Finding the right object for a teenager can be a challenge: we have collected the right advice to make you look great at Christmas but not only.

Teenagers are intimidating. They seem to speak a language of their own, their jokes are funny but leave you disoriented and you don’t know how but they’ve always already seen the TikTok videos you sent. Keeping up with them can be a challenge, especially when it comes to gifts. We did an informal survey of some of the kids we know best to find out what gifts they really want . The ideas that we propose will not be good for everyone, but they could help you find inspiration and achieve the ultimate goal: to make a gift that you really like .

  • For those with a passion for furniture

    Govee Glide Smart Wall Light

    They are among our favorite smart ambient lights . From TikTok videos to gaming setups, they blend well into any background. They can also be placed on a bedroom wall or behind the TV for less straining lighting on the eyes. The colors can be customized via an app , which allows you to set a tone to the environment with a rainbow of different shades, as well as different shades of white. The app also includes pre-set options and even allows you to program and voice control the lights. An added bonus: LED lights are cheaper than incandescent bulbs. To find out more, find Wired US ‘s guide to the best smart lights here.

  • For the more technological

    Apple iPad (2022, 10th generation)

    An iPad may seem superfluous, at least until teenagers start using it to watch TV series, do homework or participate in Zoom meetings. In reality they are very useful devices to always carry with you. Apple’s latest model, the 10th generation, has been improved with a new, more modern design and a selfie camera in the center in landscape orientation, which no longer forces you to stare awkwardly at the edge of the screen during video calls. The charging port has also been updated: it now uses a usb-c input and allows you to use the same charger as the MacBook.

    If this model goes beyond your budget, there are other valid and less expensive tablets (find some ideas in this guide ).

  • For gamers

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    The Switch Lite, more portable and lighter than the classic version, is still a great console for teenage gamers, especially if they prefer not to be tethered to a TV to play Kirby and the Lost Land . If, on the other hand, they are more comfortable playing on a large screen, then it is better to opt for a Nintendo Switch or a Nintendo Switch Oled (here is a comparison between the Switch and Switch Lite to help you decide). We recommend that you also buy a game or two. The Nintendo online store offers an infinite number of titles, but you can also consult our guide to get an idea.

  • For Apple fans

    Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe

    Does the teenager you want to give a gift already have an iPhone, an Apple Watch and some AirPods ? If their bedside table is full of multiple chargers for all three devices, treat them to this Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station . It only works with iPhones with MagSafe technology, so any iPhone 12, iPhone 13 or iPhone 14. The smartphones attach to the larger circular platform, recharging at the maximum speed available (15 watts). The Apple Watch, on the other hand, is magnetically attached to the smaller disk, while the AirPods or AirPods Pro can be recharged at the base of the charger. Belkin also sells a mat version that does not take up vertical space.

  • For the careless

    iPhones have a particular shape, but this case modifies it slightly. Case-Mate Blox makes your smartphone squarer and adds a bold color to help your device stand out from the crowd . It’s solid, with click buttons and a MagSafe holder. It is available for different iPhone models. If you’re looking for more fun cases to give to your favorite teenager, sites Casetify and Sonix offer a dizzying number of fun designs to choose from.

  • For mobile gamers

    Backbone One

    Smartphone games are getting better every year. This controller works with compatible apps and essentially turns your phone into a mini console . We have tested the model for iPhone, but there is also a new version for Android phones. Both include robust social features that make it very easy to play games with other people, record videos and play console games. If the teen you’re gifting is always head over heels for a mobile video game, she’ll probably love this gadget. If you want to learn more about the topic, however, you can take a look at our guide to the best controllers for smartphones and tablets.

  • For smart watch connoisseurs

    Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Apple Watch Series 8

    A smartwatch can help a teenager leave their phone in their pocket more often and only take it out when a notification is really important. These wearable gadgets can include functions for health and fitness monitoring, control of smart home devices and even the detection of a traffic accident (as well as contacting emergency services). And then smartwatches are simply fantastic objects .

    If the teen in question owns an iPhone, give them the Apple Watch Series 8 as a gift . It features the aforementioned crash detection feature and offers much more. If you are undecided about the right model, dispel your doubts with our guide to the best Apple Watch for each type of user. If you have to give a proud Android owner a gift, go to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 instead . Its battery lasts a day and a half and there are fitness functions similar to that of Apple’s smartwatch.

  • For scholars

    Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5

    This is our favorite budget laptop. The good display and small footprint are at odds with the affordable price of this laptop, while the internal specs and battery life are also great for homework. It can be turned into a tablet to watch a movie or stream whatever’s trending on Twitch these days. The teenager who receives this computer will also look good when she flashes it in front of his friends, without you having to spend a fortune.

  • For nervous gamers

    Logitech G735

    If your child is always yelling in their room at their Discord friends about boss fights or team fights, a good headset can help smooth things over. This one in particular, made by Logitech, is part of the best gaming headphones selected by Wired US . It’s a trendy model and works with consoles, phones and computers. With crystal clear audio and a great fit , gamers will be able to clearly hear everything happening in the game (no more screaming while playing Minecraft at 3am, hopefully).

