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The best gaming smartphones of the moment

High performance but also screens that update quickly and special functions. Here are the phones to excel over online opponents

Until a few years ago, the gaming smartphone market was a non-existent market: after all, mobile games were characterized by unpretentious graphics and simplified touch controls. Today things are different. On the one hand, the more elaborate titles are the envy of console games and in some cases have become experiences from which players expect total immersion. On the other hand, the explosion of online gaming from mobile devices has awakened an audience in search of products made specifically to allow gamers to give their best in competitions and leisure.

The pillars of a gaming smartphone

In general, a particular type of phone with technical characteristics specifically designed to get the most out of the most demanding games can be defined as a gaming smartphone.

  • The combined computing power of the processor and gpu thinks about the mathematical operations behind what happens on the screen.
  • The amount of RAM on board guarantees shorter loading times and in some cases an increase in the graphic performance of the heavier titles.
  • The screen size needs to be large, to accommodate touch controls without obscuring the crucial portion of the game to be monitored.
  • The refresh rate of the display must be high (at least 120Hz) to show even the fastest transitions of opponents smoothly.
  • 5G connectivity is now a fundamental prerequisite in online competitive titles. The latest generation ones are the best connections in terms of latency, ie the speed in receiving and delivering signals to and from the game servers.
  • In some models, special cooling systems ensure that the components can be pushed to their maximum for a longer period of time, without heating up the body of the phone and without damaging it in the long run.
  • The touch sampling frequency dictates how many times a second the phone screen can process finger inputs, and it’s a measure (expressed in hertz) that shouldn’t be underestimated, linked to the phone’s responsiveness to commands.
  • Software customization based on the operating system is essential in a phone aimed at gamers: it allows you to customize the controls and performance of each game to adapt it to individual needs.
  • Finally, the presence of extras such as a 3.5 mm audio jack on the body, additional physical keys or an optional kit of accessories designed specifically for the phone (from docks to controllers) can be a preferential factor for purchasing a model over another.

In the light of these characteristics, it is self-evident that there are not only phones specifically designed for gamers on the market but also and above all models designed for the general public and yet so well equipped that even gamers are coveted . To tidy up, we have selected 10 plus 3 gadgets for all needs and in a wide price range, also useful as gift ideas: to satisfy both those looking for a phone dedicated mainly to gaming and those who want something in between that behaves adequately or excellently even from smartphones.

  • Nubia Redmagic 7

    By now the older brother has also arrived on the market, but the basic version of the new Nubia Redmagic remains among the most desired products by hardened gamers. At the base is the very powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor , the most powerful chip in the Android landscape, cooled by a turbo fan cooling system. The 6.8-inch 120 hertz AMOLED display is large and lively and above all the touch sampling frequency is high, from 960 hertz. The price is not even prohibitive.

  • Asus Rog Phone 5

    The most complete and powerful gaming smartphone of 2021 is still holding its own against all opponents almost a year later. The Snapdragon 888 processor is cooled to perfection ; the 1440p amoled display refreshes at 144Hz; the 3.5mm jack slot and the dedicated audio chip offer a unique acoustic experience; the software customizations allow you to modify every aspect of each single game up to touch sensitivity, and the system of dedicated accessories is truly complete with everything. The price, unfortunately, is not at all low.

  • Nubia Red Magic 7s Pro

    Nonostante un prezzo non esorbitante, in fatto di smartphone da gaming non ha quasi rivali. Nubia Red Magic 7s Pro e una belva spinta dal potente processore Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 e raffreddata da una ventola che mantiene il sistema efficiente anche durante le sessioni di gioco piu intense. Il resto delle specifiche segue a ruota: il display da ben 6,8 pollici si aggiorna a 120 Hz con campionamento del tocco a 720, mentre la batteria si ricarica a 65 watt. Peccato solo per una tripla fotocamera sottotono. Qui c’e la nostra recensione.

