Jennifer Aniston’s first acting role dates back to 1993 when the Los Angeles actress starred in the main cast of the first film in the Leprechaun film series . Named after the most popular and legendary goblin in the Irish folk tradition, the horror genre film was quite successful and in fact had a sequel of seven other films. The beautiful performer, however, had the first real impact with her popularity and success the following year: when she was chosen to join the sitcom project Friends.

The character that Jennifer brought to life, Rachel Green, has entered the international collective imagination and has returned to the actress such great fame and prestige as to make her one of the most important and recognizable American stars in the world. The successful television production, conceived by Marta Kauffman and David Crane, aired from 1994 to 2004 and was included in the schedules of all major Western countries. While still busy filming Friends, Jennifer Aniston also took part in projects for the cinema, among which the most important are The Good Girl , a 2002 film directed by Miguel Arteta of which the American actress is the main protagonist, and A week from God, film made in 2003 by director Tom Shadyac.

After concluding, instead, the experience in the sitcom, Jennifer Aniston was the protagonist of many products that have hit the box office: from Ti hate, I leave you, you … (shot in 2006 by Peyton Reed and also with Vince Vaughn in the role of co-star) to How to Spoil Your Family (2013 comedy directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber). Throughout her career, the actress has also had an experience behind the camera, directing the short film Room 10 in 2006. Jennifer Aniston is also a film producer and on some occasions she also tries herself as a voice actress.

Private life

Born in Los Angeles, in the State of California in the United States, on February 11, 1969 (52 years old), Jennifer Aniston is a daughter of art. Both her father, John, and her mother, Nancy Dow, are actors. Her parents divorced when she was eleven, but their artistic imprint certainly influenced Jennifer, who began attending the theater and visual arts class from a very young age. In 2015, talking about her studies, she revealed that she had had many difficulties in learning due to a form of dyslexia that she suffers from and which she was diagnosed with when she was twenty. Jennifer Aniston’s love life was marked by three important relationships. The first with the American actor Tate Donovan (the Jimmy Cooper of the hit television series OC.), which began in 1995 and ended in 1998. The year in which the actress meets Brad Pitt and begins with him a story that has quickly become one of the most celebrated in Hollywood. The two got married in the summer of 2000 and looked like one of the best-matched couples on American showbiz. In 2005, however, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt announced their separation, which culminated in a divorce dating back to October of the same year. After the end of her first marriage, the actress found love in 2011, when she met the director and screenwriter Justin Theroux , with whom she got married in 2015. Even in this case, however, the relationship soon developed. deteriorated and the two separated in 2018 after two and a half years of married life.

In the last period Jennifer has mainly dedicated herself to the project of the television series The Morning Show , produced and broadcast by Apple Tv +. A product, born in the wake of the Weinstein case and the #MeToo movement that you generated, this year in its second season and with a third act in production. Recently the actress also participated in the Reunion of Friends , the television special that saw the six main actors of the series as protagonists, committed to retracing and recalling the main moments that characterized the 10 years of filming.


  • 1993 – Leprechaun (directed by Mark Jones)
  • 1994-2004 Friends (tv series)
  • 1997 – Romantic misunderstandings (directed by Glenn Gordon Caron)
  • 1997 – Only if fate (Scott Winant)
  • 1999 – Employees … bad! (directed by Mike Judge)
  • 2002 – The Good Girl (directed by Miguel Arteta)
  • 2003 – A week from God (directed by Tom Shadyac)
  • 2004 -… and finally Polly arrives (directed by John Hamburg)
  • 2005 – Family Vices (directed by Rob Reiner)
  • 2006 – I hate you, I leave you, you … (directed by Peyton Reed)
  • 2008 – Me & Marley (directed by David Frankel)
  • 2009 – The Truth Is, He Doesn’t Like You Enough (directed by Ken Kwapis)
  • 2010 – The Ex-Hunter (directed by Andy Tennant)
  • 2011 – My Fake Wife (directed by Dennis Dugan)
  • 2012 – Naked and Happy (directed by David Wain)
  • 2013 – Surprise Exchange (directed by Daniel Schechter)
  • 2014 – Anything Can Happen on Broadway (directed by Peter Bogdanovich)
  • 2016 – Mother’s Day (directed by Garry Marshall)
  • 2018 – I want a life shaped like me (directed by Anne Fletcher)
  • 2019 – Murder Mystery (directed by Kyle Newacheck)
  • from 2019 – The Morning Show (aired on Apple Tv +)
  • 2021 – Friends: The Reunion (directed by Ben Winston)


  • 2002 – Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series ( Friends )
  • 2002 – Hollywood Film Awards – Actress of the Year
  • 2003 – Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy Series ( Friends )
  • 2012 – MTV Movie Awards for How to Kill Your Boss… and Live Happy
  • 2011 – Teen Choice Award for Best Chemistry (with Adam Sandler) for My Fake Wife

Who is Jennifer Aniston’s husband?

Jennifer Aniston is currently not married. In 2011 she got engaged to  Justin Theroux , whom she married on August 5, 2015 in her private residence in Beverly Hills. Jennifer was also married to Brad Pitt from 2000 to 2005.

What diet does Jennifer Aniston follow?

Jennifer Aniston follows a mainly protein diet, since the morning. She never gives up on raw and already cut ready-to-use vegetables, lettuce, chicken and eggs always fresh directly from her hen house.

Who are Jennifer Aniston’s parents?

Jennifer Aniston’s parents are Nancy Dow and John Aniston.

How long have Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt been together?

They were together for seven years. They got engaged in 1998 and married in 2000. Their marriage ended in 2005.

Does Jennifer Aniston have children?

Jennifer Aniston has no children and recently on the subject of motherhood said: “There is pressure on women to become mothers, and if they are not, then they are considered damaged goods. Everyone is complete with or without a partner, and with or without a child ”.

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