When the day goes wrong, healthy laughter can radically change the mood. For this, even just one episode of a TV series is enough. There are all tastes, but we have selected the best funny and slightly zany TV series, for you.

Here are eight slightly politically incorrect TV series that will make you die of laughter!

Brassic (Serially)


Seasons: 3

Where to see Brassic in streaming: Serially

In the fictional British town of Hawley, a group of penniless friends are convinced that to make it in the world you only need to do illicit things. Vinnie, Dylan, Cardi, Ash and JJ have fun concocting one more of the devil, raiding a farm or robbing a pimp to make some money. All this until they meet the great criminal and businessman Terence McCann, who puts a spoke in the wheel. Brassic is the TV series that fully expresses English black humor seasoned with impropriety and sarcasm. The three seasons, written and created by the same protagonist Joe Gilgun with Danny Brocklehurst , see the presence, among others, of the well-known British actor Dominic West .

Bojack Horseman (Netflix)

BoJack Horseman tv series final scene 6x16 credits NetflixSeasons: 6

Where to see Bojack Horseman in streaming: Netflix

Considered one of the most popular animated TV series in Hollywood, BoJack Horseman uses bitter humor to narrate the life of a former movie star in decline. Like any funny and real protagonist, BoJack has so many flaws and mistakes countless times. But the frailties of him and the intimate gaze that the public is granted on his life, allows us to love him a lot anyway. The variegated and extremely realistic picture that showrunner Raphael Bob-Waksberg makes of the Hollywood of yesterday and today, using animals as protagonists, manages to entertain, but also leaves room for reflection. Between existential crises and dangerous addictions, BoJack struggles between a life he rejects and the constant and relentless search for lost fame. After six seasonslucky, BoJack Horseman ended in January 2020 .

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Netflix)

The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  Credits: Comedy Central.Seasons: 8

Where to see Brooklyn Nine-Nine in streaming: Netflix

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Set in the fictional 99th New York Police District, the US TV series follows the adventures of Jake Peralta , a young and ambitious investigator, and the team led by the stern Raymond Holt. Jake is good at his job, but not at the rules. He solves cases in his own way, which always creates wacky and hilarious situations. Winner of two Golden Globes, long -running Brooklyn Nine-Nine aired from 2013 to 2021 .

Scrubs (Disney +)

From left: Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Ken Jenkins, Donald Faison, John C. McGinley and Judy Reyes.  © Touchstone Television, all rights reserved.

Seasons: 9

Where to see Scrubs in streaming: Disney +

JD and best friend Turk arrive at the Sacred Heart Hospital as medical interns. The hospital, however, is populated by bizarre and particular characters who always create bizarre and funny situations. There is the Server with the unknown name who enjoys playing pranks on JD; there is mentor Perry Cox, a gruff man who seems to hate everyone. And then there are the girls, with whom the two best friends fall in love and who will give them a hard time: the nurse Carla and the resident Elliot. Everything is seasoned with the fervent dream activity of JD, who always dreams of unfeasible and amusing scenarios in the corridors of the Sacred Heart. Scrubs is anything but a medical drama. Over the course of nine seasonsentertained and amused its viewers, only to be canceled in 2010 .

The Duchess (Netflix)

Katherine Ryan in The Duchess first season, Credits Simon Ridgway and Netflix

Seasons: 1

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Where to see The Duchess in streaming: Netflix

Katherine Ryan is one of the hilarious new voices of the British stand up comedy. Australian by birth and British by adoption, she landed on Netflix with her gags on the Apollo stage in London. The TV series, which she created, written and acted, has been defined a comedy-drama because Ryan perfectly manages to bring the two themes together. With an irreverent and even a bit incorrect irony, The Duchess recounts the difficulties of being a single mother and seeking love in modern-day London. In 2021 the series was canceled after the first season.

Boris (Disney +)

The Protagonists By Boris Credits: Disney Plus

Seasons: 3

Where to see Boris in streaming: Disney +

Boris is the historic Italian TV series set in the backstage of a typical Roman set where the fiction “ Gliocchi del cuore 2 “ is shot. Between demanding and capricious actors, surly and mysteriously funny technicians, the intern Alessandro tries to do his best to ingratiate himself with the director and get hired. The problem is that Renè Ferretti , the director, who remained iconic for his unfriendly but hilarious phrases, doesn’t care about fiction, but lives in the memory of old film projects that are now a past glory. Coming soon with a fourth season , the TV series has been amusing Italians who have been fond of slightly incorrect humor since 2007.

Ted Lasso (Apple TV)

From left: Brendan Hunt, Jason Sudeikis and Nick Mohammed in a scene from “Ted Lasso”.  Credits: Apple.

Seasons: 2

Where to see Ted Lasso in streaming: Apple TV

Winner of two Golden Globes and four Emmy Awards, Ted Lasso is the US television series set in the seemingly serious world of English football. A well-known American football coach is called upon to coach AFC Richmond , an English football team that competes with difficulty in the Premier League. The odd choice was Rebecca Welton , a woman who, following her divorce, inherited the ownership of the team. Stubborn to make the team fail only to ruin something her ex-husband loves, she discovers that Ted actually loves to coach and is much smarter than she appears to be. The series is currently working on a third season.

The Office USA (Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Peacock)

A Scene Of

Seasons: 9

Where to see The Office in streaming: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Peacock

Remake of an original British production, The Office USA beat the competition, earning a lot more fame than the English version. Shot as a fake documentary on the daily life of Dunder Miffin employees , the series immediately reveals a humor made up of bizarre and equivocal situations. Particularly iconic has become over the years the figure of Michael Scott , the incapable branch manager who takes himself a little too seriously, but who gets mad for this very reason. In 2013 The Office ended after nine seasons.

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