We already know that Skoda is a brand that prioritizes functionality , both at the level of habitability or benefits and equipment . What is perhaps not so well known is that the latter elevates it to a higher level. In fact, they even give it a very marketing name that is none other than Simply Clever. 

Within this commitment , the brand already contemplates a series of elements that are very widespread in the automotive world, such as modular trunks , hooks to hold bags, automatically opening gates by proximity, multimedia connectivity or 12V and 220V electrical connections, among many other elements… But today we show you some that are as curious as they are practical .

If you click in the middle of the darkest night , or need to look for something that has fallen under the car in that dark underground parking lot, you will greatly appreciate this first gadget. It is a trunk light, which is actually a removable flashlight that allows us to illuminate ourselves outside the vehicle in this type of situation.

This lantern also works as a trunk light. It is rechargeable and has good LED lighting.

This LED flashlight is rechargeable, while it is housed in the boot space , and has a practical tab to place it on the ground and direct the beam of light where it is most useful for us .

Another element that we never take into account, and that when we need it we curse not having one, is the ice and snow scraper for the windows. The Czech brand offers it integrated into the fuel filler cap, where we will always have it available . This scraper has several particularities. The first is that it has two types of surfaces, one smooth for freshly fallen snow and another with a scraper for ice .

In addition to being a scraper for snow and ice, its translucent central part has the function of a magnifying glass.

In addition, this scraper is made of translucent plastic in the shape of a lens, so it can be used as an emergency magnifying glass . Its phosphor green color and certain reflective capacity also helps to increase the visibility of the vehicle if we have the fuel door open.

A very “in” gadget of English super-luxury cars is to offer umbrellas , which are usually available at the very doors of the vehicle. Undoubtedly , a very welcome detail on British rainy days .The umbrellas hidden in the same front doors are a very Premium detail.

Well, Skoda has also thought that this is a detail that users of their Kodiaq should enjoy. That is why he proposes that the two front doors hide two folding umbrellas inside . No more having to run to the trunk in the rain to get hold of that umbrella, which the rest of the day only gets in the way and takes up space.

For the end we leave another interesting accessory. But we’ll start with some questions. How do you feel when the doors open carelessly and hit the car next to you, or the obnoxious column in the parking lot ? How many times have we been upset with children when they have scratched the paint in that maneuver?

Well, with the Kodiaq this can go down in history because it has reformulated a system that deploys a small protector on all four doors when they are opened.

This mechanism is not new, since there are other brands that had already taken it to the great series, but in the case of Skoda it has been achieved that its action is fast and effective, being able to cushion the blows even with little space available, and no matter how fast the opening maneuver is carried out.

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