Over the years, it is common for the desire that once existed between two people to fade or even vanish . Routine, lack of time, habit and daily problems are some of the factors that can influence this flame to disappear. In fact, it happens more than we think. Luckily, there are many ways to recover desire in the relationship.

Some studies confirm that since desire levels tend to fluctuate over time, discrepancies in sexual desire are an inevitable feature of sexual intercourse. However, it is possible to recover it with a change of perspective on the part of both. Therefore, we offer you some tips to recover desire in the relationship.

1- Show your love more often

To recover desire in the relationship, kisses and caresses are essential. Simply being more present by physically showing your affection and doing so for a longer period of time can increase feelings of connection.

At the beginning of relationships, couples usually enjoy passionate kisses, caresses and all kinds of gestures of affection; but over time, these gestures may decrease, both in frequency and intensity. Therefore, resuming this type of exchanges and interaction is an essential component for the emotional and sexual health of the couple.

Kisses, hugs and caresses are a way of expressing feelings of attraction and desire for courtship. Also, flirting can revitalize the relationship and increase attraction for both parties.

2- Plan appointments

During the first few months of your relationship, you most likely made an effort to plan many dates in places full of charm and romance. These meetings were perfect moments to disconnect and focus all your attention on the person in front of you.

However, over the years the couple acquires responsibilities, especially if they have children. Consequently, it can become a little more difficult to break the monotony and prepare special plans, such as enjoying a night of romance and fun.

However, even if it is difficult to find time to be together, it is necessary to plan frequent dates as a couple in order to preserve the relationship. The specific activity that you do is not so important: the essential thing is that you show how important you are to each other.

“You can forget the one with whom you have laughed but not the one with whom you have cried.”

 3- Take care of your physical and emotional health

When you don’t feel good about yourself in terms of physical and emotional health, it’s more likely that the sexual aspect of your day-to-day life will be altered. Therefore, it is important to take care of your appearance and your well-being. In this way, you will feel more comfortable in privacy.

Thus, in order to be well with yourself it is important that you not only have a healthy diet and play sports, but also take care of your self-esteem and learn to manage your emotions.

Knowing and taking care of yourself is key so that the flame of love and of course, passion continues to stay alive. Also, keep in mind that if the physical interest between the members of the couple persists over the years, it is much easier to maintain the desire in the relationship. This is confirmed by studies: physical appearance is essential to feel sexual attraction to a person. Likewise, improving your physical health will also have a very positive impact on how you feel emotionally.

4- Surprise your partner

We all like to receive surprises. However, when you are in a long-term relationship, it is easy to forget the small details that your partner loves so much or that were more frequent at the beginning of the relationship.

You can surprise your partner in hundreds of ways. It is not even necessary that you give him a big gift or something very special: the important thing is that you show him your affection in a way that he does not expect. It’s about incorporating small gestures that show you care and that you are special to each other.

5- Go to a partner specialist

The most recent statistics published in our country show that more than half of women and 20% of men admit that they are not satisfied with their sexual lives. In fact, many people recognize that they need changes in their relationships but cannot find the keys to make them possible. In these cases, it may be advisable to use the assistance of a specialized professional.

Like any therapist, they will provide you with the necessary strategies to recover desire in the relationship.

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