  • For bookworms

    Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2021, 11th generation)

    A Kindle could be a fabulous gift for book-loving teenagers. This model is our favorite. If the teenager you’re thinking of always carries around a dozen paperbacks, this Kindle Paperwhite will lighten the load: it can house literally thousands of e-books and has a battery that can last for weeks . Consider pairing the gift with a Kindle Unlimited subscription to make sure she can download her favorite titles without blowing away her precious pocket money.

  • For audiophiles

    Ultimate Ears Boom 3

    Even though the methods may have changed over the generations, teenagers still feel the need to have a way to play their music . Maybe they’re looking for the perfect shower soundtrack, or maybe they’ve just fallen into Pink Floyd and need to let everyone know. Whatever the case may be, a speaker would make a perfect gift (and save you the angst of poor audio quality from smartphone speakers).

    Ultimate Ears’ Boom 3 has topped Wired US ‘s guide to the best bluetooth speakers for years, and several of the company’s products have made it to Wired Italy ‘s guide . While the ‘cool’ factor is obvious at first glance – thanks to the wide range of colors available – the impressive sound, waterproofness and long battery life offer intangible benefits you won’t find in other speakers.

  • For those who never give up on music

    1More ColorBuds

    For many years, 1More has been making some of Wired US ‘ favorite budget wireless earbuds . ColorBuds are bright, fun, waterproof and have a kid-friendly design . But above all they have a great sound . They cost much less than many models produced by other companies which, however, have worse sound or are not as comfortable to wear.

    If the teenager you plan to buy earphones for instead dreams of AirPods and doesn’t hear reasons, opt for the excellent (but far more expensive) AirPods Pro.

  • For those who find it difficult to fall asleep

    Gravity weighted blanket

    Being a teenager is hard. In addition to being trendy, weighted blankets give a feeling of being wrapped in a hug that helps relieve stress . Gravity makes the best high-end weighted blankets (see Wired US ‘s guide for more weight recommendations and advice).

  • For those battling with acne

    Starface Hydro-Stars

    Starface hydrocolloid pimple patches are undeniably cute . The unisex star shape helps normalize acne (if you start to see them as an excuse to spruce up your face, pimples are less likely to dent your self-esteem). Plus, the portable packaging is adorable too. The case is convenient to store in a handbag or backpack and closes with a built-in magnet.

    Hydrocolloid patches absorb liquids, helping to deflate pimples and reducing redness and irritation. In addition, they act as a barrier protecting the skin from external bacteria (and stings). They are compatible with all skin types. Just stick a star on an imperfection, leave it on for a few hours and remove it for smoother and more relaxed skin.

  • For trendsetters

    Crocs Jibbitz Charms

    In case you didn’t know, Crocs are officially approved by generation Z. In this case, however, we don’t offer you the company’s shoes, but the Jibbitz Charms, small charms depicting characters, memes and symbols that can be attached to Crocs to add a personal touch . They are quite cheap and there are a ton of different options. If you are not sure, then, opt for a pack without a specific theme. If the teenager in question does not yet have a pair of Crocs, however, with the Classic you will be on the safe side.

  • For hiking lovers

    Herschel Supply Little America 17L Backpack

    Herschel backpacks strike the perfect balance between style and quality. Little America, in particular, is a favorite with Wired US reviewers and teenagers alike. It’s lightweight, has a streetwear aesthetic and plenty of room for books, snacks, shoes, gadgets and anything else a teenager wants to pack. The many styles available allow you to find the right look for the gift recipient, although the price may vary based on your choice. If this backpack is not for you, here you could find the right model.

  • For athletes

    946ml Hydro Flask bottle

    Hydro Flask bottles combine two of the hottest trends in this generation of teenagers: sustainability and stickers to personalize objects. They are available in a large variety of models and capacities and in addition to having become a status symbol , they encourage the lucky recipient to stay hydrated throughout the day. After all, plastic bottles have been out of fashion for some time now.

    Half of the charm of Hydro Flasks bottles is linked to the possibility of sticking stickers on them . Add a pack of matching stickers for the gift recipient and you’ll officially become their favorite relative. Probably.

  • For those who care about the environment

    Final Straw reusable straw

    Single-use plastic isn’t really trendy anymore either, to put it mildly. This reusable straw is aesthetically pleasing and is environmentally friendly . It is available in different colours, from neutral tones to more elaborate patterns. The overall footprint is small, but both the straw and the supplied case have a certain weight, so they don’t feel cheap or flimsy. The straw uncoils automatically when you take it out of the case, and there’s a silicone sleeve that keeps the top and bottom ends from being too pointy or uncomfortable. The kit includes a cleaning brush that stores conveniently inside the case.

    Metal straws aren’t for everyone. These silicone versions are soft, plus they’re easy to clean with the included brush .

  • For those who already have everything

    Amazon gift card

    Gift cards are probably a bit of a tacky gift to give to your boss. But when it comes to teenagers, an Amazon gift card equals immunity. Maybe it’s a way of admitting you’re not the most thoughtful of relatives, but it’s better to give away a voucher and lose a battle than show up in a horrible shirt and lose the war . The version we offer is inside an elegant box and starts at 50 euros, but on Amazon you can find different versions for all budgets.

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