Sexuality is unique to each person and the way in which it is practiced is totally individual. However, throughout history, manuals and therapists have compiled the best sexual positions that guarantee maximum pleasure.

There is no lack of acrobatic idioms, inverted modalities and all those that incite eroticism, for the simple fact that what is new is stimulating. But the best sexual positions are not the most creative and innovative, but those that allow closeness and deep penetration for maximum intimacy, as Insider published in an interview with sexologists Jennifer Litner and Stefani Goerlich.

In addition, these ‘old trusties’ can serve as adjuvants in the treatment of sexual pathologies such as dyspareunia, which is the medical term for “persistent or recurrent genital pain that occurs just before, during or after sexual intercourse,” as describes the Mayo Clinic, especially without the causes are psychological in origin.

The teaspoon allows full body contact. Also, the penetrating partner has full access. Photo: Pexels.

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Best sexual positions that guarantee maximum pleasure

1. teaspoon

In its most basic form, the partner being penetrated lies on their side while the penetrating partner spoons from behind.

why does it feel good

“It allows full body contact. Furthermore, the penetrating partner has full access to the chest and belly of the penetrated partner, according to Stefani Goerlich.

Who enjoys more: Both.

2. Reverse Rider

The penetrating partner lies on his back with his legs stretched out. The couple sits on his squatting body, but with their backs to each other. When straddling, the partner being penetrated places their knees on either side of the penetrating partner’s thighs.

why does it feel good

“This position allows you to control the pace, speed and depth of penetration, which can be great for people who may have anxiety around sex,” Goerlich said.

Who enjoys more: The couple that is being penetrated.

3. Face to face

The penetrating partner sits on a chair or on the edge of the bed. The partner sits on top and faces each other, with one knee on either side of the other’s thighs.

why does it feel good

“This position is ideal for kisses, long hugs and maintaining eye contact, all of which help stimulate the release of oxytocin, the bonding hormone,” the expert recommended.

Who enjoys more: The couple that is being penetrated.

No matter how I express it, the rewarding thing is to fully enjoy sexuality. Photo: Pexels.

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4. Reverse sex

Similar to doggy style, the receiving partner starts out on all fours, but then lowers themselves onto their forearms. Then the delivery man enters from behind.

why does it feel good

“This position gives the penetrating partner full access to their partner’s back. It’s ideal for couples who otherwise struggle to climax during penetrative sex.”

Who enjoys more: Both.

5. Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

The receiving partner lies on their back with a pillow under their hips so they are tilted up. This allows for more direct contact with erogenous zones like the clitoris. The one who penetrates climbs on top, missionary style, and goes in, Jennifer Litner explained.

why does it feel good

“As the hips rise and the partner moves toward the body, there is a slip and friction on the external vulva that is more likely to trigger an orgasm.”

Who enjoys more: Both.

6. Lotus flower

The penetrating partner sits in a cross-legged position. The other will sit on top, facing each other, and then wrap their legs and arms around you.

why does it feel good

“You can make eye contact with your partner and use your whole body to engage the other and squeeze and bite to enhance the sensation. It’s also very intimate and ideal for kissing and cuddling during sex.”

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