They will ask you to show your ID at the reception. Almost any document with your photo will do – for example, an ID card, passport or driver’s license. Then you will have to answer a couple of questions and fill out a simple form, which, among other things, indicates the amount of marijuana you intend to use in the club. Feel free to indicate the maximum amount – 100 grams per month. After that, you will have to pay the annual membership – in the vast majority of clubs it costs 20 euros. This is exactly the membership fee – this amount does not include anything except the possibility of visiting the chosen venue throughout the year.

Only after registering and paying the annual fee, you will be able to enter where all the fun happens. Well, what could be more interesting than a bar with a bunch of varieties of the best marijuana in Europe? These counters or bars with hemp products are called “dispensaries” all over the world. For lack of a better translation, we will call them dispensaries, although the main meaning of this word is slightly different (in England, this is the name of a place where you can get medicine for free).

Product selection in the dispensary

In the cannabis bar, you will be greeted by the ever-sociable badtender (seller of hemp products). Here too we have a difficult word to translate: “badtender” comes from the English “bartender” (bartender) and “bud” (inflorescence, cone). It turns out something like a “cone bartender”. He will gladly tell you about all the varieties and extracts, recommend something according to your mood and will certainly offer you to smell almost everything that is available. The Spaniards are crazy about the aromatic component of hemp.

Yes or no cannabis photo

All clubs have a fleet of different smoking devices and cigarette papers – all free. In some places you can find staff who speak five languages, while in others all employees speak only Spanish. If this is important to you, it is best to make it clear in advance, including at the club selection stage.

Use the right words

The words you will use to obtain marijuana are of great importance. According to Spanish law, cannabis clubs must be non-profit organizations. Although what happens in the dispensary looks like an ordinary purchase, from a legal point of view, everything takes place in a different way.

We remind you that the 20 euros you pay for registration are only a membership fee. Instead, the money you give to the dispensary in exchange for products are contributions to the general fund. These funds are used by the club to grow hemp, which is then distributed among visitors (club members).

This fact is very important – so cannabis clubs manage to get out of the area of ​​the Spanish penal code, which includes severe penalties for the sale of drugs. Therefore, you must be careful with this formality and you must not use any words related to the sale, otherwise you may be reprimanded or even deprived of your registration. The words “buy” and “sell” are prohibited. Instead, use neutral words that are unrelated to buying and selling: get, take, etc.

Don’t use the words Use the words buy; purchaseget; have; acquire; collect

Depending on the variety, the “tax” for one gram of buds will usually be between 10 and 20 euros. Prices are not negotiable, there is no need to haggle: this is not accepted in Catalonia. And don’t forget that clubs only accept cash – prepare them in advance.

How many grams to take?

The clubs keep track of when and how much of the products you have taken. The limits on the amount of cannabis you can get may vary from club to club, but by law it cannot exceed 100 grams per month. According to the Spanish government, this is the reasonable limit for personal use.

Hemp on the scales photo

Trust me, 100 grams of buds is a lot, so don’t stock up for years in advance. As a member of the club, you can visit it whenever you want. Also, don’t forget that cannabis is only legal within the club. You have nothing to worry about while in the club – any marijuana business within the club is absolutely legal. Even when you leave the club, it’s not a problem if you have clear signs of hemp use.

The club rules do not allow you to take hemp away but no one will search you and, if you want, you can, of course, do it. But keep in mind that under Spanish law, possessing any quantity of marijuana is a crime. Usually the authorities are loyal to marijuana, but if it is found in your possession, it could result in a $ 1,000 fine and ruin your day.

Another reason not to overdo the quantity is the very high quality of local cannabis. You should be sure what you do when you light up buds with a THC content of almost 30%. Start slowly and then see how to proceed so as not to spoil the pleasure. Also, we would advise you to take small quantities but of different varieties. It is always interesting to try new things and make the comparison.

Atmosphere for friends

Most cannabis clubs have a very calm and serene atmosphere, almost like home. This is largely a consequence of the “closed nature” of clubs and all these requirements with compulsory membership. And this is their and advantage over Amsterdam coffee shops.

You will most likely also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, but keep in mind that the administration and other visitors expect appropriate behavior from you. We don’t talk aloud, we don’t get together in big companies, we don’t make noise and we don’t behave in a provocative way. If you disturb the tranquility of the place, you may be asked to leave or you may even be expelled from the club. So going to the cannabis club after, for example, a match to continue discussing the outcome might be the wrong idea.

If you want to take a photo, ask first if it is allowed in the club. The name ‘cannabis social club’ is not very nice, but that’s what they call them in English and actually reflects quite precisely the nature of such clubs. This is not just a bar where you can “fill up” with hemp, but a rather comfortable space with a relaxing atmosphere conducive to a chat and it is really nice to spend some time there.

Maintain balance

Although cannabis clubs are legal, they don’t like to attract too much attention to their activities. The whole system of legal regulation of the circulation of marijuana in Spain is built on a certain balance. Everything works well: on the one hand, cannabis users have a large selection of beautiful places where they can enjoy the buds legally and calmly, on the other hand, these places do not attract the attention of teenagers and do not bother the most conservative citizens who do not share the enthusiasm for marijuana. For this reason we advise against crowding, making an appointment or parking in front of the clubs.

Perhaps this is all you need to know for your first time in any legal cannabis club in Barcelona. Explore our catalog, choose a place you like and go!

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