If testosterone runs in you, surely you are one of those who enjoys and experiences the activities that we have compiled in our special “activities to do with other men”. 

1. A good happy hour A drink or light meal after the office is something that most guys like. The best company is, of course, your colleagues, with whom you talk, laugh and leave the work routine behind

2. Barbecues Sunday barbecues are a man’s thing. They love to choose the meat, roast it, watch its progress and at the same time drink a beer , smoke a cigarette and laugh with friends. Who does not enjoy this super combination? 

3. FishIt is a relaxing and pleasant activity, which represents getting away from the city; something ideal to do on the weekend and fill yourself with fresh air. But of course, it also has its complications: you have to deal with the art of fishing , with the boats, the baits, the times and more. The magnet of this activity is the mix between skill and relaxation that men enjoy in the company of a friend or his children.4. Basketball at home Beyond being a social ritual that we see in many movies or television series, playing a little basketball before going to sleep is something that many men like, especially if it is done with their parents, their children or a good friend. 

5. Watch sports Watch sports on TVShouting in front of the screen, crying when you lose and celebrating with a beer when you win is an activity that no one enjoys more than a man in the company of his best friends. A true anti-stress therapy

6. Go to a gentlemen’s club Here we go. A night out with friends at a club is something every man has experienced. Going to these places has two advantages: on the one hand it is a totally masculine center and secondly it is the moment where many friends open up. For this reason, going to one of these clubs is our number six. 

7. Exercise Go to the gym, go  jogging o sport is an activity that fills men with energy, and also, when they do it in company they feel they have a partner. That way, time passes faster and goals become a matter of 2. 

8. Playing video games Your girlfriend or your mother will never fully understand the fascination we feel when playing video games . It’s like going back in time and being a kid again, while at the same time competing against adults and as adults. Playing video games relaxes us, motivates us and surprises us all the time. 

9. Old hairdressers If you don’t go to one of those old hairdressers, you don’t know what you’re missing. These hairdressers have something that luxury salons don’t: old men with many stories.

It is a classic to see that in these types of places men tell war stories, fishing tales or give their opinion on what is happening with the youth of today. An unforgettable experience to go with another friend, listen to stories and leave with a good haircut.10. Fix something There is something in men that makes them always have many tools and get to work on something that needs to be fixed. How many times has a friend been fixing something and everyone else gathers around and watches how he’s doing it? It is common for men to give their opinion on fixes and repairs or to help another in a task like this, either by lending tools or lending a hand.

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