We already know that Android is becoming a better platform for gaming because they are becoming more powerful and we have more computing capacity, more RAM, storage, etc. And it is that the concept of “handheld” is becoming more and more true, and therefore, now we can play  open world games on our phone,  something that years ago would be unthinkable.

Open world games are not a genre as such, but there are many fans who travel across huge worlds to do whatever you want there, these games are gaining more and more popularity over time , both on gaming platforms and on PC or console , as now on Android. They are its best exponents.


We start the list with  Crashlands,  a game with numerous awards for best game and a spectacular rating of 4.8 for Play Store users.

In Crashlands we will travel through space and we will have to defeat the aliens who want to destroy us. The game has hours of fun, although the story isn’t the most important thing, its playability is and how entertaining it is.

The game is paid, but maybe it’s worth it if you want to enjoy an open-world game designed for mobile.

Of course, we hope you have a good command of English, since the game is not in English.

Genshin Impact

A role-playing game that fools locals and foreigners, and has some resemblance or inspiration to the Zelda saga, although it is not a copy-paste of the Nintendo title. offers a plot depth developed in an open world with infinite geographical resources : mountains, rivers, valleys and all kinds of relief await us in this adventure. Several features such as anime design, cross-play, and a very usable co-op mode stand out.


This game has gone very viral and has steadily climbed to be one of the most downloaded. It is a virtual world in which we can adopt any role, customizing the avatar to our liking. In addition, thanks to its cross-platform condition, it is possible to play on several consoles while preserving the progress.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto It has been a consolidated and very popular saga on consoles for many years. And it’s that Rockstar craftsmanship and taking their time to play makes every game a unique experience and those games never expire, and games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas  remain games high quality even fifteen years after their release.

There are plenty of GTAs in the Play Store, but GTA San Andreas might be the most nostalgic for many of you, and we’re sure more than one won’t mind paying the game’s low price to survey. the streets of San Andreas again.

Gangster vegas

Well, it’s worth paying for games, if you want to play worry-free it’s best, but if you’d rather play a good free game in exchange for ads and the typical micropayments.

But  gangster vegas is a mafia game (as the name suggests) where you will roam the city of Las Vegas as you wish… Better to see it yourself.


A game with great pretensions, but with plenty of room for improvement. The graphics are very good, as are the options it offers in the areas of driving cars and handling weapons. It has servers to make a roleplaying game , although it lacks many elements to reach a certain level. Since we’re on Android, we can’t ask what we see in console games.

Real driving yes

If you like cars and just want to drive, this is your game. Without races and without official cars, although the appearances are practically identical to the real cars. It’s a totally open world, with different geographies where you can drive serenely. The most remarkable thing is the car interior , very detailed in every way.


It’s been a few years since the launch of Terraria , eight to be exact, the game which was originally only released for PC, has now expanded to almost every platform from Nintendo Switch to PS4 and our beloved operating system: Android.

With the most retro graphics and an adventure like those you could have experienced on the Super Nintendo years ago, but with all the power of today’s mobile phones or consoles and the possibility of creating extended worlds , thousands of weapons or armors, and with a wide variety of bosses and enemies.

Many people ranked it as the 2D sibling minecraft , for others it far exceeded it. These are already personal opinions.


Of course, we can’t talk about open-world games, talk about Terraria and not talk about Minecraft , one of the most popular open-world games in the world, and that’s… You don’t need to presentation, right?

Survival Island: EVO 2

Survive the dangers of the island in this game to build a house and resources from scratch that allow us to move forward and fight against other enemies. The island is freely explorable, discovering hidden places and treasures.

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

What less than recommending another free game, also from Gameloft we have  Six-Guns: Gang Showdown,  a game based on the Wild West, where you can find up to forty different missions. From horse racing to catching thieves.

Oddworld: The Stranger’s Wrath

Oddworld is another well-established saga that many have already enjoyed on the original PlayStation, and of course it hasn’t stopped releasing games including: Oddworld: The Stranger’s Wrath .

In  Wrath of the Stranger  you put yourself in the shoes of a great bounty hunter, it’s similar to the western style as in the previous game, but with alien species, of which you are one. Doesn’t look bad, does it?

Black Mobile Desert

Black Desert is one of the most popular MMOs thanks to its incredible graphics and a more than interesting combat system. Now, due to its Asian background it may be too addictive for many, but there’s no doubt that if you like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV games, it’s a great adaptation for Android.

ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile

A few years ago  ARK: Survival Evolved  got a lot of popularity on its native platform, PC. Now that we have it for our phone, yes we will need a powerful phone. In this open world game we can fight and tame dinosaurs, a most curious game.

Evil lands

A world full of monsters and dragons that we must overcome alone or in the company of other players. This highly fantasy role-playing game only moves to online servers , which gives the adventure a lot more variety. The graphics are of a high level, as well as the animations of the character in the fight against enemies. The territory, of course, is very diverse and endless.

Order & Chaos 2

We can choose between 5 classes for our character, with different roles and characteristics. Like the previous title, it is a massively multiplayer RPG, so in the world we will have other real players participating with their avatar, being able to interact with them. At the same time, you can advance in the adventure of facing monsters and final bosses in dungeons, while winning duels against another player in PvP games.

Axe: Alliance vs. Empire

We are again faced with an MMORPG that has cooperative missions and a competitive mode in games of 4 against 4 or in individual duels. The basis of the game is still a world full of fantasy and magic, with monsters and dragons as constant threats. The game retains an excellent level of graphics and a good diversity of landscapes.


In 2006 it was released on PC Titan Quest , years later we have it for our mobile phones. An RPG with one of the largest and most open worlds.

If you like Titan Quest or role-playing games, we recommend that you check out our recommendations on the best role-playing games for Android


A game that, due to its graphic and thematic section, could well resemble The Zelda saga on Nintendo . A world of great journeys to explore, where we can also build our own house to sleep in and not be taken by surprise by the different enemies that exist in this world. The landscape shows a great diversity of animals, plants and trees, with many elements to interact with.

Lumia Saga

An MMORPG with a more childish touch, but still a great adventure with 8 types of classes, hunting missions, PvP and real-time games. In addition, there is the possibility of forming a team with which we can carry out missions in cooperation. The fights are very varied, with varied movements with both attacks and magic powers.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll like Sword Art Online: Integral Factor, a game based on the popular anime, with the same interface and idea, travel the world doing missions.

Montser Hunter Stories

And finally, and we’ve already talked about him in the best role-playing games, we have Monster Hunter Stories .

If you are a fan of the saga you will know that even if you are not free to do what you want, the freedom of these games is quite wide, and you can hunt the monster as you wish.

Raja of the Dragons

An impressive game both in terms of graphic quality and the level of detail of the elements. We can create our own house, perform missions and customize the character with better skins and weapons. The game takes place in a totally futuristic setting, the only drawback is that it requires a relatively powerful terminal.

These are our recommendations. Do you have any? We’re sure most gamers have plenty of games to share! You can share it in the comments or give us your opinion on the ones we shared!

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