Sexting, virtual dating, adult toys (remotely) or erotic audio; There has been no lack of imagination when it comes to finding solutions for sexual life to survive the restrictions. Adapt… or get bored.

Although it may seem that these are not good times for sex and fun, surveys and analyzes of trends in sexual well-being are indicating the opposite. And it is that it is already known, the more restrictions, the more the imagination works to look for alternatives. The pandemic is changing the habits of couples and dating, taking as an example the increase in virtual dating, the sale of sex toys, sex education or porn audios , these new couple habits are enriching our intimate hours as a couple or alone. And it seems that they are here to stay.


According to the Sex Trend 2022 report, prepared by WOW Tech, a leading company in the sexual well-being industry, based on surveys of 17,000 people in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States, these are the trends that will mark the present and future sexual life:

  • Remote sex toys. Although we may begin to glimpse the “light at the end of the tunnel”, 2022 will continue to be a year of restrictions. Whether it’s through sexting or in front of a camera , couples have found new ways to brave the distance. Remote-operated sex toys ( via a remote or app) are especially popular. A recent survey has shown that the willingness to try something new in our sexual life is 25% higher now than during the first lockdown. Today, couples can not only remotely control various toys, but also “compose” their own vibration patterns and give each other sensual surprises .despite the distance. According to the report, artificial intelligence is the future of these accessories, and will serve to automatically suggest preferred functions and vibration modes.
  • Virtual dating. “Safe sex” has taken on a whole new meaning in the time of Covid-19. For this reason, solo sex, using sex toys , remains the safest method. In fact, the Public Health agencies of cities such as New York or Barcelona include among their recommendations to try to stop the spread of the pandemic that these types of meetings be prioritized over in-person appointments. Almost all mobile providers now offer the possibility of video chat. With the help of augmented reality and virtual reality , new dating universes could be created in the future that, although they will never replace real encounters, can serve to bring people closer.
  • “Raised” audios. When sight and touch cannot accompany, hearing can favor chemistry. Exchanging motivational audio notes has also become a growing trend. Proof of this is the success that companies like Quinn or Femtasy, audio providers specially designed for women , are having during the pandemic. And it is that the future of sexual well-being is also marked by greater attention to the female sex , which requires registers and themes that are very different from those chosen by men.
  • Sex education for all ages. It is a “pending subject” in many more countries, not only in Spain. In a survey conducted by Wow Tech in July this year between July 2020 involving 7,000 men and women from 14 countries, 94% said that neither male nor female masturbation was discussed in sex education classes. Today, this “work” is carried out by digital platforms such as Netflix, HBO (with series such as Sex Education) and there are more and more applications, podcasts and documentaries to break taboos regarding one’s own pleasure and educate adults on the subject.
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