  • Smartphone Asus Rog Phone 6D Ultimate

    Con questo modello il 2022 degli smartphone da gamer puo dirsi concluso. E un concentrato di potenza in pochi millimetri cubi, basato sul processore Dimensity 9000 Plus di Mediatek ed equipaggiato con ben 16 GB di ram. Le prestazioni sono da urlo e la resa altrettanto, grazie a un display da 6,78 pollici con tecnologia amoled, 1200 nits di luminosita di picco e frequenza di aggiornamento da 165 Hz. Anche il resto delle specifiche e al massimo, e per garantire prestazioni eccezionali sulla lunga durata il dispositivo e dotato di sistema di raffreddamento ad aggancio che immette aria direttamente all’interno. Il design non e per tutti — dal look della scocca al display secondario sul retro — e il prezzo e ancora piu tosto.

  • Black Shark 4

    Un altro telefono datato 2021 che pero tiene ancora testa alla maggior parte dei gadget odierni. Basato su processore Snapdragon 888, monta un display amoled meno definito degli altri (qui la risoluzione e 1080p) ma che si aggiorna a 144 Hz con un campionamento del tocco a 720 Hz. Le altre due caratteristiche di spicco sui rivali sono la presenza di due tasti fisici sulla scocca che si attivano a scomparsa e il prezzo piu basso per un telefono di questo tipo e con queste caratteristiche.

  • Poco F3

    The low cost alternative for those who want to play on the phone without problems but without completely emptying their wallet. Poco F3 does not have functions expressly dedicated to gamers, but it is based on the solid Snapdragon 870 platform and on a 1080p amoled display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The power and fluidity of the images are there, the rest of the experience does not disappoint and above all the price is half of that asked by the most expensive gadgets.

  • Realme GT2 Pro

    The first smartphone on the list not aimed directly at gamers takes advantage of a feature that most of its opponents lack: a processor like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 , which ensures unparalleled computing power in the most complex titles. The 120Hz refresh rate display renders images smoothly and once you’re done gaming the onboard cameras do a better job than most gaming phone alternatives. Here is our full review.

  • Apple iPhone 13

    For those linked to the iOS ecosystem, the choice is less varied but still exciting. The optimizations on board products designed for gamers remain out of the equation , but the power made available by the processors on board the iPhone and iPad is in fact unrivaled, since it is in complete synergy with the two operating systems developed by the Cupertino company . The choice of model at this point is linked to personal preferences, and even staying on the SE model, the guaranteed experience is excellent. Instead, to have more fluid images available, you will need to switch to the iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro.

  • Xiaomi Pad 5

    If it is true that screen size makes the difference in mobile gaming, it is also true that it is not easy to find an Android tablet on the market with the technical characteristics suitable for this type of scenario. Xiaomi Pad 5 is one of the few exceptions: based on a Snapdragon 860 processor and an 11-inch display with 120 Hz refresh, you can still hold it with two hands or rest it to play with a gamepad connected via cable or wireless.

  • Backbone One Controller

    The ultimate accessory to turn your iPhone into a gaming console. The endowment of keys and levers is that of the controllers you would use on the sofa at home, but the gem is the compatibility with all the most popular cloud gaming services , which really makes the smartphone identical to an Xbox or a PC that can be transported anywhere. It charges through the lightning port, is a pleasure to use and includes a 3.5mm jack output for listening to audio output from your phone. For those with an Android phone, however, the alternatives are numerous.

  • Razer Kishi 2 controller

    A boon for those who want to play to the max even on teleono, even in the cloud . The keys are responsive and satisfying to press — from the sticks that include the pressure command to the back triggers that allow you to dose the force. The lag is reduced to zero thanks to the USB-C connection, while it is also promoted from an ergonomic point of view : you can play for hours without feeling too tired.

  • Gamesir X3 controller

    To play without using the touch screen, you need a smartphone gamepad that is comfortable, precise and responsive . This model for Android phones wraps them tightly, connects to the data port (provided it’s centrally located on the bottom side of the phone), and with the included fan keeps the device’s temperature down. For those looking for other models, here we have selected the best controllers for smartphones and tablets around.

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