The 2022 electric cars for long journeys are those with a range that allows you to tackle long distances. Yes, electric cars are now destined to enter the market aggressively, and the trend for this decade 2020-2030 now seems to electrify all segments and categories of cars, as well as batteries with ever faster recharging.

We have already seen the 5 best electric city cars, a context where this type of engine is a winner thanks to its characteristics, in this article we will try to understand which are the best long range electric cars, i.e. those with extended autonomy that allows long journeys and not excessively prolonged stops thanks to the compatibility with fast charging.

And to find out more about the feasibility of a trip with an electric car, here is our experience with more electric cars, even with reduced range, at the Eraid 2021 marathon.

Kia EV6: autonomy 528 km

Among the electric cars with greater autonomy, the brand new Kia EV6, winner of the Car Of The Year 2022 award, is also the first in a new family of 100% electric cars based on the E-GMP platform of the group, first in Europe with the new logo, first with the new “ Opposites United ” stylistic course, which focuses on interaction with the environment, minimalism, interior habitability and the quality of materials.

A refined and very pleasant design, which tapers to the maximum the classic Tiger Nose grille of the Kia, while the car looks like an elegant crossover coupe. The EV6 also wants to be sporty, and it is no coincidence that the two launch versions are the GT Line and the more powerful GT, respectively sold for 49,500 and 69,500 euros.  The base price, however, starts at 49,500 euros. The maximum range is 528 km on the WLTP cycle. You can read our 500 km test around Northern Italy to find out more

Volvo XC40 Recharge – 425 km

We conclude the list of long range electric cars with the first Swedish full electric that we tested in a real range test. The concept linked to Volvo XC40 Recharge, the compact crossover of the Swedish company also present on petrol, diesel and PHEV, is that of a car that is ecological not only in terms of emissions, but also in production, in the selection of materials, in the disposal of batteries that Volvo has announced will last for the life of the car and can be recycled.

The design has recently been renewed especially in the front, in order to make it closer to its sister C40: the “Thor’s Hammer” LED is therefore thinner, the headlights have a new shape. The update also introduced sleek new interior trim in recycled materials, while the software remains entirely based on Android. With a price starting at 50,200 euros, the Volvo XC40 Recharge guarantees the ever-present safety of Volvo (the one that made it famous all over the world), and two propulsion possibilities : a single 231 hp engine and a range of 425. km; o double engine with 408HP and 660N / m of torque and a range of 417 km.

Volvo C40 Recharge: autonomous 437 km

The second electric model of the Swedish company can be defined as the coupe version of the XC40, which does not even hide the name without the X, but it is distinguished from this by being devoid of internal combustion engine versions, even hybrid. The electric propulsion is the same as the compact SUV, as well as the battery which, however, offers a slightly higher range, and which will increase thanks to the updates over the air.

On the design side there are small innovations: the “Mjollnir” (Thor’s hammer) of the headlights is thinner, and the front light clusters are cut with a trapezoidal design. The rear is the part that changes the most: the headlights are thinner and wider, the rear window obviously more inclined. The price starts at 55,310 euros .

Renault Megane E-Tech Electric: range 470 km

Renault also launched the new Megane E-Tech Electric in this 2022. A raised sedan with many references to the world of SUVs that has little in common with the older generation, and which is born entirely electric on a specially dedicated platform. The highly refined design is close to the Megane E-Tech concept with numerous technological and valuable details, while the interiors are of quality and feature many types of materials. In the cockpit, however, the new infotainment system is evident, based on Android, and with continuous updates over time.

Renault Megane E-Tech Electric is available in two variants: the EV40 boost charge, with 130 HP engine and 40 kWh battery for a range of 300 km and charging power up to 85 kW (DC). The second is the more powerful EV60 Optimum Charge, with 218 HP engine and 60 kWh battery for a range of 470 km and charging power up to 130 kW (DC). Prices start at € 37,100. Read our first contact to find out more!

Hyundai Ioniq 5 : autonomy 481 km

One of the cars we liked the most in 2021: the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is the first of the brand’s new Ioniq family, and the first on the modular E-GMP platform that will give life to many other electric cars, such as the Ioniq 6 in 2022 and Ioniq 7 in 2023. Recently, we have shown how the latest Korean electric is able to tackle 315 km between the highway and the mountains without (almost) recharging ”. Furthermore, the Ioniq 5 recently triumphed at the New York International Auto Show by winning the title of World Car Of The Year 2022.

