Tea is an ancient drink. Its first traces date back to more than 200 years before Jesus Christ. Each continent has its own culture and mode of consumption. The health benefits of tea are well known. In Asia in particular, this drink is used in the treatment of many pathologies. In England, its consumption is above all cultural, the famous tea time is a very common practice.

In recent years, the tea market has experienced exponential growth in France . It now represents nearly 500 million euros, an increase of 28%  compared to 2017. Tea is the second most consumed drink.

This enthusiasm for the product pushes brands to go ever further in their marketing strategy. More and more of them are declaring that their product is the best tea for health. They also claim benefits that are often exaggerated. You will find on many boxes of tea in stores with mentions like “slimming tea”, “detox tea”, “sleep tea”, “anti-stress tea”, “well-being tea”. False information that aims to influence the buyer. If the benefits of this drink are real, it is still necessary to know what is the best tea for health and why.

What is the best tea for health?

There are several thousand teas in the world. These are categorized by color: green tea, black tea, white tea , etc. Added to this are many plants 🌱 that we let infuse. This is the case with mint, chamomile, verbena, ginger and many others. Each tea has its own benefits. Some have anti-inflammatory properties , others anti-stress , or antioxidants . In other words, if you want to know what is the best tea for health? The question to ask yourself is rather: “Which tea is best for my health and my needs?” »

Finally, if the therapeutic properties of tea have been known for a long time, the quality of the tea of ​​course has a role to play. It is important to buy quality tea that is lightly processed and has no added coloring. As you will have understood, not all teas are created equal. So you have to know where to buy it 🛒 (we’ll come back to this question later).

Selection of the best teas for health

Best tea for health a selection of 5 teas to discover

What is the difference between tea and herbal tea?

Before knowing which is the best tea for health, you still need to know how to distinguish the different drinks. On the one hand, there is tea, which is a drink containing theine . It can be eaten hot or cold. On the other hand, we find herbal tea which is a drink without theine and which is obtained by infusing plant extracts in hot water.

Whether you prefer tea or herbal tea, the good news is that these two drinks have health benefits. However, their preparation is very different. While tea should be infused for 3 to 4 minutes ⌛️ in hot water. The herbal tea requires a longer infusion (on average 15 minutes) .

Is the best tea for health the famous green tea?

It is one of the best-selling drinks on the market. Often considered the best tea for health, green tea has many properties. The main one being its antioxidant content . Catechins, theaflavins, thearubigins are the three main antioxidants found in this drink. This property is good for health and more particularly for the cells of the skin, in particular to delay its aging.

Green tea: the best tea for health?

Regular consumption of green tea 🍵 would also be positive in the prevention against cancer but also against cardiovascular diseases including strokes and heart attacks . Finally, green tea has an anti-inflammatory effect on the stomach.

In addition to its health benefits, green tea is also recommended for people looking to lose weight. It acts as a fat burner especially on the one located at the abdominal level.

When to drink green tea?

It is recommended to consume it during the day, for example during a break during the afternoon. To strengthen its antioxidant action , it is possible to supplement the intake of a cup of green tea with a small snack based on red fruits 🍓, foods that are also very rich in antioxidants.

Among the best teas for health let’s not forget chamomile

Very long seen as a “grandmothers” tea, chamomile 🌼 is making a comeback in our cups. It must be said that this plant 🌿 is also full of benefits. The best known being its benefits on stress and sleep . Chamomile infusions have a relaxing effect and ensure a better quality of falling asleep and sleeping. If we have chosen to place chamomile in our top dedicated to the best tea for health, it is also for its effect on digestive disorders .

Best tea for health: what are the virtues of chamomile

When is the best time to drink chamomile tea?

Drinking a chamomile herbal tea 🌼 can be done in the evening after dinner and therefore a few hours before going to bed 🌜. A cup of chamomile is also recommended after a slightly rich meal 🍕 to avoid digestive problems and bloating.

The best tea for health: the unsuspected benefits of thyme

Widely used in alternative medicine, thyme is a plant 🎍 with many virtues. Among these: its action to calm coughs, treat colds, reduce bloating , etc. Like green tea, thyme is rich in antioxidants .

