Not in love, yes, obsessed, but regardless of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s desire to meet actress Kate Del Castillo, he is solely responsible for her capture.

For the Colombian author and former drug trafficker Andrés López López -who is currently promoting the book “Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán: The Drug Baron” and an upcoming television series with the same title-, the controversial interview with the leader of the drug cartel Sinaloa published by Rolling Stone magazine was not related to his arrest.

“The only person responsible for what happened is ‘El Chapo Guzmán.’ The only one responsible for his capture was him, ”he points out.

Rather, the interests of the publication to take advantage of the news impact of the arrest of the most wanted man to publish content that had been in their possession for months before prevailed.

“What I do believe is that in the end the magazine ends up in a very bad light because, well, never in my life have I been in Rolling Stone magazine and hopefully one day I will be on the cover, but it is very sad to discover that Rolling Stone magazine Stone writes his articles tailored to the needs of a criminal,” the writer said this Friday in a telephone interview from Miami, where he lives.

The former “Florecita” of the Norte del Valle Cartel has a double opinion regarding the interview that actress Kate del Castillo facilitated with actor Sean Penn for the magazine. From a journalistic perspective, she said, the actors did what a communications professional would naturally do. But, from the moral aspect, it would be necessary to consider “ambition, ego, the scoop”, added to the “whim of a gangster who is going to want at his whim and his trick that I write what he thinks”.López López, writer of “El Cartel de los Sapos” and the new Univision Puerto Rico series, “Ruta 35,” believes that “El Chapo” may have become obsessed with the actress, based on the exchange of text messages between both of them. “It’s normal for you to be obsessed with these women who can be unattainable, but it’s also crazier than women and not Kate, any woman notices a bad man more often than a good man,” he said.

The series “Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán: El Varón de la Droga”, which will premiere on the Univision network in the fall of this year, is based on the life of this man with fictional elements, which does not occur in the homonymous book . López López, even, met the fallen drug trafficker at the beginning of the 90s and he knew of and opposed the publications that he wrote about him. Even so, the audience will know “a real Chapo”, the writer assured, from his childhood until the moment in which he finally falls before the authorities of his native Mexico.

“He is a Chapo who is neither white nor black, and I think that beyond all that, I think he is a human Chapo, because in the end, for better or for worse, what makes any criminal or any human criminal , is to understand that he also suffers, that he also cries, that he has children, that he also has a mother, brothers, “he said. “We do not make a Chapo Guzmán pretending that people want to be ‘El Chapo’, I simply want to understand the interpretation of a historical character.”

López López has several titles in his career on the subject of drug trafficking and surely that figure will increase, because in the opinion of the former member of that underworld, true stories are stranger than fiction. He compared the rise of these stories to the commotion caused in the 1990s by the rise of reggaeton, which perhaps was thought to be a fad, but the rawness of the stories in each song gave it a long life.

“I think that real life stories are quite attractive, especially when we discover that those stories have a dramatic capacity superior to what we can have in a fictional world,” he said.

The series “Ruta 35”, also written by López López, covers the lives of some drug traffickers who, when captured, become informants for the federal government. It premieres next Thursday the 21st at 10:00 pm, on Univision Puerto Rico, with Danna García, Miguel Rodarte and Julio Bracho as protagonists.

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