The Ioniq 5 is a 4.6 meter long raised berlinona with a wheelbase of 3, really comfortable, bright and spacious. In its most powerful version, it offers 305 hp with all-wheel drive and an impressive 481 km of autonomy. Recently, Hyundai announced a new version of the Ioniq 5 which will be available from 2023 with digital exterior mirrors and a larger battery pack that will take the range beyond 500km. Prices start at 54,000 euros.

Hyundai Kona Electric: range 484 km

We stay in South Korea to talk about a close relative of the Niro, or the Hyundai Kona. The philosophy linked to Hyundai’s crossover is very similar to that seen for Kia’s small SUV: an unprecedented platform, also born here to support 3 different types of engine. The Kona is in fact present in petrol and diesel, in its Hybrid variant and, finally, in the full electric version, which we have talked about in more detail.

Again, the design of the electric version of the Kona changes only for the absence of the engine grille, as well as for a different design in the rims. But otherwise it maintains its compact dimensions as a typical SUV suitable for the city but also for urban travel, with a comfortable raised drive and good interior habitability. Hyundai Kona Electric has a very competitive price, since it starts at 36,100 euros and is sold in two configurations: one with a 39 kW / h battery and a range of 312km, and one with 64 kW / h and a range of 484km .

Kia E-Niro : autonomy 485 km

Kia E-Niro is the all-electric version of the South Korean company’s crossover developed on a new platform that has allowed the manufacturer to create 3 versions of this successful model: the “traditional” Niro, equipped with hybrid engine, the Niro PHEV with engine plug-in hybrid and finally the fully electric Niro.

The Kia E-Niro maintains the same aesthetics of the Niro we already know, with a sporty and youthful design (which changes only due to the absence of the bonnet grille) combined with particularly generous dimensions, which make it suitable as a car for all family or, alternatively, as a car to go on a trip with friends. The car is in fact 4 meters long and 36, 181 centimeters wide and just over 1.5 meters high, combined with an excellent trunk capacity of 427 liters. The e-Niro will debut in Italy between May and June, and will be sold in two configurations: one with 39.2 kW / h batteries and a 64 kW / h “premium” one, and an engine that promises autonomy. 485km in extra-urban and even 615in city driving mode, thanks to the recharging of the battery under braking, all at a price starting from 35,850 euros . In the course of 2022 the new generation will arrive.

Nissan Ariya : autonomous 500 km

Presented in 2019 as a concept, it will arrive in a definitive version in the course of 2022 and will be the second fully electric model in the range of the Japanese brand, after the now proven Leaf. Nissan Ariya presents itself as a compact SUV-crossover with new and modern lines, very pleasant and which in all probability represent the new stylistic course of Nissan.

We do not know the prices yet, but we do know that it will have different versions and more configurations so that you can choose models with autonomy from 320 up to 500 km.

Tesla Model Y: autonomy 507 km

We cannot talk about electric cars without talking about Tesla, recently also present in a more affordable segment than the premium model of Model S and Model X. The Model 3 was in fact the first car of the Elon Musk brand to have a price much more democratic, given that it is between 40 and 50 thousand euros, and at the end of 2021 the Model Y arrived, a crossover with the same philosophy, precisely to cope with a market that is becoming increasingly fierce and crowded.

If the Model 3 takes up the line of the Model S, with some variation especially in the front, it is natural that the Model Y (raised version of the Model 3) takes up the line of the Model X, which is especially noticeable when looking at it in profile that maintains the characteristic coupe line with very raised rear window already seen on Tesla’s premium SUV. Compared to the Model X, the Tesla Model Y loses the hawk-wing rear doors, while the front is the same as the Model 3 sedan sister, exactly as Model X takes up the front design of the Model S. At the moment it is only available in the Long version. Range with 351 HP engine and a range of 507 km (the price starts at 60,990 euros), but there is also a Standard Range with a range of 370 km.

Volkswagen ID.4: autonomy 520 km

After the ID.3, the first fully electric car born from 0 of the Ingolstadt house, comes the larger ID.4, which does not have the shape of a sedan but an SUV. The ID.4 is also based on the modular MEB platform, which will give life to most of the new electric cars of the whole group, and is slightly larger than the current Volkswagen Tiguan. The design echoes the lines of the ID.3, and obviously it is a highly technological car equipped with all ADAS systems and level 2 and 3 autonomous driving.

