It is important to stay active and it is much better to do it as a family. For this reason, we will answer the question, how to motivate the family to exercise? and thus have some ideas.

Family motivation to exercise depends on creating a daily routine and encouraging commitment from all members. For this, it is important to know routines that can be useful to create a new habit that is healthy.

Along the same lines, it is important to highlight that the ones who generally take the initiative are the parents, since they are an example to follow . Additionally, it is responsible for creating new family ties that improve family dynamics in order to have time to share.

According to the Universidad Catolica del Norte, 2012, comments that family dynamics consists of the type of relationship and communication that each member of the family has. The objective of this is to show how it works, such as tasks, roles, among others.

How to create family exercise routines?

Exercising as a family requires a routine and collective commitment.

First, it is important to create a family planning with the following points: what can I do? what time can i do? What will my commitment be? In this way, all the members of the family, from the youngest to the oldest, will be able to contribute with an idea and work as a team.

Second, the Santo Tomas University (2009), mentions that the ‘token economy’ can be useful for parents, in this way they will be able to correct behaviors within the home in order to achieve an adjustment in the behavior of their children and that be to the benefit of family dynamics.

Now, for families to exercise, this box or token economy will be a good tool, where you can reward the person who complies with the new routine with a sweet, sticker or something representative, inside a box. of exercises. At the end of the week, people who have met the goal will be highlighted and will be able to get a reward for meeting the goal.

Relationship between a family exercising with the token economy

Within the family dynamic, it is important to define rules or limits that everyone must comply with in order to have a better understanding of the new routines. As mentioned before, when creating the bonus box or token economy it is important that it be large, visual and located in a place in the house that is your meeting point.

The chart consists of locating the exercises to be performed on the left side while locating the days on the top. In this way, a healthy game or competition will be created, in which the perseverance and responsibility of each one will be evidenced.

According to Mendez and Macia (19997), they mention that the gratifications must be according to the age and tastes of each member, for example: an ice cream, a favorite dessert, rest, etc. In this way, it will motivate all members to want to win the prize and be constant. On the other hand, it is necessary for the chips that will go inside the box, this can be a color, a star, an important symbol for everyone.

Benefits of exercising as a family

One of the most important benefits of exercising as a family is sharing time with everyone, thus making children feel supported and more united towards their parents or primary caregivers. In addition, the relationship of a couple can improve thanks to communication.

Exercising as a family helps everyone stay healthy and work in harmony. Within the biological part, it helps metabolism, oxygen circulation, reduces cholesterol systems, strengthens bones, muscles, among others.

Exercising as a family provides multiple physical and psychological benefits.

On the other hand, in the psychological part, it reduces work and academic stress, avoids anxiety symptoms, increases self-esteem, and generates emotional stability. In addition, it improves the concentration, attention and planning that are necessary to create more routines; exercise will always be the best way to be healthy and it is much better if parents are the first to instill this habit (Gamito Carballo, 2016).

Why is parental support important?

Parents, being a referential figure for their children, it is important to educate about the sports practices that exist in order to feel healthy, in addition to having a good attitude. The objective will be to create experiential learning so that over time it becomes a lifestyle and can be transgenerational. 

Bear in mind that the positive attitude of the parents, that is, patience, tolerance, understanding and love, will motivate their children. Likewise, applauding, praising the work that all family members are doing generates a positive change. That is, they see family time as fun, not an obligation.

A successful and natural motivation is created, the moment in which family members can feel that the family is together, happy and having fun when they exercise. They can see it as a game in which everyone can win if there is constant support from everyone and thus achieve the goal.

The motivation to exercise as a family is a space for fun

When all family members manage to create exercise routines that most appeal to each member, they adapt to the token economy in order to create their own game, their own rules, the result will be good family dynamics and stay active.

In this same line, the benefits improve and balance the biological functions of the body, stabilize anxiety and stress of each member. On the other hand, family communication improves, they have fun and goals are created that, thanks to family unity, everyone can reach the goal.

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