In addition to its antimicrobial, antiseptic or even antifungal benefits, thyme herbal teas are good for your health, especially for strengthening the immune system .

Thyme tea and its benefits: best tea for health

When to drink thyme herbal tea?

The time and regularity at which to consume thyme herbal teas 🍵 depends on your needs. If you’re having digestive issues, a cup after every meal will do you good. If you want to boost your immune system to prevent common winter illnesses, a cup of thyme tea every morning is very good for your health.

Hibiscus: an herbal tea that deserves its title of best tea for health

The health benefits of hibiscus 🌺 are often underestimated. However, this plant does not lack assets. It contains a significant amount of polyphenols and vitamin C. Its action on health is important in particular by its draining, digestive and even slimming properties . Research suggests that hibiscus has positive properties against stress, depression and even has an effect on blood pressure .

Hibiscus one of the best tea for health

In addition to its health benefits, hibiscus 🌺 has a very fresh and floral taste. People who don’t like the taste of classic teas love hibiscus for its flavor.

When is the best time to enjoy a cup of hibiscus?

Theine-free, hibiscus can be drunk at any time of the day. People suffering from work stress can consume a cup of hibiscus in the office to relax.

The health benefits of oolong tea

Much less known than green tea, oolong tea also deserves its place in our top. From China 🇨🇳, Taiwan 🇹🇼 and Ceylon, he is still little known. However, it is one of the best teas for health. If oolong teas do not have the same composition depending on their origin, they share virtues. Oolong tea acts on the aging of cells . It is beneficial for digestive disorders . Finally, it finds its usefulness in a slimming course thanks to its fat-burning effect.

Oolong tea contains minerals such as manganese , sodium , magnesium and potassium . Trace elements essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Oolong tea is one of the best teas for health

When should you drink a cup of oolong tea?

Oolong tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It can be eaten in the evening before bedtime 🛌, but also in the morning when you wake up ⏰ to accompany breakfast.

Best tea for health: what is the place of a ginger infusion?

When we know the benefits of ginger , there is nothing surprising to mention the effects of this infusion. It is a traditional remedy especially in the treatment of digestive disorders . It is recommended for migraine disorders and nausea . People who are used to flying 🛫 and who suffer from motion sickness are often offered Ginger Ale (a soft drink made from ginger) by flight attendants.

Ginger contains nearly 40 antioxidants  ! In addition, a ginger infusion can be complemented by other foods that are also excellent for health, such as lemon 🍋 or cinnamon. Ginger is a fat burner . People who want to lose weight are recommended this type of herbal tea.

When to drink ginger tea?

There is no recommendation as to the best time to drink ginger tea . After a meal or outside, it’s up to everyone to choose 😉.

All the answers to your questions about the health effects of tea

What is the best tea for cholesterol?

People with cholesterol need to pay particular attention to their diet. To help them manage their cholesterol levels , the consumption of certain teas is recommended. Green tea is renowned for its cholesterol-regulating action . Provided you avoid mixing your tea with other foods. Basil tea 🍵 is also recommended.

What is the best tea for weight loss?

There are many teas known for their “fat-burning” action, but be careful not to be influenced by the labels on supermarket boxes. If it is true that some teas are fat burners like green tea . This beverage should be consumed as part of a healthy diet including fruits 🍏 and vegetables 🥦 in quantity.

What is the best tea for detox?

Green tea 🍵 or ginger tea are probably the best detox teas . However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of these drinks, it is recommended not to buy supermarket boxes that promise you worlds and wonders.

Loose leaf tea the best tea for health

What is the best tea brand?

With the explosion of tea consumption, especially in France , it is important to ask the right questions. Consumer associations such as 60 million consumers warn against the many brands whose commercial promises are not consistent with the composition of the products. Instead of favoring tea brands, go to a specialized tea shop or even a neighborhood herbalist where you will find healthy products.

Where to buy good tea?

This question is intimately linked to that of the best brand of tea . Indeed, to enjoy the benefits of these plants 🌿, you have to buy quality products without dyes or other added foods. This is why it is better to turn to specialized stores and herbalists . These places offer quality teas often in bulk (guarantee of the absence of added products).

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