I’m going to be completely honest with you before I continue. I know we’re here to compare the Apple Watch 7 (2021) and Apple Watch 8 smartwatch(2022), but after trying the Apple Watch Ultra I am conditioned. I need to talk to you about the Apple Watch Ultra before I get into the Apple Watch 7 and Apple Watch 8, although if you’re in a hurry, I’ll tell you that there are two ideas you’re going to take away from this article: the first is that If you make the comparison solely and exclusively to save money, if you specifically want to save 140 euros between one model and another (we are talking about the 45mm model with GPS), you can buy the Apple Watch 7 with peace of mind and you will not regret it even if it is not the latest model (you will find it for 405 euros and you will thank us) because the differences between one model and another do not force the balance towards the new one (basically better battery management, the ability to measure the temperature, the possibility of following the menstrual cycles with greater precision and the detection of car accidents); the second is that you can also save money by buying the 41mm Apple Watch 8 (which takes advantage of the screen to the point that it’s equivalent to the older 44mm Apple Watch 6 models) and you already get the latest model.

If you ask which is the better watch, the Apple Watch 8 is objectively better than the Apple Watch 7. If you ask if those extra 140 euros are justified, that’s another story. If you are a woman, you are going to take advantage of the temperature sensor and it will be useful to you; Regardless of your gender, I do not know to what extent you value the accident detection of the Apple Watch 8 (it detects the impact and makes a call to emergencies and a contact telephone number. But if it is by design, performance or battery, the Apple Watch 7 still It is an excellent option, all of this, of course, if you are in a hurry to get an Apple Watch.

If you’re not in a hurry (you can wait, or you just have an Apple Watch 5 or, better yet, an Apple Watch 6), wait and see how Apple translates what it learned from Apple Watch Ultra to next year’s model. And I’ll tell you why I want to talk about the Ultra. I do not want you to make a jump of more than 400 euros to an Apple smartwatch that you had not even considered and that you probably do not need. What I want is for you to reflect on what Apple’s top of the range smartwatches brings to the table for the future of its Watch line and what it represents for the present.

Apple Watch Series 8 (GPS, 41mm)

Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS, 41mm)

Regardless of the business strategy that explains why Apple has launched an Apple Watch Ultra to compete in the market for hard-core sports smartwatches, and regardless of the fact that the new Apple Watch Ultra is intended as a device for athletes, explorers, and hikers, it has a series of functionalities that interest the user of an Apple Watch without having to be all of the above or without being so in an extreme way (which is how the product has been marketed). The improved GPS, I think, can be useful to anyone, just like a better (more for brightness than for size) and larger screen (between 41 and 44 it depends on taste, but between 41 and 49 mm things already change), but the thing is that the battery has improved so much that with non-sports use it takes you beyond the 36 hours that Apple promises (it lasted us almost full 3 days during the three-week test without, beware, using the saving mode Of battery). If you add to that better microphones, better speakers, greater resistance and on top of that having made it practically as light as the non-Ultra Apple Watch, you see the rest of the product range with different eyes.

If you do not want the watch to play sports and to take advantage of the sports features, until Apple puts the 49mm screen to practical use, it is clear that you are not going to pay 999 euros for a watch that you can have for 405 euros . And this is not exact because it is NOT the same watch, but you know what I mean. I do not mean that. But it is clear that the technology that allows Apple its Ultra to have a battery that lasts three days with all the best ones that I have just told you about, will end up reaching the rest of the Apple Watch range sooner rather than later. If you have an Apple Watch 5 or 6 now, I would tell you to wait and see what Apple presents in 2023 (yes even if you have an Apple Watch 5 and everyone is telling you that you can switch to Apple Watch 8 now… I tell you to wait). The Apple Watch 9 may be a surprise and a qualitative leap just as interesting as the jump from Apple Watch 6 to Apple Watch 7. Jumping from a 6 to a 7 or an 8 does not make sense. And go to an Ultra, either. Unless, of course, you can and want to allow it and know what you are buying.

To see that I am not lying to you. This is my wrist with a 45mm Apple Watch 8. It’s a tad big for me.

The Apple Watch 8’s battery is better than the Apple Watch 7’s, but there’s not as significant of a change as there is between the rest of the range and the Ultra. The battery, you will agree with us, is one of the decisive points when choosing a smartwatch outside the Apple ecosystem, and it should also be within the Apple ecosystem, but not when it comes to hours, but days. Even if it’s for something as ‘dumb’ as using the sleep function. And, of course, there is the grace is in the jump from 18 to 36 (36 and 60 hours respectively with the energy saving mode).

The new screen on Apple Watch Ultra is a big improvement. Between Apple Watch 7 and 8, it just doesn’t show with the same form factor and hardware proposition (there are changes, but they’re basically the same). Do you see where the shots are going? There’s not that big of a difference between the 7 and 8 and the Ultra news should be the norm in Apple’s entry-level smartwatches, so…

Why was it easier to choose between the Apple Watch 7 and 6?

Between the Apple Watch 6 and the Apple Watch 7, the truth is, we were very clear about it: the 41mm 7 before an Apple Watch 6. We are glad we were not wrong; more than anything that time has proved us right: the Series 7 brought enough differences to make it a solid choice even against the new model, the Apple Watch Series 8. Our first choice is always the 41mm Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS) not only because we have a thin wrist, which is ridiculous, but because coming from a 44mm Apple Watch 6, the largest in that line, we went to a 41mm one without noticing the difference. The best use of the screen made and makes it in practice exactly the same as the 44mm Apple Watch Series 6, with the addition that the 7 has a faster charge. The difference between 6 and 7, moreover, it was 20-25 euros when we compared both models a year ago. And if you want a bigger watch, you have the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS).

Veredicto Esquire: Apple Watch 7 para novatos ahorradores; Apple Watch 8 para novatos sin restriccion de presupuesto; por encima del Apple Watch 5 abstenerse de actualizar

If 140 euros do not represent a problem and you have a budget, we are going to recommend that you buy the Apple Watch 8, always, of course, that you cannot wait for 9. And if, in addition, you are not in a hurry to buy your Apple Watch, the Series 7 is almost certainly going to see price drops during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, although we at Esquire’s Techno Newsroom don’t expect huge drops. Last year the Apple Watch 6 during Black Friday 2021 hit the ground at 399 euros. Now that the Apple Watch, before Black Friday 2022, is already at 405, we do not trust that it will drop much more. The Apple Watch 6 will go down, but if you’re looking at the price, seriously, listen to us and stick with an Apple Watch 7. It’s a matter of looking at the long term.

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