A committed destination, find out why favor Finland for sustainable travel!

Changing the way you travel for a tourism that is more respectful of the planet is now possible thanks to slow travel . This concept promotes stays that favor the quality rather than the quantity of tourist experiences. Thanks to the “slow travel”, you will be able to enjoy your stay in a more enlightened way, while taking into account the environmental, social and cultural impacts.

Between the choice of modes of transport that reduce the carbon footprint and the option of a lighter trip outside the big tourist flows, you experience a new way of discovering a country! And if you’re into slow travel , or want to explore this type of sustainable travel, then Finland could be the perfect destination.

Located in Northern Europe, Finland is famous for the richness of its biosphere and for the diversity of its landscapes. In fact, 80% of the country’s surface area is covered with forests! Proud of its terroir and its culture as close as possible to nature, the country is an example in terms of eco-responsibility. This mentality also contributes to placing Finland in first place in the World Happiness Report , which ranks countries according to their level of happiness!

In terms of tourism, Finland is indeed a forerunner of many concepts that revolve around slow travel , and has even created its own label dedicated to sustainable tourism. If you want to discover the land of Santa Claus engulfed in snow in winter, or enjoy the eternal day in summer, definitely opt for a tour of “sustainable Finland”. In this guide, we tell you how to make a sustainable trip to Finland and make the most of this must-see destination in Europe.

1. The Finnish mindset

World champions in sorting and waste, the Finns are educated with great respect for their environment. Thus, during a sustainable trip to Finland, you will have the chance to learn more about the way of life and the visionary mentalities of the Finns in terms of ecology, while taking the time to let yourself be lulled by your culinary, artistic and historical experiences.

Slow design


“The form had to carry a content, and this content must in turn maintain a link to nature.” This sentence of the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, at the origin of the creation of emblematic objects like the Savoy vase, has a strong resonance when we think of the Finnish slow design concept. Because the Finnish design scene is both unique and exciting, but above all strongly inspired by nature!

Indeed, if you go to discover Finland during a sustainable trip, then you will find that design and environment live in harmony, and ultimately form one. In the country, design is so well thought out that it has become a real state of mind. It gives pride of place to local materials that have been little modified: there are many pieces of furniture made of bentwood, for example. The shapes are pure, minimalist, and fit perfectly into the environment. Because art is above all in nature! Forget the rococo or the frills: the design must shine by its sobriety with fresh colors, and quite clear. Do not be mistaken by such simplicity, because everything is perfectly thought out.

During a trip to Finland, you can for example discover the Design District in Helsinki. There, you will have the chance to admire design objects that combine utility and durability among the 200 shops and workshops. Every year, design innovations are exhibited here. In addition, certain buildings such as the Finlandia Palace in Helsinki, the Sajos Cultural Center in Inari, or the Villa Mairea in Pori reflect this Finnish style.

Slow food

slow food

Slow food, kesako ? Finns’ consumption goes well beyond the need/pleasure combo. Because you should know that in Finland, the products that Mother Nature lavishes on us in the middle of the Arctic climate are particularly popular with Finns. They are cooked in a simple way, respecting each product. Forget about industrial dishes or stuffed with preservatives, aggressive cooking or heavy sauces. Here, we eat healthy, local and above all organic. Moreover, 10% of agricultural land is reserved for organic production!

Therefore, when visiting Finland, be sure to experiment with traditional culinary art and taste local products. Try, for example, dishes based on carefully picked mushrooms from the surrounding forests. Berries, such as blueberries, are also widely consumed products in Finland. They accompany certain game or fish dishes. Despite the appetite for reindeer meat or herring, the country is also a paradise for vegetarians and vegans.

The Finns are also very well educated on the knowledge of plants, berries, and more generally on picking techniques according to the seasons. It is also a very common hobby in the country! Do not hesitate to ask your questions about the products during a visit to the local markets. In Helsinki, the most famous is Kauppatori, located in the center of the city.

Finally, we invite you to taste dishes of Nordic cuisine in local restaurants, such as Graavilohi (marinated raw salmon) or a Mustikka Piirakka (blueberry pie). Moreover, many chefs from the countries of Northern Europe have come together to create the New Nordic Cuisine Manifesto, which promotes healthy food, quality cuisine and fair trade.

Slow shopping


The Finnish Ministry of the Environment is keen to make its economy the most eco-efficient on the planet. That says a lot about the way of consuming in the country!

Therefore, Saturday morning shopping in a crowded supermarket is not really the daily life of Finns. Instead, we prefer small local grocery stores, weekly markets, or stalls with second-hand products. The country is also very famous for its sustainable shopping with “eco-shops” that overshadow fast-fashion . Even on the cosmetics side, natural products are taking over chemical beauty products.

Go for example to Nudge, an eco-responsible store in Helsinki, or to Luoman. You will find clothes, jewelry, accessories and beauty products that respect the environment.

2. Unspoilt nature

A sustainable trip to Finland also means discovering the riches of the country by opting for means of transport that respect the environment. Thus, by opting for slow travel , you will limit your carbon footprint while living unforgettable moments in the wilderness. The variety of landscapes is such that you can do activities such as hiking, biking and kayaking in the many stretches of water.


Northern lights in Finland

In the north of the country, you will reach the famous region of Lapland. Famous for the magic of Christmas and for the Northern Lights, Lapland is a must-see region on a sustainable trip to Finland. In the south-east of Lapland, you can survey the Riisitunturi National Park, and walk on the paths surrounded by conifers. You may come across a few moose on your way… Moreover, during a sustainable trip to Finland, we invite you to discover the culture of the Sami: an indigenous people who raise reindeer.

The Great Lakes region

Finnish lakes

Finland is also the land of a thousand lakes since it has exactly 187,888. Yes, you read that right! On a sustainable trip to the country, you can experience the Great Lakes region in the center of the country. You can do some hiking, water sports, or relax in a cabin in the middle of the forest. Don’t miss a discovery of Lake Saimaa where the last freshwater marbled seals are found, a highly endangered species.

The coast

Aland, archipelago of Finland

Finally, if you prefer sea trips, you can experience a trip to Finland through its islands and islets, such as the small rocky island of Bengtskar or Turku. The latter is an old medieval city that bears witness to the rich local heritage. Note also that Finland has one of the largest archipelagos in the world. If you plan to visit Finland in summer, take advantage of the Aland Archipelago, which enjoys the highest level of sunshine in the country.

Whatever your choice of visit, take the time to enjoy the nature, the calm, and the activities offered locally.

3. To travel outside peak periods

Sustainable Finland

In Finland, the high season is usually winter. To travel sustainably and make the most of the art of slow travel , we recommend a visit in the off season. You will thus avoid the influx of tourists and make the most of the wild nature in complete peace of mind.

Finland being a country that can be enjoyed every year, you will have a wide choice of activities available depending on the season. Indeed, in summer, the day is endless and the climate is very pleasant. Then give priority to hiking in the heart of nature in national parks. You can also do activities by bike or enjoy the lakes by kayak, sailboat, inflatable boat or try your hand at fishing. And even if the water remains cool, you can also swim in one of the many lakes!

If you opt for a trip to Finland in autumn, you can explore the many forests and pick mushrooms and various berries such as wild raspberries, blueberries, lingonberries, and blackberries. You can also enjoy the magnificent spectacle offered by the sky at this time of year: the aurora borealis.

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