The activities vary enormously according to the meteorological weather and the period in which one visits a country. This fact is even more true in the English capital, on a rainy day the museums will be strongly prioritized while on a sunny day long walks and rest to be more appreciated. This is why I have decided today to tell you about the activities that are worth doing, if you want to spend a tourist stay or a “vacation” to perfect the language of Shakespeare during the summer season.

Enjoying the sand in London is also possible!

Summer rhymes most of the time with good weather (yes it can happen in London), fine sand and relaxation. This is why I suggest you go to one of the facilities that bring together all of these elements in the heart of the English capital. Indeed, like most big cities, London creates some artificial beaches during the summer so that the inhabitants can enjoy the summer in complete serenity. I have therefore selected for you what are for me the two essential places for this purpose.

Firstly, I recommend Camden Beach, an ideal place to relax, drink a few beers and eat a barbecue or even to indulge in some devilish games of ping-pong. For information, Camden Beach opens this year from July 17 to August 23. This trip to North London can also be an opportunity for you to discover the alternative district of Camden; which I had already told you about in my article visit London in 3 days.

Secondly, I recommend the Beach East located at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford. The site has approximately 2200 square meters of sand and facilities and events such as pubs, sports competitions or live shows. The artificial beach begins on July 11 and ends on August 31. This excursion in East London will allow you to discover the Olympic site of the London 2012 Olympic Games.



London 2012 Olympic site

Wimbledon, the tennis grand slam!

Like our beloved Parisian capital with Roland Garros, London has one of the four tennis Grand Slams in the world with Melbourne (Australian Open) and New York (US Open). Wimbledon is in my opinion the most prestigious tournament, it has the particularity of being the only grand slam played on grass, more sobriety and English class are represented during this tournament.

It is indeed imposed on the players to play dressed in white (Farewell therefore to the fanciful t-shirts and shorts of the tennis players). If unfortunately, you have not managed to get your places due to lack of luck or budget, many alternatives exist. For example the famous Aorangi Terrace also now called Murray Mount following the recent victory of the British player, this hill is the ideal place within Wimbledon to picnic and watch matches from the Center Court.

Other similar places exist in London for example Broadgate Summer of Sport which will allow you to appreciate the matches seated comfortably in a deckchair.

Murray Mount

The tournament takes place at the end of June and continues at the beginning of July, for a total duration of two weeks. To get to Wimbledon you can take the District Line and get off at one of these two Southfields or Wimbledon stations, then count between 15 and 20 minutes on foot to reach the site.

Sail through music and festivals

Whatever your destination, most European countries and major cities organize a music festival. What could be better than taking advantage of these holidays to bring out a unique experience and memories.

London has, in fact, festivals bringing together world-class artists. Lovebox is one of the best known, it takes place in Victoria Park in July of each year, it takes place there from July 17 to 18 this year. The London Underground being the most practical means of transport in London, you can take the District or the Central line to get there.

Other gatherings such as the Citadel Festival (also at Victoria Park) take place in July so you will have the choice among a wide range of artists according to your musical tastes. This kind of event always brings together a large number of people, which means that accommodation around London can be a complicated task and more expensive than usual. In general, I advise you to do it in advance or to check the calendar of major events taking place in the city.


And in addition:

In the absence of the royal family, Buckingham Palace opens its doors in the summer. This may therefore be an opportunity to visit the royal residence and the 19 state apartment rooms. Visits are open from July 25 to September 27. It will cost you £20.50 to complete the visit.

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