Attention or you who enter. The following article, on 10 young and sexy promises of cinema, is strongly based on animal instincts and the most hidden male impulses. Yes, we always talk about cinema, about actresses by the way, but only about the beautiful ones. It is known and statistically proven that 3 out of 5 men choose a film based on the actress and intimately hope to see as many strips of skin uncovered as possible of the latter.

So this article, which will become your very precious guide, wants to come to the aid of the aforementioned percentage, helping the boys to orient themselves in the most recent cinema scene. The hope is that the following lines may also be of interest to the girls, but if you are straight hardened and are already ranting at the computer, calling me a male chauvinist (believing that I can hear you), then this article (spiritual guide) does not do. for you.

# 1 Kaya Scodelario – 1992

Of a Brazilian mother but of Italian descent, Kaya speaks Portuguese, has been bullied and suffers from dyslexia. In theaters she was Catherine Earnshaw in Wuthering Heights , but she is known for a role in Skins , for which she was cast at age 14. She recently she has increased her notoriety of her with the character of Teresa, in the saga Maze Runner .


# 2 Alexandra Daddario – 1986

She’s the girl Percy Jackson’s little heart beats for, and if a demigod struggles to have her, don’t fool yourself. Alexandra, however, has also had roles in Free Release , Don’t Open That Door 3D , San Andreas and numerous TV series.


# 3 Emma Watson – 1990

Our Hermione is not only beautiful, but she is also one of the best young actresses around. If you can’t stand the young bespectacled wizard, you can also see her in the beautiful We are infinite and, in a smarter version, in the Bling Ring (her gaze while dancing is more erotic than a full nude). Emma is ambassador of UN Women, the United Nations organization that deals with gender equality and the equal role of women in the world.

# 4 Shailene Woodley – 1991

That is the pregnant and unbearable teenager from The Secret Life of an American Teenager , not so secret after all. Under filmography we see bitter Paradise , Divergent , Insurgent and the recent Fault of the stars marked .

# 5 Emily Ratajkowski – 1991

I still haven’t figured out if she’s American, Irish, Polish, Iranian or what, but who cares. She starred in iCarly , but no one remembers this. Her breasts, oops Emily, started to make a career out of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video. From there she became unstoppable, including photographic services, fashion shows, Yamamay testimonials and a role in the film L’amore lying .


# 6 Kate Upton – 1992

Describable in a number: 97. The number to a certain extent that it will not be difficult for you to find out what it refers to. Kate slaps this number in the face repeatedly, even in a slow-motion scene of All Against Him , never showing more. However, the rest is not bad either. More model than actress, 3 films to her credit, she posed for Sports Illustrated and was awarded model of the year in 2013.


# 7 Jennifer Lawrence – 1990

X-Men , The Hunger Games , The Bright Side , American Hustle , an Oscar in 2013, a slew of awards and a career taking off. Need to add more?


# 8 Amber Heard – 1986

A sex bomb that you can see in Never Back Down , Drive Angry , Machete kills , 3 days to kill and many other films. Amber is associated with many civil rights associations and has declared herself bisexual or otherwise label-free. A dream? Yes, for you yes. In fact, if she has already caught the good Johnny Depp.


# 9 Imogen Poots – 1989

Believe it or not, Imogen is quite a name. It even seems to be the name of a Shakespearean character, deriving from a legendary figure called Innogen. How do you say? Who cares?! You are right. Imogen has her first film role in V for Vendetta , but she will also play a violinist in A Fragile Harmony , drive without respecting the signs in Need for Speed ​​and try to throw herself off a building in Let’s Not Get Down .

# 10 Lily Collins – 1989

He is one of the 5 children of Phil Collins, who specializes in television journalism at the University of Southern California and has a recent past as a model. In the cinema she is best known for the role of Clary in Shadowhunters .

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