Are you one of those people who never have enough time to cook? Here is a selection of easy and quick recipes to eat in a balanced and gourmet way in no time! They require only a few ingredients and few utensils. There is no longer any reason not to treat your taste buds! 

1. Tomato and goat cheese puff pastry

Crispy and delicious, these tomato and goat cheese puff pastries are a pure delight for the taste buds! Whether you want to accompany them with a green salad or simply nibble on them as an aperitif, there won’t be a crumb left!

2. Zucchini, tomato and cream cheese quiche

Its fondant and tasty sunny taste will make you want a second slice. The fresh cheese brings a final touch that enhances the whole.

3. Soft lemon cake

The soft lemon cake is a great pastry classic. Here is an infallible recipe for success every time. Give way to gluttony!

4. Baked Sweet Potato Fries

To change potato fries, here are sweet potato fries! In addition to their soft and slightly sweet taste, they melt on the palate while keeping the pleasant crispness of the fries on the outside. In short, it is a real treat for the taste buds! With a coconut milk, ginger and garlic sauce, your recipe will work wonders!

5. Melon, parma ham and burrata salad

The melon salad with parma ham and burrata is the summer recipe par excellence! Delicate flavors and a sweet fragrance for a real delight in the mouth!

6. Pizza-style zucchini

Do you love pizzas, but would you like to eat them a little more “healthily”? So, discover pizza-style zucchini! Take advantage of the high season of this pretty green vegetable to taste it in all its forms.

7. Gourmet chocolate and banana muffins

Fancy a gourmet break? What could be more comforting than these fabulous banana and chocolate muffins topped with an ultra-gourmet ganache? We guarantee it: you’ll make short work of it!

8. Quick and Easy Eggplant Gratin

Are you looking for a recipe to cook quickly and simply? Here is an eggplant gratin to be made in 30 minutes flat. Ideal when you’re in a hurry, this recipe is a quick and easy classic!

9. Cheese and minced meat bricks

Crispy and deliciously garnished, cheese and minced meat bricks are quick and easy to make! Accompanied by a green salad and a delicious sauce, these little delicacies will be a hit with the whole family!

10. Rhubarb French Toast Gratin

Don’t throw away your stale bread, but use it to make this gourmet recipe that is very easy and quick to make! Wake up your taste buds with this beautiful rhubarb French toast gratin with sweet and tangy notes for an explosion of flavors in the mouth.

11. Gourmet apple pie

The gourmet apple pie is for the big gourmands! Garnish your pie crust with spiced apples, caramel sauce and crunchy nuts.

12. Soft mini cakes with zucchini, basil and goat cheese

These little savory zucchini and basil cakes garnished with goat cheese are a real treat! Soft and melting, this vegetarian version of mini cakes is perfect for the summer season. As a starter, as an aperitif or even for dinner, the savory cake will always find its place!

13. Old Fashioned Chicken

Simple, quick and very tasty, old-fashioned chicken is a recipe from yesteryear that all grandmothers know! A comforting and appetizing dish that we enjoy cooking and tasting!

14. Potatoes gratin in the oven

Very simple to make, potatoes gratin in the oven are perfect, accompanied by a good green salad. They are both melting and crispy to perfection.

15. Olive and bacon cake

Basic, but no less delicious, the olive and bacon cake is a picnic must! It has the advantage of being very easily transportable and perfectly satisfies small appetites. It occupies a place of choice among easy and quick recipes!

16. Chocolate marbled

Don’t wait a second longer before preparing and enjoying this magnificent, ultra-soft marble! Go back to childhood for a moment with this quick and easy recipe that will give you a delicious snack.

17. Pancake batter

Pancakes are a classic! Here is THE easy, quick and foolproof pancake batter so you don’t have to look for that good old recipe! Friendly and delicious, crepes can be cooked both savory (galettes) and sweet.

18. Zucchini gratin

Are you drowning in zucchini? Then this recipe is for you! Easy, fast and effective, the zucchini gratin is a gourmet dish ready in just 15 minutes!

19. Apple Crumble

The crumble is a dessert made with caramelized fruit and a crunchy sandy dough. Easy and quick, here is the apple crumble recipe that will change you from the classic apple cake.

20. Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Club Sandwich

A timeless midday lunch, the chicken, bacon and avocado club sandwich is very gourmet. It is also easy to make, convenient to take with you and above all delicious.

21. Smoked salmon pasta, a treat!

Classic, simple, delicious and quick to make, smoked salmon pasta is known to everyone. This dish is therefore of course part of our repertoire of easy and quick recipes!

22. The Lebanese quick falafel recipe

Light and crunchy, make this recipe for express Lebanese falafels with an exotic flavor. In a salad or to dip in a good burger, they are everywhere! Be careful, because we quickly become addicted to these soft spiced dumplings!

23. Omelet muffins

For a dinner aperitif or as a main course, these ham omelette muffins will not go unnoticed! Light and melting in the mouth, they will delight the taste buds of those who have the chance to taste them. Get started!

24. Cereal bars

Cereal bars with oatmeal and chocolate are generally consumed as a snack to give a boost or for pure indulgence. Without sugar or butter, they allow you to treat yourself to a snack that is both healthy and delicious without guilt!

25. Cheese Stuffed Baked Potatoes!

The simple and quick recipe for baked potatoes stuffed with cheese and herbs is known to everyone! Here is a little reminder of this unbeatable classic when you don’t have time to cook.

26. Strawberry Mousse

Light and refreshing, strawberry mousse is a strawberry coulis-based dessert that is usually served in verrines.

27. Croissants with Boursin and salmon

Crispy and delicious, these Boursin and salmon croissants are a real treat! This is one of the perfect quick and easy recipes for an improvised aperitif!

28. The blondie: a cookie-cake with chocolate chips

A crispy crust and a soft center with chocolate chips: attention, guaranteed addiction! Halfway between a cookie and a cake, the blondie is the kind of quick and easy recipe that we love.

29. Egg Muffin: American-style brunch!

Bring an American touch to your brunch with the egg muffin, you will make short work of it! For a recipe in the rules of the art you will need a cookie cutter. The English muffin or muffin bread is a pan-baked bun. You can make it yourself or find it in the bread aisle of your supermarket.

30. Tuna deviled eggs

Tuna mimosa eggs allow you to vary the taste pleasures and introduce your taste buds to new flavors. Indeed, the tuna brings an additional charm to this starter which is a must in French cuisine!

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