If you are looking for fun games to spend time with your friends, here’s a nice list. You will have fun and surprise the guests.

Wanting to add a pinch of spice to parties and gatherings with friends is normal. It happens to wonder which fun games to propose to make these events more dynamic .

While the concept of play changes over the course of life, it is not unique to children; offers smiles, strengthens bonds and stimulates the mind. Why, then, abandon it, once grown up?

If you are looking for fun activities for you and your group of friends, here are 20 examples that will make your evenings unforgettable . Take a look!

Fun games to play with friends

From the classic dominoes to the most philosophical puzzles, in this list you will find fun games suitable for any group. Thought for adults, many are great for kids and teens too.

1. Fun card games

If you have remained at the trump and the ace, take it all, do not worry! With a deck of cards you can spend entire afternoons. The possibilities are endless!

2. Fun board games

The world of board games is wide and varied in terms of topics, match duration and level of difficulty. If you want to get out of the comfort zone made up of games like Trivial Pursuit , Monopoly or Party , the ideal is to go to a specialized shop and let yourself be advised by those who know more. 

Board games between friends.

3. Fun games: Escape room

Today it is common to play in rooms dedicated to this game which can also be played at home; a fun game to play in a group. Team challenges help bond and keep your mind active.

4. Karaoke

You don’t even need a microphone; the karaoke version of any song is available on the internet . If you don’t feel like going out, there are also video games like Singstar that bring the karaoke room into the house.

5. Video games

Video games – both online and in the form of social gaming – are another really versatile way to spend time in a group. There are online versions of many board games for those who don’t yet have the courage to jump into the fray.

6. The game of mime: film

A classic. One person in the group gets up and mimes a movie title , all following some rules, such as not talking or not drawing letters in the air; others will have to guess. Whoever guesses first is the next to have to mime the film.

7. Guess who?

A game valid for children, but also appreciated by adults. Players write the name of a character on a piece of paper and imitate him without speaking, so that others can guess who he is. You can establish several rules to make it more fun (for example, trying to guess quotes or objects).

8. Treasure hunt

It can be a great idea when planning your party for a special occasion. It consists of hiding objects with a special meaning in the house (wherever you want) and making sure that once found, the players put them in order to trace the message.

9. Who laughs first loses

Another immortal classic. The simplest of actions, coming face to face and trying not to laugh, can be a source of fun among friends.

10. The wireless telephone

Also suitable for children, this game starts with a person saying a sentence in the ear of the player next to him; the latter, in turn, will repeat it in the ear of the next person, and so on, until the end. The last person will repeat the sentence aloud, but at this point it will no longer be the original one.

11. Fun role-playing games

As with games and board games, RPG has evolved a lot in recent years. It is an incredible exercise of imagination that ranges from stories focused on game mechanics and a multitude of numbers and dice, to more narrative and original aspects.

12. This or that?

A game that seems easy, but if well organized it can be a good starting point for interesting conversations. A dichotomy is posed to each player in the form of a question and the person in question must choose between the possibilities.

For example, “would you prefer a world without hunger or without pollution?”. In the wake of this game, we leave you a list of questions to help you spend time in a fun way.

13. The 20 questions

Similar to Guess Who, this game consists of assigning a character – human, animal, known or not (you can decide the rules) – to a participant, who will have to guess what is up to him.

To do this, he will ask a few questions and the others will have to answer yes or no to a maximum of 20 questions. A sort of slightly modified “guess who”.

14. The hot potato

It is a very fun game, suitable for meetings between friends and at any age. It consists of assigning an object to a person and no one will know who owns it.

The person who owns the object must get rid of it by asking questions of others. If someone gives answers that include the forbidden words, then the object becomes his or her property.

15. Chinese morra

As much as it may seem like a game of the most banal and old, we assure you that it ignites the competition. There are only 3 options available, but you can add the cigarette.

Paper, stone and scissor.

16. The “red hands” game

A game that tests the reflexes of people of any age. One player places his hands on the palms of those of the others, who will try to hit his hand. Until he manages to dodge the blows the roles will remain unchanged . Be careful not to get hurt.

17. Fun games: the 3 words

Another fun game that can give you great results and which can also be played online is to build a story among the members of the group.

Each player will have to contribute with only 3 words. You take note and when you reach the end, you will read the story in its entirety.

18. Minefield

Perfect for playing outdoors, it’s one of the funniest bonding games. We will proceed by distributing objects on the floor and forming pairs ; one of the two will be blindfolded and the other will have to guide him through the obstacles and make sure that he reaches a certain point without tripping.

19. A design on the back

Finally, the ultimate among the fun games to party with. Pairs are formed and one of the two participants will try to reproduce on a sheet of paper what the other is drawing with a finger on his back. The result will surprise you!

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