To organize a scary but at the same time fun Halloween party you need the right organization: invitations, decorations, etc … to make your party for the night of the witches unique. Here’s how to do it!

Halloween night is near, why not throw a spooky witch night party at home ? Just choose a theme, send out the invitations, prepare some tasty Halloween recipes and find the right dress and decorations. You can organize a party for adults , for children but also a Halloween party for young and old to have fun all together in a monstrous evening. Let’s see how to do it!

How to organize a Halloween party

So let’s see how to prepare your party with scary ideas  and the right suggestions for a perfect Halloween party.

1. Choose a theme if you want to make the party unique

The Halloween party can be unique only if we think of a monstrous theme: apart from the classic characters such as ghosts, witches, vampires, mummies, you could choose a theme of the party inspired by particular scary movies or a saga, a lot also depends on the number of guests: if the house is not very large, restrict the number of people to invite, if you don’t want to lose control. In this case you could choose the Addams family as the theme, especially if adults, children and teenagers will be present at the Halloween party, otherwise you could be inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s films for adults or by sagas like Twilight for parties in which mainly children participate, finally choose bad characters from fairy tales for kids.


2. Prepare some scary invitations

Once you have chosen the theme for your Halloween party, use your imagination to create monstrous invitations using the theme of the party as a guideline. You can use black cards with cobwebs and spiders attached, or make them in the shape of a witch’s hat or coffin. If the guests are few, and you will carry the invitations by hand, you can also think of small pumpkins behind which to write all the details of the Halloween party. Remember to deliver or mail your monster invitation at least two weeks in advance.


3. Dedicate yourself to the decorations to prepare the house to perfection

The theme of the Halloween party can also help us in the choice of decorations otherwise, if we opt for a classic witches night, we focus on traditional decorations but always effective: scary skeletons to hang on the doors and skulls to scatter on the tables, bats under the ceiling and cobwebs on the walls and paintings, small spiders on the sofa and chairs, plus pumpkin-shaped candles and lanterns. Choose scary Halloween colors: orange and black in the first place but also brown and yellow. The lights will be strictly low.


4. Think about entertainment with themed music and movies or monstrous games

For the entrance of the guests think of some sound effects in theme with the Halloween party (it will not be difficult to find them on the internet): demonic laughter, scary ghost voices, creaks. For music you can go wild with scary themed songs or, if you are few and opt for a movie, the choice is really varied: Friday the 13th, Nightmare, the Exorcist, or you can opt for the B series horror movies, even those cult, to have fun finding all the inconsistencies of the case. Then there are the Tim Burton films or the funny ones like the Scary Movie.

For games you can choose role-playing games or a monstrous treasure hunt: if you have had time to organize it, it can be a really fun idea. You can also improvise magicians by reading the tarot cards or sitting in a circle on the ground, with a candle in the center, improvising scary stories or based on tales. Obviously if there are also children at the party making it more fun than scary, to prevent them from having nightmares!


5. Prepare special meals and drinks

Whether it’s a dinner or if you decide to prepare snacks and desserts, there are many Halloween recipes that you can prepare for your guests: scary appetizers such as witch’s fingers, mummified wurstel, or dishes such as risotto or pumpkin lasagna and as dessert brains of bloody panna cotta, monstrous cupcakes or the classic and always good pumpkin pie. For cocktails, think of something colorful, perhaps that recalls blood red, such as black cherry or pomegranate juice. These can also be common drinks to which you can assign scary names such as bat blood or the like. On the table, do not miss themed decorations: napkins, plates and cutlery but also the Jack o ‘Lantern, the classic carved pumpkin, in the center of the table.


6. Organize a sweepstakes and prepare mementos for the guests

You can organize a competition not only to reward the most original costumes but you can also ask your guests, those who will accept the challenge, to bring a themed dessert: organize a jury, especially if among friends and relatives there are expert pastry chefs, who will decide the three best desserts. The winners will receive a prize chosen by you which will obviously have a decreasing value from first to third place. Do not forget, however, to prepare a small monstrous souvenir for all the guests to give at the end of the party.

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