Although until 2020 the best-selling technological devices and gadgets on the market almost always had to do with issues of physical activity, mobility and outdoor activities, in the last twelve months confinement has forced the entire world to reinvent routines and habits at home .

Among the most demanded devices today, without a doubt, stand out all those that have to do with the world of the Internet, video games, series and movies by ‘streaming’, which have had a considerable ‘boom’.

To get hold of any device or accessory that enhances one of our virtual entertainment experiences, our best asset will be to resort to portals that have such a wide variety of products that we know that we will always find what we are looking for. For this function, we will find the solution in AliExpress.

Taking advantage of the fact that the online store has decided to celebrate its 11th anniversary in style by launching thousands of offers on all kinds of products, we wanted to select 8 gadgets that you do not want to miss, with shipping in 3 days.

Baseus headband wireless headphones

Baseus headband wireless headphonesWith great technology and a juicy 40% discount, these wireless headband headphones from the Baseus brand will be a great purchase to enjoy the best songs, series or movies, whether from your mobile, computer, tablet or TV. 

The brand, which has received numerous international awards for innovation, has designed this device with great audio quality that will allow us to have 3D sounds with very interesting bass and clarity typical of products in a higher price range.

Baseus headband wireless headphones

Baseus headband wireless headphones.

Another of the strengths of these headphones, in addition to its comfortable and resistant design and its optimal connectivity via bluetooth, is the durability of its battery. With a single charge we can have up to 40 hours of continuous operation at full capacity.

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite controllers

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite controllersDue to the great success that the latest consoles launched by Nintendo, the Switch and the Switch Lite, have had, some of the accessories most in demand by the majority are now the controllers compatible with them.

If we want to get a control for the first of the two consoles, we have this one from Hori, available in red, blue, black or with a Super Mario design, which now has an interesting 18% discount. This officially licensed ‘gadget’ offers optimal control and a classic game style ideal for highly complex games and demanding players. 

Those who prefer to opt for the detachable controller option for the Switch Lite can also choose between red, blue and black and enjoy a 20% discount for the AliExpress anniversary. The Split Pad Pro, which has 14 buttons and 2 analog controls, is designed to offer a more professional gaming experience and provide the greatest comfort to play for hours without stopping.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

The best-sounding option: Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

The best-sounding option: Xiaomi Mi TV Stick.

Another type of device whose sales have skyrocketed with the ‘boom’ of streaming platforms and that we do not want to miss now that they are on sale are sticks like this one from Xiaomi, which allow us to turn any normal television into a Smart TV .

The Mi TV Stick, in addition to being a fast and intelligent device and having been developed by Android TV 9.0 for superior functionality, has a DOLBY and DTS premium audio system, which will offer us a much more enveloping and immersive experience for movies. and series.

The best-sounding option: Xiaomi Mi TV StickRegarding image quality, we will enjoy content up to 1080p, which will guarantee us great sharpness and a variety of colors in any content we play.

Complementary to the control functions offered by the remote, this device gives us access to Google’s voice assistant, which will recognize our instructions and follow them autonomously. On the other hand, it has pre-installation and compatibility with Netflix, Prime video, YouTube and Google Play Store applications, among others.

Bluetooth ‘waterproof’ con linterna de Energy System

Altavoz bluetooth ‘waterproof’ con linterna de Energy SystemIdeal for outdoor plans that many people are now choosing to relax safely after long weeks of work, this speaker from the Energy System brand will be another of the offers that we will not be able to resist for all that it offers at a Adjusted Price.

This ‘gadget’, which is usually around €40 and can now be found for just over €20, is ‘waterproof’ and shock resistant, which will come in handy for taking its powerful sound anywhere we go, be it the beach, the countryside or the mountains.

Mouse and keyboard for ‘gaming’

Mouse and keyboard for 'gaming'For all those who have been strengthening their ‘gamer’ vein in confinement and who had not been encouraged to buy quality accessories for the price, the key offer will be to get a mouse and keyboard like these from KROM, which have a 15% discount and a 21% discount respectively.

Tello Iron Man Camera Drone

Tello Iron Man Camera Drone

Finally, to get the most out of the Easter outings to nature that many will opt for in the coming days, the perfect ally will be a drone with a camera like this one, which will allow us to capture the best images to remember.

This gadget, with a design inspired by the colors of Iron Man in the Marvel films, works with an application specially designed for this edition that will allow us to enter the world of the Avengers in an easy and fun way thanks to how intuitive the application is. application interface.Tello Iron Man Camera Drone

Regarding the images that we can capture with this drone, the built-in camera will offer us stable videos in 720p HD and will also allow us to take photos with 5MP quality. In total, we can record up to 13 minutes in a row in flight mode.

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