The countdown begins to show off our best beauty looks for Christmas. And we are one of those who choose makeup as an essential basic to feel better and prettier during the Christmas celebrations. And also, one in two choose red lipstick as an infallible basic and one in three, bright eye shadows for these dates. In addition, according to a study prepared by the beauty trends firm Klarna, “glamorous makeup inspired by red carpets is the favorite of 44 percent of women, ahead of the more natural looks chosen by 28 percent of women. For this reason, and to Give you ideas when it comes to party makeup , we have compiled the six easiest and most flattering party makeup tricks from makeup artists for an infallible look.

Good face with foundation and sun powder

Anthony Chasset , Guerlain ‘s International Make Up Artist , proposes natural makeup with a sun-kissed effect on the skin. After preparing the skin with a serum that hydrates and provides the best anti-fatigue effect as well as acting as a primer , we apply the makeup base and then the sun powder following the technique of “W” beginning at the temple, at eye level and curving downward below the cheekbone. Then, we ascend to the forehead area and repeat on the other side of the face. And finally, a touch on the chin will suffice to achieve the long-awaited healthy glow or healthy luminous finish on the skin.

Illuminating powder by Chanel

 A satin powder with golden reflections that sculpts the contours of the face and enhances the cheekbones with an illuminating effect.

 Highlighter in areas where light is reflected

When applying the illuminator , David Bautista , a Puig trainer, recommends applying it “in those areas of the face where light reflects naturally when you are not wearing makeup in order to capture that healthy splendor and healthy , awake skin as in the top of the cheekbones, the nose bone and Cupid’s bow,” he says.

Iluminador Beauty Light Wand de Charlotte Tilbury

This cream highlighter with a cushion applicator creates a soft sensation that leaves a translucent veil and a luminous, radiant finish on your skin.

Gradient eye shadows

To create an open and luminous look in your party look, Anthony Chasset recommends betting on gradient eye makeup, spreading the darkest shade along the lower lashes by dabbing on the upper ones and then drawing a minimum vertical line in the outer area and join it with the tear duct diagonally from top to bottom. An orange tone is ideal for creating the next layer and blending the meeting point well. And finally, the lightest shade that we can reserve for the basin and the inner corner of the eye.

Guerlain 777 Golden Stars 4 Colors Eye Shadows

Inspired by shiny and festive fabrics, this eyeshadow palette has four harmonic colors to recreate different effects on your eyelids, highlighting all complexions. And let you play with different textures multiplying the effects to transform the look.

Lips in different textures

To make up your party lips , nothing like “choose lipsticks with a velvety finish or more vinyl or gloss to catch the light.” The bitten lip effect triumphs for dinners and seasonal events because it provides a powdery finish that is very comfortable to wear. Intense red lipsticks become the main protagonists for these parties.

Carolina Herrera Fabulous Kiss Gold Fantasy Edition Lipstick

An all-new take on Carolina Herrera’s No. 310 red shade in a deep red and gold marble finish in a lipstick, paired with a Manhattan-inspired shell with charm and matte gold liquid lipstick by metallic finish.

Creamy blush

Blush is another of the infallible cosmetics to make up your party skin for Christmas. And Alba Esteban , makeup artist from Shiseido , bets on powdery pinks with cream blush applied on top of the cheekbone to create a lifting effect and an ideal good face.

Minimalist Wippedpowder Blush 01 Sonoya by Shiseido

In a mousse texture, this highly pigmented blush offers buildable coverage and a matte powder finish. With the revolutionary Airfusion technology for an effortless application on the skin and long-lasting.

Eyeliner to enhance your look

The function of the party eyeliner is to further define your look that tends to “fall out” over time. For this reason, make-up artists recommend drawing a fine line flush with the upper lashes from the beginning to the end to give definition to the eye that it previously had naturally thanks to some roots of bushy eyelashes. “A slight corner will manage to raise the gaze as necessary to end the sad appearance and we should ensure that this line is not too thick, better to lengthen it to brighten the gaze than to draw it in an extreme way” recommends the make-up artist Gato .

Diorshow 24H Stylo Matte Black by Dior

With a pleasant texture and a lead that glides effortlessly over the skin, this eyeliner draws an intense line from the first swipe and is rich in pigments, waterproof, and includes a foam applicator to blend the line if desired and create a look. smokey.

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