The best Tom Hanks movies remind us that he is one of the most iconic Hollywood actors of the last 40 years. There is no room for exaggeration: Tom Hanks is a blockbuster, has become a symbol of the American industry and is one of the great favorites of the public.

To celebrate his legacy, we’ve compiled his best work and ranked it according to his IMDB rating (as of 07/08/2022). Thus, it will be the same users who reveal to us which is the best Tom Hanks movie.

In this ranking we leave out the series, taking into account that, according to IMdB, ‘Blood Brothers’ would occupy the first place in its filmography and that it is undoubtedly one of the best HBO series in its entire history; as well as animated films such as ‘Cars’ or ‘Toy Story’ (one of the best Pixar films and which, according to IMDb, would occupy very high positions in this ranking… with good reason) and, just as we did with the best Brad Pitt movies we focus on live action movies, well… also his motion capture collaborations on Zemeckis movies like ‘Polar Express’.

Tom Hanks’ filmography ranges from the Oscar-winning ‘Philadelphia’ and ‘Forrest Gump’ (for which Hanks has been the only one in history to win two consecutive Best Actor Oscars , and it is not an easy feat at the Academy Awards ) to more recent works such as ‘The Pentagon Files’, which is his umpteenth work with director Steven Spielberg, ‘An Extraordinary Friend’, a somewhat undervalued but wonderful film where more than ever he has us on the verge of tears and ‘Elvis’ , one of the few villains of his career, but not just any.

Among the upcoming Tom Hanks movies after ‘Elvis’, we have to include Disney’s live-action remake of ‘Pinocchio’, where Geppetto will once again be under Zemeckis’ orders; a remake of the funny Swedish comedy ‘A man called Ove’; a film by Joe Wright and ‘Asteroid City’, the Wes Anderson film that Tom Hanks has joined in its filming in Spain, in Chinchón.

In an interview with Tom Hanks in PICTURES, the actor spoke about his image as a good guy: ” I consider myself a repertoire actor: I would have to know how to embody any type of human being, even the most questionable ones. However, throughout of my career, perhaps there have been enough positive characters for people to have formed that idea of ​​me with which I have been ironic on occasions, as in ‘The Simpsons: The Movie’ (David Silverman, 2007). to break that image, but sometimes it’s possible and sometimes it’s not .” Of course, as this long list demonstrates, diversity has not been lacking. Do you agree with the result? And above all, which one is your favourite?

Greyhound: Enemies Under the Sea (Aaron Schneider, 2020)


With ‘Greyhound’ Tom Hanks broke records on AppleTV, which must have been a real joy for the actor considering that the film was one of his very few works as a screenwriter. The film can be summed up as Tom inside a submarine for an hour and a half and nothing happens, just his commanding voice giving orders, but in that voice there is something hypnotic that keeps you in his crew.

Synopsis: We are in 1942, during the first days of the entry of the United States into World War II. A supply convoy led by Commander Ernest Krause crosses the North Atlantic while being harassed by German U-boats.

The Pentagon Files (Steven Spielberg, 2017)


There are films that know how to arrive at the perfect moment, and this was the case with this Steven Spielberg film, which spoke of press freedom, separation of powers, institutional lies and female visibility in Trump’s America in 2017. Although, of course, his reflections resonate around the world. Tom Hanks played Ben Bradlee, the editor of the Washington Post at a pivotal moment in his history. It is also one of the best Meryl Streep movies, in which she played the editor Katherine Graham.

Synopsis: The film chronicles the events that occurred in 1971 when the New York Times and the Washington Post, along with other media outlets, joined forces to demonstrate the value of press freedom by publishing Pentagon Papers containing classified information. about the Vietnam War. Katherine Graham, the Post’s first female editor, and Ben Bradlee, the volatile editor, are forced to rally behind the New York Times and fight the Nixon Administration’s unprecedented attempt to restrict the First Amendment.

An extraordinary friend (Marielle Heller, 2019)


It’s hard to beat that moment when T0m Hanks, in the role of children’s presenter Fred Rogers, asks us to take a moment to think about all those people who love us. He looks directly into the camera and our hearts break. Movies to cry? Write down this, a beautiful story directed by Marielle Heller and that recounts the meeting between Rogers and the skeptical journalist Tom Junod (Matthew Rhys).

Synopsis: Journalist Lloyd Vogel is reluctantly commissioned by the magazine for which he writes to investigate the figure of the legendary Fred Rogers, a star of children’s entertainment for several generations. Fred’s empathy, kindness and decency disarm Vogel and force him to examine his own life.

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