The new Volvo EX90 has just been presented. The third electric SUV not only says goodbye to an entire flagship like the XC90, but also opens a new era at the Swedish brand. Revolutionary in design and with advanced technology that will arrive in 2023, and about which we will tell you all its details.

The Gothenburg brand has kept its word. He promised to introduce the new Volvo EX90 before the end of the year, and he just did. It is the third electric SUV to reach the range of the Swedish manufacturer, although it will go on sale in mid-2023 , standing out for a very innovative exterior and interior design and a top-notch technological load.

It is obvious that the successor to the Volvo XC90 changes considerably, despite the fact that its measurements -detailed below- and its proportions are very similar to those of the combustion model. The Volvo EX90 is completely new. The front is dominated by new integrated headlamps equipped with sophisticated “LED Pixel” lighting technology , as is the thin band that runs along the bumper. A smooth bumper that also occupies the area of ​​the traditional grill and that merges with the rounded hood so that the air flows without interruptions.

Officially approved measurements and volumes for the new European Volvo EX90

Volvo EX90 - exterior

The new Volvo EX90 exudes a modern design with the roots of the Swedish brand.

Aesthetic minimalism inside and out in the new Volvo EX90

The clean style is found on the sides, with the door handles embedded in the panels, the glass of the flush windows or the aerodynamic 21 and 22-inch alloy wheels, these are optional. Solutions that have made it possible to achieve an aerodynamic coefficient of only 0.29x . The rear is particularly notable for the new “C”-shaped taillights that hug the tailgate. The brand has not renounced the verticality of the optics, which is why it has resorted to an intelligent solution: extending them along the sides of the rear window .

The interior of the new Volvo EX90 has space for three rows of seats and seven seats. Swedish minimalism is noted on the dashboard, with two digital screens, one for the instrumentation that shows the route, the speed, the remaining autonomy and the different driving modes, while the one for the infotainment system has 15 inches , is arranged vertically and equipped with 5G technology as standard .

Volvo showcases Scandinavian design with a dashboard dominated by horizontal lines, made from recycled materials and combined with natural wood and wool instead of leather. But what stands out is the technology on board, and typical of a true flagship. The new EX90 has an assisted driving mode, not autonomous , although it has the necessary components for it. Its operation is based on powerful LiDAR sensors placed on the windshield, plus 5 radar, 16 ultrasonic and 8 cameras that offer a 360º view, allowing lane changes .

Volvo EX90 - interior

The interior of the new Volvo EX90 is based on Swedish minimalism and technology

The new Volvo EX90, an electric SUV with cutting-edge technology

One of the advantages of the new control software that allows to offer interior and exterior detection systems. The second works day and night, being able to detect vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians at a distance of 250 meters , and small objects or animals up to 120 meters. The EX90 also has a highly advanced fatigue detector that uses two cameras and the smart ring on the steering wheel to constantly monitor the driver. The new driver understanding system sends alerts with different intensities, and takes the controls and stops if necessary.

The Occupant Sensing System is standard on the EX90, and has the superb ability to detect people and animals that have been left inside when the electric SUV’s lock is activated. It does so thanks to new indoor radar sensors that detect the slightest movement , on the order of a fraction of a millimeter, such as the breathing of a sleeping baby.

This occupant detector also activates the automatic climate control, while there is power in the battery to avoid accidents. The EX90 also features digital key technology that can lock, unlock and start the electric SUV via mobile phone.

Power and great autonomy in the new Volvo EX90

The Swedish firm will launch the new electric SUV in mid-2023, with three mechanical versions equipped with two electric motors and all-wheel drive , including a sports option. The three versions have a powerful battery supplied by CATL, with a net usable capacity of 107 kWh , providing a high maximum autonomy and features very worthy of a top of the range, detailed below.

The new Volvo EX90 has a powerful on-board charger, which can support a charging power of 50 to 250 kW , which means that at an ultra-fast charging point it only takes 30 minutes to recover 80 percent of the charge. battery energy capacity. In addition, it also has the necessary components to become a power generator, thanks to bidirectional charging technology , although for now it will be limited only to markets where this system is allowed.

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