Practice volleyball regularly and take advantage of all the potential you can win with it.

When looking for a sport to practice there is a wide range of possibilities to choose from. It all depends on the tastes of each person, but beyond that, there are also particular characteristics which facilitate the choice of this. This is the case with volleyball, one of the most complete sports that exists.

When a sports practice is mentioned as a whole and made up of a ball, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is a contact sport. However, in the case of volleyball, the opposite is true.

It is one of the few team sports that does not require physical contact with the opponent. The rules on the subject are very clear, whoever crosses the midfield line is penalized by the judges.

More about volleyball

Volleyball is one of the most complete team sports.

In general terms, volleyball is a team sport in which two teams made up of six players each compete. Their practice is carried out in covered courts called coliseums and the match culminates when one of the teams wins three sets out of five played.

Both men and women practice this famous sport, either in high performance or recreationally. Although one of the main characteristics revolves around being one of the few joint sports without direct contact with the opponent, it is not the only quality for which it is considered a complete sport.

Volleyball, one of the most complete sports

Sports practice is carried out in order to meet certain objectives previously proposed, leading a healthy lifestyle is perhaps the main argument.

Within healthy habits and lifestyles, volleyball plays an important role, being one of the most complete sports that exists . But its relevance does not arise out of nowhere or because someone who practiced it came up with it.

Its importance is given thanks to the physical capacities that its regular practice enhances, as well as the great contribution at an affective level. Next we will show you some arguments that make it one of the most complete sports.

Physical condition

Volleyball is an explosive sport of quick and calculated reactions; however, its regular practice not only favors the anaerobic condition. It could be considered a mixed type, since the aerobic condition of the organism is also immersed in it. Its complexity, as mentioned above, favors the development of multiple physical capacities.

Reaction capacity

Being immersed in volleyball makes the person develop their reaction capacity in a better way; This is evidenced by the reception of rival auctions or when the play prepared a priori does not come out correctly. To respond promptly it is necessary to react quickly and correctly.

Spatial location capability

Despite seeming like something without complexity, there are a lot of people with spatial location problems. To practice a sport such as volleyball, it is necessary to distinguish right and left (laterality) and to know how it is located on the playing field, thus facilitating movement.

Force capacity and resistance to force

Controlling the specific force is essential in a sport like volleyball, this contributes to the technique applied to hitting the ball. Without correct handling, the technical gesture would be inadequate.

On the other hand, resistance to force is developed over time . Although it is not a contact sport with opponents, there is constant joint shock due to jumping or other similar movements.

Power capacity

Combining the capacity of reaction and strength, power is obtained; Volleyball is characterized for being a powerful sport par excellence, since it is necessary to develop speed and strength at the same time.

Affective development

Being a team sport, volleyball favors empathy and teamwork. Even many high-performance athletes affirm the members with whom they share training and competitions as a family.

What are you waiting for to practice volleyball?

Practicing a sport like volleyball regularly can bring many benefits to the body; From Eres Deportista we invite you to learn more about the subject and create a healthy lifestyle based on sports practice.

In addition, request regular check-ups from professionals in the area of ​​health and sports training to find out if they have contraindications against volleyball.

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