We are increasingly aware of the footprint we leave on our environment and the needs that a sustainable life requires. The percentage of people who recycle, take care of their diet and choose to use public transport is increasing.

This ecological interest has extended to the world of erotic toys, where plastic and chemical products are being replaced by vegan and biodegradable products.

In the market we can find toys made with all kinds of ecological materials such as ceramics, recycled plastic, wood or glass, and even some that are rechargeable with kinetic energy , as well as vibrators that work with solar energy or organic lubricants.

Ecological sex toys do not have toxic substances that harm the body and their manufacturing process does not have a negative impact on the environment. These products are the result of fair trade and are made with 100% natural materials.


Phthalates are a group of chemical compounds found in very high concentrations in sex toys. They are the equivalent of palm oil, which makes everything taste better , but at the cost of your health. Phthalates make plastics softer and smell better. These dangerous toxic softeners were used in the manufacture of children’s toys and were banned last year by the European Union, considering them a risk to children’s health. However, they have not been removed in the making of sexual items.

The continued use of these substances causes a range of medical consequences ranging from asthma, allergies, dermatitis to cancer, fetal malformations and genital anomalies.

Organic lubricants

Organic lubricants are made with natural ingredients such as argan, hemp or guava and are not tested on animals, so they contribute to your well-being. They do not have chemical substances like other lubricants found on the market, among which silicones and glycerin stand out (of the same composition as those used in oven cleaners and antifreeze).

Although they are slightly more expensive than conventional lubricants, they cause less irritation to the skin and hydrate and care for intimate areas better.

Natural preservatives

One of the most polluting objects in our daily lives, in addition to disposable wipes, are condoms, since latex takes decades to disintegrate and they also clog pipes when flushed down the toilet. Compared to the usual consumption of latex and polyurethane condoms, there are healthier ones made with organic latex called vegan condoms . They are made with the bark of trees such as cork and with the resin of certain vegetables that generate biodegradable plastic.

As if these advantages were not enough, they are the salvation for many people who are allergic to latex but want to have a safe sex life.

Solar Powered Sex Toys

There are vibrators and dildos on the market that are charged with light, both natural and artificial, and have an autonomy of approximately three hours.

Recycled and ecological toys

There are totally harmless materials for the environment and that are causing a sensation in the world of eco-friendly sex , such as wooden dildos in Germany or quartz-type crystal dildos that heat up with body temperature, are non-porous and can be sterilized. as many times as you want

We can also resort to other methods to obtain sex toys with the materials that we have at our disposal.

· Fruits and vegetables can be perfect homemade stimulants.

· Olive oil is an excellent natural lubricant, as long as the smell of food doesn’t throw you off.

· The stems of the flowers can be used as delicate vegetable stalks.

How to buy eco-friendly sex toys

Before launching into the organic market, it is advisable to know a series of recommendations:

Search for erotic products that show on their label the materials with which they have been manufactured

· Look for quality products that come from responsible companies certified as “Sexually Responsible Company”.

· Look for the label “DOP FREE” or “PVC FREE” or “Free of Phthalates”

· Do not buy the product if it smells like strong plastic. You can ask them to open the packaging to check it.

Check that the product contains the manufacturer’s email or telephone number for future claims.

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