Can you imagine earning money without leaving home? It is possible, although you have to be very careful not to be fooled by clever people and false promises. In The Penny Hoarder they published an interesting article on how to earn money from home.

Although that article is focused on the North American reader, we have been inspired by it to adapt the best ideas to the Spanish market. The idea is not to become a millionaire at once, but to get some extra income and, why not, even a complementary salary.

See ads

There are pages that pay you to view online ads or sponsored videos. In Beruby there are 4 categories of videos: sports, news, travel and video games. The income will be distributed at the end of the month based on the ads viewed. Beruby is actually a cash back portal, so that if a user buys in any of the more than 500 stores available on the web, they will get a refund in euros that they receive in their bank account or PayPal. This income comes from commissions that the stores give to Beruby and that it shares with its users. There are more websites that offer it.

Online surveys

In Opinolandia you fill out surveys and receive points that you exchange for gift vouchers at, iTunes, Carrefour, El Corte Inglés and It has an app to download on your mobile and they regularly draw prizes.

Tell me how you consume and I pay you for it

Companies like Nielsen or Kantar look for people who let themselves follow their purchasing and consumption habits. Others, such as MobileXpression, are more focused on understanding and reporting on trends and behaviors in mobile use (when you browse online, for how long, whether or not you use mobile apps, what websites you visit…).

Online translator

There are websites that report freelance jobs like doing translations. Those interested in translating something post a project to which several candidates apply (the bidder can see the reputation of each candidate) and both parties close an agreement. Easy, right?


Have you considered becoming a prescriber? With the rise of electronic commerce, the affiliation model has grown, something like encouraging others to buy third-party products and/or services in exchange for a commission for the sale. But keep in mind that you need to have traffic (visits) and offer added value to the client (it is not about filling the web with commercial banners). The recommendations must be natural and the content, of quality. At Zanox, for example, the minimum payment threshold is 25 euros. Get to know the main affiliate platforms in Spain.

User testing

If you have a computer and a webcam, consider becoming a ‘user tester’. Companies need to check if the usability of their website or app is good, for this, there are users who allow themselves to be tracked how they navigate, where they click, what points are the ones that cause a user to leave the web… For that you have to download an application that is going to record all your steps, in addition to recording a short video or completing a test at the end. Most of the companies that offer this service work in English like UserTesting or TryMyUI. On the internet you can find more information about the world of user tests.


If you have any skills, sell them! Sites like Fiverr have become famous with what some have dubbed the gig economy, in which permanent work in a company will be replaced by one-off hires for sporadic jobs in which to provide everything necessary for the activity. The candidate is called to perform a service, put your knowledge, labor and the necessary means.

Sell ​​those clothes that you no longer wear

There are countless websites where you can get rid of those clothes that you no longer wear. At Closket, for example, if you pass the quality filter that they ask for to accept garments, they charge you a commission of 20% plus VAT for prices over €201; 25% plus VAT for prices between €31 and €200 and €7.5 plus VAT for prices below €30 (included). Yanomelopongo also publishes its rates on its website.

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