She is a sensation on Instagram and on TikTok and has become an inspiration for all those who want to start working out. Lesley Maxwell is a 64-year-old fitness influencer, originally from the city of Melbourne.

She has more than 114,000 followers on Instagram where she shares posts related to the world of fitness, while often revealing her wisdom and workouts to support to his fans. Her profile on this social network is simply a show.

In most of her posts, the “sexy granny”, as her fans call her , shares inspiring messages to encourage her followers to exercise and show that age is not a limit to being fit. In one of her last messages, she reveals what for her is the definitive key to lose weight and have a toned body even if she has exceeded the 50 barrier.

“Everyone should lift weights,” she said in one of her latest posts where she is seen wearing a pink sports bra and leggings holding a dumbbell. “I think that everyone should  learn to exercise , learn to lift weights. Both men and women. Learning to perform basic human movement patterns with some weights ensures a stronger, more balanced body,” she adds.

In addition, Maxwell claimed to have met “lots of women who complain of soft triceps but have never done a chest or triceps exercise.” Meanwhile, she pointed out that the movements must also be done in the best way to obtain the  best results . “If you do it right, it’s the ultimate trick to have a 10″ body, she says. And the truth is that Maxwell is right.

Backed by science

A study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) has revealed that anaerobic exercise such as lifting weights can extend life by up to 22% . In addition to increasing longevity, strength and power exercises, that is, anaerobics, are the best for losing fat and building muscle , which in the end is what we all look for when we want to lose weight.

One of the reasons why this happens is  because it speeds up the metabolism thanks to the increase in muscle mass . That is, with cardio, you lose calories while you are exercising, but with weights you lose calories throughout the day. This, in the end, will make you lose weight faster and faster.

Likewise, strength exercises, such as weight lifting, are  essential to help lose stubborn fat , the kind that accumulates for years and is very difficult to eliminate. In this regard, a study from the University of Alabama showed that women who exercised with weights lost more belly fat than those who focused on cardiovascular (or aerobic) exercises.

The fitness influencer does not recommend intermittent fasting

The “sexy granny” also offers advice on eating and encourages not to spend your life counting on calories. A few weeks ago, Maxwell stated that her followers would probably be upset with her, since  she doesn’t like intermittent fasting . “I think for long-term weight loss and health benefits, we need to train effectively like weight training, as well as being mindful of our macros. Instead of just relying on calories,” she pointed out.

Lesley attends the gym five times a week and ensures that the aging process in women can be reversed with physical activity , plus it also helps maintain good mental health.

“I definitely believe that women become more independent as we get older, more confident and sexy, especially if we are fit and healthy. In fact, we can reverse the aging process through proper nutrition and effective exercise. Building muscle and burning fat and having a lean and healthy body depends on us, ”was the message she shared on her Instagram account.

Lesley Maxwell has her own official website where she sells customized 6- and 12-week training programs that promise to make significant changes to the body. Her posts have helped hundreds of people meet her fitness goals and they regularly thank her through comments on her photos for being such an inspiration.

“Thanks to you I decided to have a more active life, little by little I am seeing results”, “Seeing you inspired me to be constant in the gym and I also use your tips” or “I am 30 years old and I love seeing the way you you help other women to change their habits”, are some of the messages that can be read on her Instagram.

She is living proof that you can look fabulous in old age, it only takes perseverance to notice changes over time, showing that nothing is impossible.

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