Whether it’s a birthday, a graduation, a baby shower or a surprise party, there are a few tricks on how to organize the perfect party that you absolutely have to mark on your diary.

How many times have you attended an event asking yourself “who knows how long it took to prepare it”, “who knows how many things are needed to organize a reception “; “Will a small refreshment or a seated dinner be better?”. Today we will try to do some clarity.

Here are five tips on how to throw a party

  • Decorate the location for the party with lots of balloons
balloons for a top party

When we think about how to organize a party , the first thing we need to develop is the decoration of the location. Regardless of the type of party you have in mind or the number of guests, there are some things that should never be missing. The colorful balloons inflated with helium and scattered around the room, for example, are necessary to design a flawless party .

In addition to giving color, they are a perfect accessory for photos and can be transformed in a flash even into a game for adults, children and dogs. The balloons to buy for a party can then be used in a variety of ways. They have the ability to transform into a light ball to improvise a volleyball or light soccer match; they can be drawn with a thousand colors by the children present; if inflated with helium, they can turn into a nice gadget for guests to be worn tied to the wrist, in ‘Hello’ style, or to be sucked in little by little to distort the voice.

In short, it will be enough to give space to the imagination in order not to make mistakes. Do not forget, however, in addition to the balloons, to get various decorations and festoons to embellish the walls of the room even more. Small tip: choosing decorations and decorations for the party that match them is a textbook trick that will ensure you an amazing result.

  • Find the right lighting for the party
how to illuminate the location of a party

Once we’ve taken care of the perfect party decorations , it’s time to move on to the lights. How to illuminate the location of an event is of fundamental importance. In fact, the various lights and their choice create the atmosphere. This obviously applies if the party you are organizing takes place inside a room, or outside, however, from sunset time onwards.

Imagine rows of light bulbs hanging over your guests’ heads, as they go wild in a meadow, dancing under the stars all evening. Or lamps positioned in different areas of the room, which know how to give that soft light, perfect for a romantic and relaxed atmosphere.

In short, if you want to find out how to organize a party , you cannot neglect the choice of lighting and study it based on the location you have available.

  • Create a different mise en place depending on the theme of the party
how to organize a party

The time has come to prepare the mise en place for the party . Add a seat at the table that there is an extra friend , sang Johnny Dorelli; we too in our small way must give due importance to the organization of the tables.

Depending on the space you have available, you can opt for the classic buffet table where everyone is served standing while they chat, a single table where all the guests can sit or many tables scattered around the location of the party . Once you understand where to sit guests , you need to set the table.

How to do it in the best way? Certainly remaining faithful to the theme chosen for the party and using colors between tablecloths, napkins and decorations that match each other. Let’s take some small examples: if you want to organize a children’s party , you can take advantage of the cartoon theme and consequently choose saucers, glasses and accessories with portraits of these subjects. If it is a question of how to prepare a baby shower , it will be appreciated that the mise en place shows the colors and shades of the sex of the unborn child.

  • How to entertain party guests
what to do at a party

We ate, ate, drank, drank and now what do you still need to know to organize a successful party ? Obviously we are talking about the funniest part: how to entertain guests .

The activities for guests to do during a party are many, you are spoiled for choice. Also in this case it all depends on the theme chosen for the party and the type of event you are organizing. If you have hired a DJ for the duration of the evening, it will be natural to start with the classic group dances, and then go wild until late at night as if you were in a disco.

We leave the dance floor to think about other perfect activities during a party . If the season allows it and the space as well, you can improvise lots of outdoor games ; or the highly popular launch of light lanterns. In any case, the watchword is to involve and this term has no age.

  • Prepare small gifts for the guests
what to give to guests at a party

Taking a cue from weddings and graduation parties, a delightful idea to round off a party is to leave your guests with a small gift to take home. Gift bags should be the icing on the cake, so I recommend choosing them uniform to the theme of the party.

But what to fill the gift bags with ? In this case, the universal rule of ‘just the thought’ applies, so don’t worry about what to choose. Whether it’s soap bubbles, a nice gadget or some sweets, your guests will surely please. A clever trick is, if possible, to take some Polaroids during the evening and then put them in each friend’s gift bag.

How to organize a party at home?

At this point we understood that organizing a nice party at home is mainly a question of size and season. As long as we talk about open spaces everything becomes easier but how do you organize a fantastic party while staying at home ? Don’t worry, most of the above tips can be used in any apartment.

Then there are certainly some precautions to keep in mind when we organize a party in an enclosed space: not everyone will know each other so let your guests socialize; feeling excluded during a party is perhaps one of the most embarrassing feelings to experience.

birthday party for a dog

Another very popular question is the one about the games to play at a house party . Younger people in this respect are very good at improvising: truth or dare, 7 minutes in heaven or the classic spin of the bottle (don’t be smart, we all played it at least once as teenagers).

Let’s say that, depending on the age of the participants, there are many games suitable for a party, which can be simpler and more traditional such as piñata or karaoke, but also articulated and involving all the participants, like a dinner with a crime .

Is cake the perfect dessert for any party?

Whether it’s organizing a homemade birthday party , or a graduation party, the important thing is to have a clear idea of ​​what the theme is and gradually connect all the components. A fundamental element is certainly the choice of dessert for the party .

I believe that the best thing to end with a flourish is a nice cake. The birthday cake par excellence , so spectacular in its composition, finely decorated with sugar paste and accessories, to be brought to the table at the end of the evening, for me becomes an evergreen of the holidays.

organize a birthday party at home

Does it seem less difficult for you to create a great party?

Do we want to repeat the ABC once again to organize an amazing party in a short time ? Draw up a to do list for things to do and do not forget the tricks I have listed: balloons in profusion, lights suitable for the environment, themed mise en place and color combinations, all garnished with the right entertainment, a dessert memorable and thoughts for guests.

The best thing, I do it every time, is to try to imagine how the party will go; in this way realizing the ideas to organize the party will become quick and painless.

From today, organizing a party will no longer be a problem

Your task as hosts, in addition to informing you about any allergies to avoid culinary blunders, will be to supervise the progress of the party making sure that guests are comfortable and have fun.

Of course, when you want to organize a top party it is important to have what I call ‘hawk eyes’, so as not to miss anything and to be able to give your friends a memorable evening. Do not forget, however, especially if you are the celebrated ones, to have fun with the rest of the group.

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