The English Royal Family is a real company with very specific roles and professionals who support the royals to make them appear at their best. The women of the family, guided by the inflexible Queen Elizabeth, have very specific duties: they certainly live a comfortable life, surrounded by benefits and the affection of their subjects, but for reasons of protocol and etiquette they cannot reveal any side of their real personality. 

When it happened, just think of Lady Diana or Princess Margaret , sister of Queen Elizabeth who passed away in 2002, the press office has repressed every gossip and every rumor to prevent the family’s reputation from being affected. The women of the English Royal Familyhowever they are anything but weak: despite their great ability to conceal perennial serenity, in reality they have shown more than once that they know how to distinguish themselves from their male counterparts. Here are the 8 strongest, from Zara Phillips to Princess Royal Anna, passing through the new generation Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. With one and only guide: the timeless The Queen.

The one and only: The Queen

Her Highness the Queen. Timeless, probably eternal, flawless. Few smudges, a lot of inflexibility in the over 60 years of her reign. She didn’t even have to be a Queen: the case of her (and her uncle David, that King Edward VIII who abdicated for the love of Wallis Simpson) chose for her, who at the time was “only” third on the list of heirs to the throne. At the age of 25 she began to reign and since then she has never stopped, always with the same man beside her. The Duke of Edinburgh who often embarrassed at court or because of her alleged escapades, but she never lowered her head. And to those who said that sooner or later she would retire, finally leaving her place to her son Carlo of hers, she replied by blowing 92 candles and participating in all the main events of the Royal Family as the absolute protagonist. He saw the birth of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, he agreed to revolutionize the image of the monarchy, rejuvenating it thanks to new strategic inputs and a tight storytelling on social networks and he definitely won. In spite of those who called “the Elizabethan era” a breath of wind.

Lady Diana, the woman who overturned the protocol

It seemed “the right one”. Her Royal Wedding with Prince Charles, already in love with her Camilla, made at least three generations dream and her divorce, dissected by TV, caused all the worldly salons of the nineties to be discussed. There is no one who does not know even the smallest detail of Lady Diana: her death, which occurred after a car accident in Paris in 1997, fueled the legend of this woman who had defied royal protocol and was estranged, trying to steal spontaneous moments with her children Harry and William. Again, her fate has chosen for her: even if relations were tense between Diana and Queen Elizabeth, the two women will always have this in common.

Camilla Parker Bowles, “the other woman”

At first it was the other woman, sweet Diana’s nemesis, the antagonist to fight. Over the years, Camilla, a life spent at court, an ex-husband, two children and a twenty-year clandestine relationship with her love for her, Prince Charles, has softened, even in the eyes of public opinion. And after the Queen’s Yes, she too was finally able to fulfill her dream of love, marrying Carlo in 2005 and integrating into the Royal Family with the new title of Duchess of Cornwall. Renouncing, however, the title she was entitled to, that of Princess of Wales, which had previously belonged only to Lady Diana. In the future, Kate Middleton will inherit it from her mother-in-law whom she has never known.

Princess Margaret, who gave up her true love for the Crown

Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister was named Margaretand maybe you have learned to know and appreciate it by watching the Netflix TV series The Crown. A strong woman, always in the shadow of the Queen, who has enjoyed every excess and every benefit of her life as a royals. Her scandalous loves of her have made history, starting with her with Captain Peter Townsend, opposed by the Queen because in her time marriages with divorced people were not allowed for royalty. If Margaret were still alive (she passed away in 2002) she would have been happy to discover that things have definitely changed and she would have appreciated the entry of Meghan Markle – former actress, divorced, with Afro blood in her veins – in the family. Her marriage to photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones got off to a great start and ended, like everything about the princess, on the tabloids.

Princess Anne, the most beloved of the royals

Anna is the second daughter of Elizabeth, one of the people who is closest to the Queen and also the most loved of the royals. Born in 1950, she holds more than 500 positions on behalf of the Crown and is appreciated for her commitment and dedication. In 2017 alone she attended 455 official events, sometimes even in uniform on the back of a horse: since 1994 she has been a member of the Order of the Garter, one of the highest British honors and in the meantime she has also made a career in the army . The first marriage, which saw the birth of two children Zara and Peter Phillips,it was shipwrecked in a media divorce that made it end up in all the newspapers. Since 1992 she has been the wife of Timothy Lawrence and since then she has become the most appreciated of the court: she because she is not glamorous but always very elegant, she loves horses and animals and has a secret passion for lighthouses. Plus, she has more public engagements than her younger grandchildren, so much so that the Telegraph called her “The best of all”.

Zara Phillips, the Queen’s most loved

Daughter of Princess Anna, without noble titles by choice of her parents (and she is very happy not to have any), riding champion and mother of two girls, the last of which has recently arrived and which has in its name a very sweet reference to the sovereign . Decided, anti-royal, spontaneous: it is said that Queen Elizabeth adores her and that she is very close to her, especially after the bad experience of 2017 with an abortion that made her lose a child. She is perhaps the least victim of etiquette of all members of the Royal Family, in love with her husband Mike Tindall and always affectionate with her daughters.

Kate Middleton, who was born to be the Queen

One day she will be Queen Consort, but Kate Middleton has been studying to be by William’s side for years, since her university days. Her tenacity in waiting for the prince to decide to make her the proposal earned her the nickname of Waity Katy : but she was the right one for the role of her and from her fairytale Royal Wedding in 2011 she has never wrong once. Three children later, Kate is still the Duchess of style, smiles and impeccability: the Queen likes her and her subjects like her for her spontaneity with children and for her savoir faire.

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