When we talk about the best top smartphones, it is easy to imagine such cutting-edge products full of advanced features that they often justify over-the-top prices. After all it is true, they are not gadgets like the others: they incorporate technologies that have just come out of the research and development departments of the best technological companies, and which will only see the light of day in the months or years to come in more affordable products.

Given that the cost of these devices often exceeds by hundreds of euros that of alternatives that now do everything one would expect from a smart phone properly, the reasons for having a top smartphone are still varied: a user experience unparalleled, a stellar photographic sector, a design that stands out from the others and the certainty of having a phone in your pocket that will remain current for several years.

How a top smartphone should be

In this case, the name says it all: the best top smartphones are characterized not only in terms of performance and reliability, but also in terms of user experience and extra features. Above them, little or nothing. After all, the price invites us not to accept anything less: these are devices that cost around 1000 euros and which in their maximum configurations can even require more than 1500.

In the list of features, value for money is not a priority; these are exceptional products where the technological solutions used are often advanced and expensive. The fact remains that when a smartphone manages to get paid a few tens of euros less than its opponents, it is still worth emphasizing.

From the point of view of hard and pure performance , slowdowns are not allowed in any area, overheating is not welcome and even bugs must be minimized. System updates must be long-lasting, timely and if possible frequent, to keep the device in top shape even years after purchase. Wireless and fast charging are taken for granted, as is a high-quality, high-resolution display capable of displaying HDR and fast-refreshing content. Biometric recognition, be it digital or facial, must take place instantly and without errors.

Some very specific characteristics remain to distinguish the products that pass this selection. From the user experience guaranteed by the operating system and its interface to product design, passing through audio reproduction and the photographic sector — the most difficult to implement successfully.

The top smartphones of November 2022

The selection of top smartphones is updated from month to month. The most recent changes date back to the end of November 2022 , with the update of the sales prices of the devices in the ranking and the return to the ranking of two products from a few months ago.

The first is the X80 Pro of the Chinese group Vivo, as well as the first “flag-bearer” product of the group to arrive in Italy. It is a full center, a phone with strong photographic skills but reliable, snappy and complete from all points of view. The second is the bulky but super-accessorized Galaxy S22 Ultra , the flagship product of the Korean Samsung which takes up the legacy of the Note series by marrying it with an exceptional photographic sector and excellent performance.

For those who prefer to look for their next smartphone even below this range, here is a comprehensive list of all the phones we liked this year, as well as the ranking of the hottest of the moment in the mid-price range and in the high-end range. below 300 euros.

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