Getting confused or bordering on narcissism, in this article we talk about this sexual orientation.

We are aware of the existence of different types of sexual orientation and, although we are used to terms such as transsexual, heterosexual or bisexual, specialists affirm that there are other sexual tendencies, such as: sapiosexual, demisexual, skolisexual, pansexual, autosexual, asexual, etc. Today we will deal with people with an autosexual orientation .

The sexual personality is established by a personal script, that is, the internal motivation that historically accompanies the individual through which he establishes his sexual orientation . Orientation is the ability to “feel attraction” to “sexual objects.” The interaction between the script with sexual desire awakens the relationship with “the other”.

The human “sexual objects” that arouse attraction to a person can be: herself (person-object) which defines the autosexual orientation; a person of the same sex (homosexual orientation); a person of the other sex (heterosexual orientation) or indistinctly of the same or the other sex (bisexual orientation).

All of this configures a more or less structured or stable behavior pattern (sexual behavior). Sexual behavior is the way that we people manifest (implicitly or explicitly) sexuality.

“Masturbating is making love with the person you love the most.”

Autosexual: I love myself, I like myself, I desire myself…

Far from being able to seem that it is a simple masturbation, being autosexual is not based on providing us only pleasure, rather, what happens to an autosexual person is that they only feel pleasure with themselves, they like themselves, they desire, they she wants, she feels in love with his person, with his self in himself.

It is said that a person is autosexual when their source of attraction is focused on their own person. It’s like a way to feed love for oneself. In fact, we could even confuse it with narcissistic personality disorder, a disorder that includes symptoms such as: lack of empathy, incessant need for admiration, excessive sense of self-importance,… But being autosexual is something very different .

What’s more, some people claim that autosexuals are self-centered or lack empathy . However, Jennifer McGowan, a doctor from University College London, refutes this and explains: “autosexuals feel more comfortable sexually when they are in their own company, while narcissists want attention. Autosexuality is also not associated with a lack of empathy or a desire to please others (whether sexually or otherwise), rather it is a preference for private and personal sexual experiences.

“Uncle is in love with himself. He probably masturbates while licking his reflection.

True story

Ghia Vitale, an autosexual and autoromantic who became engaged to herself in March 2017, is set to get married soon, according to media reports. Ghia Vitale is a writer from Long Island in the United States, who embraces feminism and her fluid gender identity. At the age of seven she became aware of her sexuality. However, she was not able to explore her feelings until she got to college.

Now approaching 30 years old, Ghia Vitale wants to normalize his autosexuality. In fact, speaking to, he has explained how she discovered her orientation and what it has meant for her . The first thing she did is unlearn all preconceived notions about relationships and the idea of ​​having to be with someone else to be valid and happy.

“A Japanese company even offers marriage packages for single women and for those who are not happy with their previous marriages”

“My definition of autosexuality is being attracted to yourself. I’ve been attracted to myself for as long as I’ve been aware of what attraction means . My first memories of looking in the mirror and feeling attraction occurred around the age of seven. I didn’t learn the term “autosexual” until after I graduated from college in 2013.

My attraction to myself confused me at times, but once I learned about autosexuality, I was glad there was a word for my experience and I knew I didn’t have to be ashamed of it. I recognized myself as part of a relationship with myself since I was in college. Just don’t “I don’t have the vocabulary to express my experiences,” she said in the interview.

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