Different scientific investigations have shown its benefits for joints, muscles and the heart.

A simple walk can have many benefits for health, both physical and mental, and become a great ally in losing weight. In fact, according to research conducted by the Department of Health at Harvard University, brisk walking after dinner increases fat burning. To the general benefits of walking are added, after the meal, those of making digestion less heavy and those of lowering blood glucose levels . Time matters, a lot. Because if you walk right after dinner, neither before nor a little later, you will burn twice as many calories and, therefore, you will lose twice as much weight. It is the same effort, but the result is doubled, the research concludes.

However, you may not know that you can still increase the benefits of walking and performing this exercise in reverse. Normally, by pure logic, you usually choose to walk forward. However, as Jack McNamara, professor of clinical exercise physiology at the University of East London, recently explained in The Conversation, the benefits of changing direction of motion can be enormous.

Are you crazy? we could immediately think if they cross a person who is running or walking backwards.

However, for the followers of this routine, the decision to run “in the wrong direction” makes sense: it is a way to avoid injuries, burn more calories and, above all, do an exercise that disconnects you from the daily grind.

It is true that walking backwards is much more demanding but, precisely for this reason, it provides greater benefits that range from improving balance to losing weight, since more energy is spent, which means that the burning of body fat can even be doubled. .


Benefits of walking backwards

It helps control weight. Walking backwards burns more calories. Moving in the opposite direction gets your heart pumping faster than moving forward, which means you get your cardio fix, fire up your metabolism, and burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

It is good for the heart. There is other research that supports the benefits of walking backwards. For example, a study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine collected data from young women who walked backwards. Their conclusions were that this type of exercise improves the cardiorespiratory system.

Strengthens the leg muscles. Other research published in the Journal of Biomechanics, for its part, showed that running backwards caused the leg muscles to strengthen more than running forwards . All this supports that this type of training can be beneficial for anyone who practices it.

Enhance memory. Research published in the specialized journal Cognition also highlighted that walking backwards could help improve memory. Also, since it goes against our logic, walking the wrong way hones your reasoning skills. You have to pay attention, which flexes your mental muscles, increases body awareness, and improves your vision.The sport is very good for everyone health,for the body and for the mind as well.

If you want to enhance the results even more, you can sign up for retro running , which has already made a name for itself among lifelong runners because it allows you to exercise the areas of the body in a substantially different way . It is a sport that, above all, works the back of the leg and this includes the calves, quadriceps and, of course, buttocks. In addition, since you run backwards, the body is slightly inclined, a position that serves to further strengthen the lower back, as well as the abdominals. You dare?

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