Winter has arrived and its respective days of wind, rain and sun at times But, it is true, that during this time you have to fight against laziness and the reluctance to train and play sports.

That is over, the time has come to play sport and consider it one of the best moments of the day: it disconnects from the routine, it is healthy, you will improve your cardiovascular health and also, you can improve your physique, what more could you ask for? We spoke with an expert who has given us the perfect keys to make it one of our favorite moments of the day.

Creating habits like going to the gym or training can be favorable for our body and also fun. For this reason, we spoke with César Simón, product manager of Basic-Fit, who explained the objectives of turning this routine into a favorite moment: ”The first step and the most important thing is to make fitness a basic in our life , incorporate it into our routine in the same way that we eat or rest, and do it in a way that gives us fun, health and motivation to continue meeting goals. Each person is different, and for your relationship with fitness to be a success, the most important thing is that you design a tailor-made plan for you”, the expert tells us.Running to release dopamineRunning to release dopamine.

But, to reach that moment in which fitness or the habit of going to the gym becomes a success, he has shared several tips to develop and love this habit, both how to eat or go out with our friends.

Think positive

The mind is very powerful , that is why it is important to work on your thoughts and on the way in which you approach daily tasks: ”To maintain a positive mentality, you have an ally: exercise itself! Training helps you feel better physically and mentally ” he advises. If you control your mind and think positively, you can achieve your goals (and more in sports ).Your favorite moment of the day will be exercisingYour favorite moment of the day will be exercising.

Be flexible

Laziness can win the battle if you don’t turn your habit into a routine: “Discipline is important when it comes to creating a habit and improving our performance, but it doesn’t have to be at odds with flexibility,” he tells us . the expert. But don’t be overwhelmed either, if one day you don’t feel like it or you can’t go, we are not the same every day , give yourself flexibility and rhythm to create well-being.

Plan well

Do you like to get up early? Do you prefer to go to the gym with a friend? Do you know that on Fridays a plan is going to come up and you are going to leave the gym aside ? Your tastes and preferences are important, so keep that in mind when planning and set yourself goals that are challenging but realistic. Time is a precious commodity and, many times, it gives us the feeling that it is disappearing.Don't forget to stretch after a good routineDon’t forget to stretch after a good routine.

Find a motivation

Feeling motivated will help you create and maintain the habit, and will also make you enjoy each session to the fullest: ”Any tips to stay motivated? Try training with friends , prepare playlists of music that you like and give you extra energy and combine fitness with a healthy lifestyle”, they clarify from Basic-Fit.

With these tips you just have to find the moment and turn it into a daily routine that gives you the desire you need to play sports frequently.

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