From time to time, we can all use a little extra money, whether it’s to cover necessities, reduce debt or save for something special. These are 10 ways to earn extra money.

Have a garage sale

Garage sales are proven to be a way to earn extra money, plus they have the great advantage of clearing up space in your home. You can sell items for one third or one half of the original price. If you have children, you can include them by having them help you make signs, or by encouraging them to set up a lemonade stand on sale day.

Tip: If you think a garage sale is too much work, consignment stores in your area may be an alternative. These stores resell gently used clothing and furniture and pay you once the item is sold.

Sell ​​your stuff online

The Internet offers more traffic than a garage sale. There are several user-friendly websites where you can advertise used clothing and appliances. Just remember to calculate the shipping cost.

Tip: If you’re uncomfortable advertising your stuff online, classified ads in your area may be another option, allowing you to close the deal in person.

Make things to sell

Do you like to make furniture or crafts? Now more than ever, the Internet makes it easy for you to find a market for your craft products. Just keep in mind that the competition can be intense and you may have to spread the word to your friends and family via social media.

Tip: If you decide to do this, be sure to keep accurate records, as you are technically starting a business for yourself and will most likely have to report this income to the IRS. Tracking your expenses and income makes the process easier at tax time.

Sell ​​at a farmers market

Farmers’ markets are growing in popularity, often offering more than just fruits and vegetables. Talk to the organizers in your area to see if you can participate; You may be able to sell things like homemade soaps or pastries.

Take care of children or pets

With families’ schedules becoming increasingly hectic, babysitters and pet sitters are in high demand. As awkward as it may seem to offer to babysit your friends’ kids for money, look for jobs with your friends’ friends, or advertise your services on a babysitting website.

Rent a room

If you have an extra room in your house or apartment, consider renting it out. You may want to prepare an official sublet agreement and find a tenant for several months, or you can use a rental website to find short-term, weekly, or even daily tenants. Depending on local demand, you can even rent your carport or parking space.

Tip: Keep in mind that many websites that offer rentals keep a portion of the transaction or charge a fee for the listing.

Teach or tutor, coach or referee

Take advantage of your talents and turn them into skills you can teach. If you are an accomplished pianist, consider teaching. If you’re good at a sport, see if you can coach or referee in a local league.

Redeem your rewards points

Every year, billions of dollars in credit card rewards go unredeemed. These rewards cover everything from gift cards to airline miles. Don’t waste your rewards. If you have trouble understanding miles and discounts, consider switching to a card that gives you cash back.

Participate in surveys or focus groups

If you search online, you’ll find survey websites that pay people who qualify to take consumer surveys. Market research companies offer cash for participating in focus groups. You’re not going to make a millionaire doing this, but it can be a quick way to earn a little money.

Tip: Be sure to research any organization before you give them any personal information. The Better Business Bureau may be a good place to start.

Ask for a raise

One of the easiest ways to earn extra money can also be one of the scariest: asking your employer for a raise. Only do this if you are prepared to justify your request with sound reasoning, and if you have not received a raise in the last few months.

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