If it’s time for your friends to come over for a night or weekend, you may be nervous about the most appropriate and fun activities to do at home. You may have had a great time the last time you visited your friends, and only you know well that you cannot afford to disappoint them.

To put together something that everyone will enjoy, you need to be creative, especially if you don’t want to copy what one of your friends has done before. To give you some great ideas, check out these 6 At-Home Activities to Have Fun With Friends.

1. Poker Night

Poker can be a lot of fun if you have a group of six or more friends over to your house. You’ll need a deck of cards, chips, and a poker table to do this.

You and your friends obviously need to learn the rules before poker night, which is easy if you have enough time to prepare. Do a google search if they don’t already know hand values, betting rules and flow, and normal home poker etiquette.

You’ll also need plenty of snacks and drinks for the group, but if you’re short on money ask them to each bring a six-pack of beers each and some snacks to pass around the table. Also remember to have non-alcoholic beverages for teetotalers and designated drivers.

Make the night more interesting by assigning chip values ​​to encourage competitiveness, but keep it simple to ensure it’s a night of fun and not a gambling house. Don’t forget to set the right mood by playing classical jazz music in the background and act like they are playing for big money.

2. Board Games Party

The classic party board games such as Battle Ships , Monopoly and Risk are still fun, but new games have arrived on the market, many of them exciting. Some of these games, such as Mafia , Werewolf , Cash N Guns , Bang: The Dice Game , Exploding Cats , Terraforming Mars , Captain Sonar , The Resistance and many others are great fun to play with friends.

The Resistance , for example, is a social game of deduction that you can enjoy a lot if you are 6 to 10 people, especially since no player is kicked during the intense game. Each player is assigned a secret identity as a member of the Resistance, attempting to overthrow an evil government or a Spy with the goal of breaking the Resistance.

The Resistance wins the game if three missions are successfully completed, but the Spies will win if all three Missions are failed. The Spies will also win the game if the Resistance fails to organize a Mission Team during the game.

This game takes at least 30 minutes to complete, during which time it’s both fascinating and hilarious to watch the boys and girls deny and accuse each other of being Spies. Spies are hard to spot and defeat, and will often win more rounds than the Resistance, but since the game is so fun that it’s always on repeat, opportunities for revenge are always available.

3. Karaoke Night

For a loud and fun night out with your friends, have a karaoke party in the lounge. You will only need two microphones, a good sound system, a decent list of songs, snacks and lots of drinks.

Even if you don’t have a karaoke machine, you can easily get the same experience with PlayStation, Xbox, or Wii consoles. At the very least, you can still have fun using freely available karaoke song lists and software via a laptop or digital TV.

Most people are afraid of public speaking and wouldn’t even dream of holding a microphone to speak to strangers, let alone sing in front of the whole world. However, when you’re among friends and family it’s a perfect environment to make even your quietest friends sing their heads off.

4. Sports Party

If you and your friends are sports fans, you can have a lot of fun by having a sport party. You’ll need a decent TV for the best viewing experience, enough space for your guests, and plenty of food and drink to offer before, during, and after the game.

To ensure maximum excitement, plan the party around a crucial game and send out invitations early to encourage attendance. Advertise by decorating invitation cards and your house with the insignia of the teams in play, but as a host try to remain as neutral as possible to keep the peace, and be nice to your guests.

5. Movie Night

Movie nights are the cheapest and easiest parties to throw, because all you need is snacks, drinks, good movies, and a TV. You can enhance the experience if you have a movie theater with a large comfortable seating space and a projector.

A fun movie night is based for the most part on the choice of movie more than anything else. To help you make the best decision, consult widely among the guests and don’t worry about seeing something that everyone has already seen, a brand new movie or something in between.

As the host, you take responsibility for looking up the movie’s rating to determine what’s best for everyone. Keep this tip in mind, though: Have additional titles to serve as plan B, because a boys’ movie night can quickly turn into a chick’s movie night, mixed company, or a party for the whole family, depending on who shows up. .

6. Dinner Party

Traditionally, a dinner party is the most common activity to do with friends at home, so don’t be afraid to throw one. It doesn’t have to be boring though, as there are plenty of things you can do to make sure dinner is fun.

For beginners, prepare a tasty recipe for dinner if you are planning to cook, order the food from a restaurant or have a chef prepare the food in your kitchen.

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