Visiting Lapland sounds like a childhood dream. A land of magic, mysteries and breathtaking phenomena, this distant territory exerts an almost mystical aura. Here, the torpor of winter is experienced in the peace and silence of unspoiled nature. The elusive expanses provide a rare sense of freedom. The landscape merges with the firmament, the air is pure as ever. It is an enchanting destination in summer and winter alike, in hiking boots or snowshoes, under the midnight or midday sun. Nonetheless, it is mostly a spellbinding destination on a winter trip. Do not be afraid of the cold, despite its place as the northernmost territory in Finland, Lapland is swept by a dry cold and the equipment is great against -20 degrees.

Although the incredible Northern Lights are often at the heart of the motivation, winter experiences in Lapland are much more numerous. Becoming a musher or reindeer driver, discovering the winter rally, driving ice karting, sliding on skis or a snowboard are all activities in Lapland that make stays unforgettable. Focus on these experiences in Lapland.

Enjoy a fairytale world where reality has vanished in extreme latitudes. Here are 7 essential activities to do in Finland Lapland in winter!

1. Go hunting for the Northern Lights

Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland - visit Lapland

Imagine: the icy breath, the solar wind. Then, suddenly, dancing ribbons waving in the stars. Their light is bright, green, sometimes red then purple. This ballet of particles on the black veil of night gives time another scale. Suspended. There is no doubt: here are the aurora borealis exploding in the cosmos, just above your amazed heads. Few phenomena can rival the beauty of the Northern Lights. Let’s face it, their hunt comes first among the must-do activities in Lapland.

How to put all your chances on your side to admire them? Already, you must visit Lapland between September and March, when the nights are long enough. Indeed, the Northern Lights unfold in the sky throughout the year but are only visible in the dark. In addition, the night sky must be clear and the weather mild. The absence of the moon is more conducive to observation.

There are also several applications dedicated to tracking the aurora borealis. But your greatest assets will be your patience and your tenacity: as soon as night falls, stay outside and scan the sky. These voluptuous lights can appear and disappear in a fraction of a second. Finally, don’t forget to go out well equipped against the cold.

2. Go on a dog sledding safari

Dog sled

The experience of dog sledding in Lapland will probably be one of the most memorable moments of your stay. Gliding at high speed in the wild landscapes frozen in white provides an indescribable feeling. With their deep blue eyes and silky fur, those who are usually Huskies are sure to blow your mind. Question speed, they are unbeatable! These animals were born to run. Moreover, their frantic barking means that they absolutely want to be part of the race. So hang in there, because no arctic conditions can curb their urge to tow you.

There are many sled dog farms, from a handful to several hundred animals. The smaller the farm, the more likely you are to come across real dog lovers, attentive to the well-being of their animals. The proposed walks are varied: from two-hour hikes to a week-long trip through the Far North.

3. Go on a reindeer sledding safari

Dog sledding - visit Lapland

What other country than that of Santa Claus to discover reindeer and a sleigh ride? Besides, you can even visit this good old bearded man pulled by his reindeer! More so, this activity in Lapland, respectful of the environment and authentic, immerses you in the Lapland culture. You discover the ancestral mode of travel of the Sami: people of northern Lapland.

As you stroll, between the velvet wood horns, the landscape of immaculate splendor passes by and the seconds suspend their flight. Take the time to interact with the reindeer herders to discover their way of life and learn about these fairytale animals. Moreover, you will find many reindeer antlers for sale in Lapland, a most authentic and original souvenir!

4. Explore Lapland on skis or snowboard

Ski station

Visiting Lapland while enjoying the joys and sensations of skiing? It’s possible. Lapland offers a wide range of ski slopes and snow parks, accessible to children and black slope enthusiasts alike. One thing in common: the family and relaxing character of the Lappish resorts.

The variety of terrain is available in 75 different resorts. Most are high up in the hills, near Sami towns and villages. The best known are those of Levi, Yllas, Pyha-Luosto and Ruka. The first even hosts, in November, several events of the World Cup of skiing and downhill of the International Ski Federation. The sliding season starts in October and lasts until the beginning of April. This winter paradise enjoys exceptional sunshine conditions and incomparable sparkling light.

5. Explore Lapland on cross-country skis or snowshoes

Cross-country skiing - visit Lapland

If the activities offered in Lapland have something to delight skiers and snowboarders addicted to speed, lovers of more moderate activities are not left out. For example, you can indulge in the joys of snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, more gentle and meditative. The routes take place in the splendid winter landscapes, at a pace conducive to contemplation and encounters with discreet fauna.

Keep your eyes open because, hidden behind a mound of powder, a squirrel, rabbits or even reindeer could well be watching you. As well as being a unique experience in Lapland, cross-country skiing is a great way to get around between villages. For the Sami it was even, like reindeer sleighs for long distances, an essential means of transport.

As for snowshoes, it’s also an excellent way to get off the beaten track and tackle the snow slopes, which are far too daring on foot. To you the forests and hills still virgin of all human traces.

6. Try snowmobiling


The Arctic winter also provides plenty to do for pilots at heart! The last of our activities to do when visiting Lapland is snowmobiling. In the program ? Thrills, discovery of immaculate landscapes and intense feeling of freedom. Put on your special cold-weather suit, pull the trigger on the right handle and speed through the deserted and snowy Lappish forest. The machines can climb up to 90 km/h! But even without going so fast, the sensations are there very quickly.

Lapland offers many snowmobile trails and the hikes are sometimes combined with other activities such as fishing on a frozen lake or tasting a traditional meal, accompanied by a good glass of Glogi. This famous mulled wine with spices, traditional from Finland, is also a must to bring back in your suitcase. And if you are really addicted to driving, you can even discover ice karting or winter rallying. In this case, forget everything you know about driving. On snow or ice, you’ll spend more time upside down than straight on the road.

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