Performers, songwriters and actresses, the music and film industry is increasingly being revived by women. The latter knew how to balance the scale to make it a pleasant place not to be bored. These great ladies are, in part, singers of folk, pop, jazz and country music. So ! Do you want to know more? Zoom on the most recognized singers of all time.

Demi Lovato, the versatile singer

Demi Lovato is one of the women whose success has been foretold by her productivity as an actress. Her fame began with the movie Camp Rock and increased when she released her first pop rock album called “Don’t Forget” . Along with her other albums, Demi has sold millions of productions. Several of his hits are also ranked in the first places of the Billbord Hot 100 . Heart Attack , Echame La Culpa, Sorry Not Sorry , you certainly know his planetary hits.

Selena Gomez, very early motivated

Spotted since her teenage years, Selena Gomez is an art professional who continues to make her ascent. The great lady of the artistic world comes from a mother-actress, which explains her passion for the artistic world and the cinematographic world . She has been exposed to cinematographic waves since childhood.

Selena is a proven singer, songwriter and actress who embarked on the adventure very early on. An adventure that made her what she is today. She has won several awards. His adolescence was dotted with notoriety and recognition awards. For example, she was named Billboard Woman of the Year in 2017 .

Rihanna, popular singer and billionaire at the same time

Robyn Rihanna Fenty known by the stage name Rihanna is a versatile singer who is not only interested in the musical world. Active since 2003, she is considered the first artist to reach the milestone of 100 million digital sales in the USA. What makes her a star.

Since the dawn of time, she has been considered the only artist who has sold enough of her solo productions since the beginning of her career . Today, she has 10 albums to her credit and is now considered the richest singer in the world.

Christina Aguilera, an icon

Aged in her forties, the American singer, songwriter, performer is one of the exemplary artists to follow. With an estimated 75 million record sales , Christina is considered one of the most popular singers in history. His catchy titles have toured the continents. It is :

  • Say Something;
  • Lady Marmelade ;
  • Pero Me Acuerdo de Tí, and
  • Candyman.

In 2013, Christina was admitted to the list of the 100 most influential people in the world in one of the magazines that is interested in American music.

Ariana Grande, the youngest and gifted

Recognized as an actress and singer, Ariana is a rather talented and coveted young woman who has been shining since her debut. She started her career very early at the age of 15 playing in the musical 13 on Broadway. A comedy in which she was appreciated for her role as Cat Valentine. In the year 2013, she launched her first album which had an exonerating success thanks to its potential and the large number of its admirers in comedy.

Beyoncé, Queen B

American singer, singer-songwriter, Queen B is one of the female artists who have impacted the public with their talent. While still a teenager, she rose to prominence as the lead singer in Destiny’s Child . Her debut album released in 2003 was the start of her growing popularity to this day.

Katy Perry, the one who values ​​her success so much

Coming from an evangelical pastor couple, the Californian singer is one of the women artists who have established themselves through their potential in the music industry. Although her first revelation to the public as a singer was not a success, Katy very quickly became interested in secular music. Which has also borne fruit.

Today, her music goes around the world and she is also ranked on the list of the most popular singers in the world . To rekindle the feeling with her admirers, Queen Katy organized a concert in Las Vegas last December for her very first time. 

Jennifer Lopez, the most requested in HOLLYWOOD

Having gained her notoriety through dance in the 1991s, Jennifer has also made a name for herself in cinematography and music. She published her first album in 1997. Four years later, she became the first artist who could have one of her albums and films ranked first in the same week. By her achievements, JL-O is among the most requested actresses in Hollywood.

Obtaining more than 75 million copies sold on the market with an acting income estimated at three billion dollars , Jennifer is perceived as the most influential Latin American artist.

Pink, the one who takes her stage name in homage to a character in a film

Famous as a songwriter and performer , Pink is one of the female artists who jumped into the musical world at an early age. Already at the age of 14, the pop singer composed her songs herself. With more enthusiasm, she managed to sign with her first label where she released her first album called “  Can’t Take Me Home  ”. The latter gave him more visibility and crowds on the market. With more than 90 million copies sold worldwide, Pink has received the title of star in the musical world.

Lady Gaga, the one who got her stage name from a producer

Best known as an artist, Lady Gaga is an American singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, activist and fashion designer. She is one of the best-selling musical artists in the world! She began her career performing songs on the piano in New York clubs and small venues. Over time, she founded a group that took her name from it. The latter is called The Germanotta Band.

Mariah Carey, a singer revealed from her first album

The top 15 stars of the musical world do not end without having notified the name of Mariah Carey. She is a special icon among many who indulge in various musical genres. Mariah is one of the best-selling musical artists. His very first album was an admirable success. From the latter came 4 singles played solo ranked first in Billbord, an American magazine dedicated to the record industry.

Taylor Swift, the one that rhymes with versatility

Recognized as an author, composer and performer, Taylor is a great lady of American music who has been rewarded several times for her talent. It has also expired the young talents that unfold in pop and country music. She herself sings country music, pop, pop-rock, country pop, indie folk and synthpop.

If it’s all about luck in the musical world, Taylor is proof of it. His success was triggered with his very first single and his first album in 2006. Since then, the star continues to prove himself. It should be noted that the goddess has also embarked on cinematography.

Madonna, the great pop singer

Often called the Queen of Pop, Madonna is one of the most influential stars of the moment. It has within its reach more than 300 million records sold all over the world. Which makes her the best-selling musician of all time and a source of inspiration for many singers. Among his most listened to hits are “Hung Up, Frozen, Like a Prayer, Material Girl, Papa Don’t Preach, Like a Virgin”. If you are not yet impregnated to listen to it, now is the time.

Dolly Parton, Queen of Country

Starting her career from a young age, Dolly reached No. 1 on the Billbord Country charts with 25 of her songs. She has thus recorded 110 singles during the last 40 years of activity. In the sales market, the Queen of Country has surpassed the sale of 100 million of her achievements speaking of singles, albums, digital downloads and collections.

She has been rewarded with countless awards at the Grammy Awards without counting the others. She is also one of seven singers to win the Country Music Association Artist of the Year award.

Celine Dion, the queen of voice note accuracy

Recognized as a soprano voice with an innate technical ability, the Quebec artist is one of the emblematic singers. She knew how to amaze her fanatics through each era. In 1990, she achieved international success even though she was recognized as a star in her native country. Today, she is ranked among the top most popular female artists in the world with several recognition awards.

Obviously, you will have been able to see with us that these women presented in this selective list have a remarkable career. Did you like this artistic adventure? Follow the rest of our musical articles specially designed to get you up to speed with the realities of showbiz.

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