As we age, it is common for fat to accumulate in some areas of our body. Specifically, the belly area is where more localized fat accumulates.

Many people dream of having a flat stomach with hardly any fat, but to do so, it is necessary to undergo strict diets and strong training routines. However, there are other methods that can help us reduce belly fat, and that may not take as much time and effort.

Recently, a new Japanese technique has become fashionable that helps to quickly lose fat that is concentrated in our belly.

It is known as “the long-breathing diet ” or “ Ryosuke method ”, and it has become popular thanks to the 64-year-old Japanese actor who gave it its name, Miki Ryosuke.

What is the Ryosuke method?

Conscious and prolonged breathing is the one that is usually used in yoga sessions or to practice meditation. Various investigations have already shown that breathing is key to carrying out a healthy workout , as well as to improving our physical and mental condition.

Now, the Japanese actor has discovered a new technique with which it is possible to train lung capacity and reduce localized fat . Ryosuke discovered it since he had to resort to practicing this training after his doctor recommended that he do it to relieve his back pain. Amazingly, he managed to lose 13 kg of weight and almost 12 cm off his waist in just a few weeks.

The Ryosuke method is based on controlling the abdominal muscles while working on breathing. Thus, the technique consists of placing yourself in a certain position, breathing for 3 seconds and exhaling forcefully for 7 seconds.

As Ryosuke explained in a YouTube video, to apply this technique and for it to be effective, it only takes two to 10 minutes a day , although everything will depend on the repetitions that each person does.

How to perform the prolonged breathing technique

Fat is made up of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water. Thus, when the oxygen we breathe reaches the fat molecules, it breaks them down into carbon dioxide and water. Subsequently, the blood flow is responsible for collecting carbon dioxide and returns it to the lungs to be exhaled. At that point, the more oxygen the body uses, the more fat it will burn.

Therefore, Ryosuke assures that prolonged breathing exercises are especially useful for burning abdominal fat, which is the fat that forms in our belly and that, in most cases, is unsightly, as well as dangerous for our cardiovascular health.

In this way, Ryosuke’s Japanese method could be the solution to this problem that so many people suffer from, especially in cases of very sedentary people.

However, for the technique to fulfill its objectives, it is important to execute it correctly. In this case, to perform a basic prolonged breath correctly, the following steps must be followed:

First of all, it is important to prepare yourself and adopt the correct posture. To do this you must stand up, with one foot more forward than the other, and squeezing the buttocks so that the body is slightly tilted backwards, without breaking the back and making sure that most of the body weight rests on the foot behind .

To carry out the second step, that of inhalation , the arms must be raised, so that they are parallel to the ears. Subsequently you must inhale through the nose for 3 seconds, getting the air to reach the end of the thorax.

The third step or exhalation consists of releasing the air previously inhaled through the mouth for 7 seconds, tightening the abdomen and contracting all the muscles of your body. At this point you must be careful not to lean forward during the exhalation. Also, the air should not come out with the same force during the 7 seconds, instead you should exhale vigorously for the first 3 seconds and use the remaining 4 seconds to completely empty the air from your lungs, similar to a hypopressive.

Once the technique is understood, several repetitions can be performed, performing between 2 and 10 minutes a day. The effect of exercise will help us burn fat quickly and effectively.

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