The new Renault Austral is already a reality. It is for sale from 30,900 euros and stands out for the participation of a good number of engineers in the manufacturing project, the development of the engines, the gearbox and the batteries.

It is undoubtedly a major challenge for an automobile brand with a prominent and historical presence in the industrial fabric.

Austral is also the first model in the range to use the modular platform of the Renault-Nissan industrial alliance. The diamond brand explains that Austral is a name that evokes the south and large spaces and, in fact, the habitability and warmth of the interior design, together with the quality of the materials and advanced digitization, are weighty arguments in this new SUV.

Likewise, Austral represents a new step in the strategic plan called Renaulution and that Luca de Meo, general director of the Renault group since 2020, advanced a few months ago. A product strategy that gives segment C paramount importance, since it is the largest part of the sales pie in Europe.

Multimedia system

The possibility of using a new platform has made it possible to design an interior, a fully digitized driving position. The feeling is that Renault has given a spectacular coup, offering a connectivity experience superior to the competition. When the driver enters the Austral’s cockpit, he discovers a large instrumentation screen behind the steering wheel and another large screen, like a tablet, in the center of the dashboard.

The central screen is very easy to use, with a variety of functions and menus of the best in the market. And with a really good resolution. And the highlight is that it uses Google services.

Thus, the OpenR display is the centerpiece of the Austral’s cockpit. It has the OpenR link system that includes the best Google services and applications to enjoy immersive and intuitive connectivity. And it’s compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, both wired and wireless.OpenR screen

The multimedia system is personalized like a smartphone and it is possible to create user profiles to access preferred functions. It is worth noting the great ease of use of Google Assistant. Just say the words “OK Google” to instantly have information or activate any device in the car: modify the interior temperature, change the radio station, enter a destination in the browser or whatever the driver can think of; events in the town where you are, a certain recipe or when our soccer team plays.Google Connectivity

And, even more interesting, is that Google’s navigation system is the best of all, it is always up-to-date, it is completely independent of our smartphone and it takes traffic information into account in real time.

Head-up display

To complete a fully assisted digital driving experience, the Head-up Display information projection system is state-of-the-art. With 9.3 inches in size, this virtual screen that is projected directly on the windshield offers information on the speed of the vehicle, the driving aids (ADAS) that we have activated, the overspeed alert and the indications of the system of navigation. Everything appears in real time in the driver’s field of vision.

4CONTROL advanced

The new Austral also debuts the third generation of the Renault 4CONTROL advanced four-wheel steering system. This is a technology available as an option with the E-Tech full hybrid engine. With the 4CONTROL advanced, the Austral becomes the only SUV in the C segment with this steering system. The models that incorporate this option use a multi-link rear axle that allows the rotation of the rear wheels to achieve a unique balance on the road.

Depending on the situation, the system allows you to micro-steer the rear wheels in the same direction as the front (up to 1 degree) or steer the rear wheels up to 5 degrees away from the front (versus 3.5 degrees on the previous generation).

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