The more powerful version has a 204 HP electric motor placed on the rear axle, powered by a 77 kWh battery pack that allow the Volkswagen ID.4 to have 520 km of autonomy. The price starts at 44,950 euros .

Cupra Born: autonomy 520 km

The Cupra Born is the first electric of the Spanish brand, initially presented as Seat El Born but then designed to be more high-performance, and with a sporty design in line with the other cars. The line is indeed youthful and successful, with all the typical elements of the Catalan company: from the Coast to Coast rear lights, to refined and sustainable interiors.

Skoda Enyaq iV: autonomy 532 km

Skoda also has its electric or, better said, its electric SUV: presented in the course of 2021, together with the Born it is the only one of the VAG group to have reached the top 10 of the Car of The Year 2022 award, ranking fifth and being appreciated for its typical Skoda qualities: interior quality, made of sustainable materials, lots of space and traveler skills; as well as a fresh and modern design.

In its most powerful configuration, in fact, it reaches 265 HP of power, while the autonomy with a 77 kWh battery allows a range of 532 km. The price starts at 38,000 euros . From 2022 the version with coupe body is also available.

BMW i4: autonomous 590 km

BMW’s 2022 begins with the BMW i4 electric sedan, which shares the design with the 4 Series Gran Coupe of which it is in fact the battery version.

A streamlined and sporty line, as the Bavarian brand has accustomed us, as well as the much contested double front giant kidney. Compared to the SUV iX it weighs much less and in fact has a dynamic and fun driving behavior, that driving pleasure that I admit is not always found on modern sedans. There are two versions: eDrive40 with 340 HP rear-wheel drive engine and up to 590 km of autonomy; M50, which as the name implies is developed by BMW M Sport and is therefore comparable to the M4, with two 544 HP electric motors and a slightly reduced range to 528 km. The price starts from 59,770 euros.

Ford Mustang Mach-E: autonomous 610 km

A name, a guarantee. Or at least this is what Ford hopes (with good reason, given the sold out in the States), proposing its iconic coupe in a raised, electric and 5-seater version. After all, the Ford Mustang Mach-E has a particularly beautiful line, which incorporates but evolves that of the classic Mustang by improving above all the interiors, now better finished and with a higher quality and above all equipped with a huge 15-inch touch display in the center of the dashboard, in addition to the usual excellent technological equipment of the blue oval here given by the new generation of the SYNC.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is offered with both two and four-wheel drive, in both cases with standard 75.7 kW / h range batteries and 98.8 kW / h Extended batteries. The difference between normal traction and all-wheel drive is, of course, the autonomy given that even in the electric four-wheel drive they consume a little more: here if in the Mustang Mach-E 2WD the autonomy is 450km (Standard) and of well 600 (Extended ), in the AWD version it drops to 420 and 540 respectively, The price starts from 51,900 euros. We went with her to Rimini without ever stopping to recharge!

Mercedes EQS: autonomy 770 km

After the Tesla Model S, it is she who offers the longest range on the market, with 770 km declared on the WLTP cycle. Mercedes EQS is the electric flagship of the Star, parallel to the S-Class which does not disappear, but different. Luxury is certainly not lacking, and neither is technology. Power is not lacking either: initially proposed with two declinations, from 333 or 523 HP, a third will also arrive with a good 761 .

The EQS therefore completes the EQ range , the symbol of Stuttgart’s electric cars, which began with the EQC SUV and continued with the EQA and EQB crossovers. In fact, the EQS is the only sedan, with a sleek and symmetrical design, a very high level of autonomous driving, and a truly sophisticated interior.

Lucid Air: autonomous – 830 km 

Let’s start with a new entry in the European market, landed directly from California: the Lucid Air. We have been talking about it extensively for a few years, but finally the final version is ready with the first deliveries in the United States that are taking place in these months.

Lucid Air has in its sights the Tesla Model S, of which it proposes itself as the main rival and opponent at home. Compared to Elon Musk‘s car, it has a wider range of engines and battery packs, but right from the start it is a fast and reliable traveler. The basic Pure version already has a 480 HP electric motor and 653 km of range, while the Grand Touring is the one with the best performance: 800 HP engine and 830 km of range. The top of the range Air Dream Edition, which is also the launch version, reaches 1,111 HP of power but “reduces” the range to 760 km. Prices start at $ 77,400.

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