Junk food contains a series of compounds that are dangerous to health. Its regular consumption could affect certain biochemical parameters, thus increasing the risk of getting sick in the medium term. For this reason, this type of food should not be part of your diet frequently. Instead, opt for fresh foods that have a high nutritional density.

Before beginning, it is necessary to emphasize the need to ensure an optimal supply of nutrients through the diet. Many of those present in foods cannot be synthesized endogenously in the body. A deficiency of these would cause alterations in the proper functioning of the human organism.

Trans fats, the most dangerous compounds in junk food

Let’s start by talking about trans fats. These types of lipids have been shown to increase inflammation levels in the body and the risk of developing chronic and complex pathologies. They are fundamentally fatty acids that have been subjected to aggressive thermal processes, in such a way that their configuration in space is modified.

It is important to keep in mind that daily fat intake is essential for health, but we are talking about quality fats. The number of double bonds inside does not matter so much as the spatial distribution of the molecules that make them up. For this reason, it will always be essential to ensure that the vast majority are of the cis type, although emphasis is placed above all on the intake of omega 3.

Simple sugars can be harmful

Junk food can also have a high concentration of simple sugars inside. These nutrients are especially harmful in the context of a sedentary lifestyle , since they will cause an alteration in glycemia and significant pancreatic stress. In fact, part of the metabolic pathologies with the highest incidence are produced by this mechanism. You must be especially careful with short-chain carbohydrates.

However, simple carbohydrates when introduced into exercise routines have much less harmful potential. In this case, they are used as the main energy substrate for carrying out high-intensity efforts. They may even help promote recovery by stimulating endogenous glycogen synthesis.

Some additives are also harmful compounds present in junk food.

Finally, we must talk about food additives. These chemicals represent a very heterogeneous set of substances. Several of them have demonstrated safety, so they can be included in the regimen on a regular basis without too many problems. However, others do not have as much evidence, there is even research that affirms that in the medium term they can cause a health risk.

A clear example would be nitrites . They are commonly used as preservatives in junk food and are associated with a higher incidence of certain types of tumors that affect the digestive tract, according to a study published in the journal Antioxidants . Others, such as artificial sweeteners, could cause a change in the intestinal microbiota, altering metabolism and digestion.

On the other hand, within the toxins we can also mention a series of elements that are formed from aggressive cooking processes. For example, subjecting carbohydrates to elevated temperatures can give rise to acrylamide. This compound would be harmful to health if ingested regularly. For this reason it is better not to fry and cook on the grill, avoiding batters .

Avoiding junk food reduces the intake of dangerous compounds

As you have seen, there are several toxic compounds that can appear recurrently in junk food. For this reason it is important to prioritize the consumption of fresh foods, with high nutritional density . In this way, inflammatory and antioxidant processes will not increase in the internal environment, which ensures homeostasis within the organism.

Finally, remember that it is important to promote a series of good habits in order to maintain optimal health. Not only is it enough to take care of the diet, it will also be necessary to practice physical exercise on a regular basis , focusing on strength work. In addition, it will be necessary to sleep at least 7 or 8 hours a day, as well as expose yourself to sunlight on a regular basis.

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