The data is clear: the Spanish no longer work on Saturdays or spring. Without a doubt, they are more like autumn when it comes to having sex: during the week and at night. The duration of the sexual act is 32 minutes and most of the activity is concentrated between 10:00 p.m. and 01:00 a.m.

The average is about 92 relationships a year, one every four days approximately. Of all of them, the Cantabrians, the Canaries and the people from Ceuta are by far the most active, while the Castilian-Leonese, the Navarrese and the La Riojans are the least. Everyone knows that sex has a transcendental influence on the good understanding and stability of couple relationships, since it is not only about the physical connection, but also the union that it represents in the emotional part. For this reason, it is very common that, after a while, the intensity begins to drop.and sometimes monotony arrives. All of this can wreak havoc in the relationship. In these cases, looking for an incentive is necessary: ​​from games to practical advice to experience new sensations, going through challenges to stimulate sexual desire. The following seven applications have that mission: rekindle the flame of passion.

To play remotely: We-connect

This application uses the connectivity with the We-Vibe 4 vibrator to allow couples who want to play remotely. The person in charge of controlling the tool from the mobile device only has to assume its role and try the many options offered by the service, thus controlling their partner’s vibrator. In addition, it houses a chat (both audio and video) so that both of you can see each other while you enjoy the app.

To relax: Fix a Fight

Fights as a couple are always painful: reproaches, screams, disagreements. And, sometimes, pride prevents us from taking a step forward to bow our heads and repent. For this, there is Fix a Fight, an app that helps to fix the conflict. How? Through Mark McGonigle, an online marriage therapist who provides tips and tactics for embracing contrary views and always keeping the positive side. The rest is left to the imagination of the two.

To dare: Sex Roulette

The rules are clear. Like the traditional game, what it is about here is to have fun taking advantage of the chances given by chance. All you have to do is spin the wheel and follow your orders: 12 positions and 12 places. Luck will make you get one or the other. However, there is always the possibility of choosing the intensity with which you want to perform them. If you are not convinced, there are many versions available with this same fun.

To compete: Desire

This application hosts a game for couples in love. It’s a fun way to challenge each other, take care of the relationship, and turn the heat up. Desire is a game for couples who have been together for a long time and for couples who have just met. In it, one of the members challenges the other to carry out certain acts. Getting him to do it scores points, levels up, and wins trophies. Every week, they update their content and their challenges.

To burn calories: Bang Fit

Faced with the fever to exercise, the pornographic content portal PornHub has launched its own offer to get in shape: BangFit. This is a website prepared for users to ‘sexersice’ as an alternative to the gym. You have to synchronize the smartphone with the computer through the web and place it on a ‘wearable’ belt. From there, a video appears on the computer screen in which the two parts of the couple appear making movements and postures designed to burn calories.

To share: Feel

It is the Tinder of threesomes. He markets himself as a dating broker for open-minded couples as well as singles. It is considered one of the most extreme apps, since it is exclusively for those who seek to share group experiences. “Whether you are polyamorous or want to share or not, you can find people like you and explore your curiosity in a space designed for human beings like you,” clarifies her description.

To innovate: 69 Places

This application is designed for sex tourists: it suggests a list of places where you can have sex in private or in a group, as well as its advantages and disadvantages of having them in these places. It is divided into categories, according to the needs of each person: from the strangest spaces to the most common. Thus, for example, it recommends buildings under construction, public transport, photocopiers, telephone booths…

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