Although each country has its own culture and traditions, sex is a universal language! For this reason, there are some positions that have been placed as favorites around the world , since they are the most practiced most of the time. We reveal what they are!

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It is the most practiced position in the world , especially in countries like Germany, Argentina and Mexico . This is probably because it is very comfortable for women and because most men like to take a dominant role in bed.

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Oral sex is practiced in more and more countries, especially in those with more liberal and open-minded people, such as Europeans, especially in France and Italy.


Apparently many couples of various nationalities love being able to have sex in this position. Which regions tend to have the highest preference? Latin America and Japan.


The United States is the country where this position is believed to have originated, and it is also the place where the most women use it! Feminist ideas , which are becoming stronger in our society, probably also influence this practice so popular.

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Many people enjoy this comfortable and romantic sexual position , especially the Spanish, the Scottish and any couple that wants to protect themselves from the cold in a very hot way !

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