuddling are also things women love to do in bed

There is nothing worse, once the physical act itself is consummated, to turn over to the opposite side of the bed and immediately go to sleep. After two people have achieved such a high level of intimacy, they should remain close and embraced.

Many girls love to be kissed during and after sex, but some guys forget it. Exchanging cuddles once the scents of passion are exhausted, it means caring for that person, transmits mutual gratification for those gestures.

Sex should be fun, healthy, and liberating! Why settle for a mere physical act often experienced passively. The woman needs to express her sexuality, just like the man.

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