Some people try to pursue passions and hobbies all their lives because it helps them relax and feel better about themselves. But there are also a large number of people who focus so much on the “practical” side of their life (work obligations, etc.) that they leave out everything that seems “superfluous”. »

Results? These individuals come to believe that they have no passion, no talent, and they become deeply bored when their rhythm of life slows down, for example when they retire or when the children grow up and leave the house. However, it is important to have hobbies in order to disconnect and recharge. Where to start to find projects, hobbies that will suit us?

Questions to get to know each other better

We have a series of questions for you to ask yourself. Ideally, put your answers in writing, then wait a day or two before reading them again with a clear head… This will surely help you to see things more clearly and finally discover which hobby is ideal for you.

1- What are the things you are good at?

Even if you think you have no talent, there are certainly activities for which you receive compliments from those close to you: cooking, decorating, organizing, gardening, organizing parties or meetings, drawing , etc.

2- What were your favorite activities when you were a child and the whirlwind of life had not yet taken over?

Did you enjoy creating choreographies with your friends, hiking, swimming, playing guitar? Often, our youthful passions are still there, simply buried under routine.

3- What excites you, makes you feverish?

Perhaps discovering new films or novels, visiting museums or simply walking aimlessly in nature particularly appeals to you, without having ever seen it as a passion. Yet it is the things that “turn us on” the most that are often the best hobbies.

4- What are the subjects that interest you the most?

When you’re in a waiting room, for example, what magazine articles are you most likely to read? Or, what are the TV shows you try never to miss?

5- What are your secret dreams?

Have you always wanted to travel the world, raise exotic animals or have a big family with lots of children? Even if these things are often difficult to put in place on a daily basis, they can direct you to your personal values ​​and your passions are linked to them to a certain degree.

6- What are your favorite topics of discussion?

When you get together with your family and friends, there are necessarily subjects that often come up on the carpet: those that revolt you, those that soften you, those that make you vibrate. Try to analyze them and find out what it can tell you about your personality.

7- Are you more of an active or contemplative type? Solitary or social? Introverted or extroverted?

These aspects of your personality can also help you discover the perfect hobby for you.

8- Do you like to learn new things or rather deepen what you already know?

By asking yourself this question, you will surely realize that there are areas in your life in which you would like to be more involved, or while certain subjects have always interested you, without you taking the time to learn more about them. this subject.

9- Who are the people you envy?

We are not talking here about unhealthy jealousy or negative feelings, but look around you and try to find out who you think is “lucky”. Who do you admire for their life choices, their values? Who would you like to look like? Then observe these people again and ask yourself what makes you think they are more successful than you in life. Perhaps it is simply their passion that attracts you and that you would like to be able to live too.

10- Do you prefer simple and rewarding activities, or are you more addicted to modern technology?

Knowing your personal interests in this very simple area can also help you and help you target a hobby that you are passionate about.

Give yourself the means…

Once your ideas are a little clearer, it will be easier to choose an activity to commit to for a few hours a week. Above all, do not feel bad if you make a mistake and realize after a few days that the chosen activity does not suit you and does not allow you to flourish as you hoped. Just try something else. These few tips should help you finally discover your true passion:

  • Don’t be afraid of trial and error: it’s still the best way to eliminate what doesn’t suit you at all.
  • Consult the activities offered by the community centers and recreation centers in your municipality. Surely there are hobbies you wouldn’t even have thought of.
  • Plan “gaps” in your schedule to allow you to indulge in your new activities and avoid a return to routine.
  • Try signing up (for an art or language class, a sports activity, etc.) with a friend or relative. That way, you can encourage each other to persevere.
  • Take the time to experiment and don’t blame yourself if you give up. It’s just a sign that it wasn’t the right hobby for you. There will be another, provided of course that you really want it.

And above all, don’t despair of finding one day soon an activity that will fully satisfy you, there are so many that it would be impossible not to achieve it: sports activity, hiking, dancing, dance lessons, cooking, knitting or sewing, volunteering, reading and writing, painting and drawing, gardening, DIY, scrapbooking, photography, music, choir singing, etc. These are just a tiny fraction of the dozens of other possibilities available to you !

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